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Daniel Lublin, Founding Partner


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Media Commentator & Author – See Daniel Lublin’s report in the business column in the Globe and Mail

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Headline – What Makes Dan The Best?

As one of the most recommended employment lawyers in Ontario and Canada, Daniel Lublin is frequently retained by both employees and employers to assist in and negotiate workplace disputes, employment contracts, and severance agreements. Mr. Lublin envisions workplace law as a marriage between employer and employee that breakdowns when one side tries to take advantage of the other. Viewing workplace law through this lens enables Mr. Lublin to quickly identify his clients’ objectives and vigorously pursue them to achieve xxx resultsDaniel’s success rate – can we say anything here? 

What sets you apart?

Given Daniel Lublin’s reputation in employment law, he is often asked by the media to comment on current legislation changes, employment trends, and other relevant employment topics.  His views can be found in his Column in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business

Daniel is often retained by employers domestically and internationally to assist in managing the human resource implications of conducting business in Canada. (is this relevant in an employee site? Does this provide a proof point?) He is also regularly consulted by other practitioners for assistance in employment-related matters and appellate litigation (what does this mean – how do I interpret this as an employee?)

Courtroom Success

Is there a headline here in terms of precedent settling or winning etc; types of cases – or what is your reputation in court?

As a courtroom lawyer, Mr. Lublin represents both employees and employers in all workplace-related legal disputes and human rights matters – with an emphasis on litigation.  – are you saying that you will go to court – implication or benefit of this

Cases (do we need all of them? – can we have the top 3 and then click to see more if necessary)

Awards and Recognition

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Daniel Lublin’s highly valued skills and results are continuously recognized by peers, industry and media alike.

  • Founding partner of Whitten & Lublin; nationally recognized as one of Canada’s Best Law Firms by Globe and Mail (and one of the only workplace law firms to receive this distinction)
  • Daniel has been selected for inclusion in the 16th Edition (2022) of The Best Lawyers in Canada for Employment & Labour Law. Recognition is based on the consensus opinion of leading lawyers about the professional abilities of their colleagues
  • Daniel is recognized by the Canadian Lexpert Legal Directory as a “Leading Practitioner” of Employment Law. Lexpert is the most trusted and authoritative listing of leading lawyers in Canada and selection is determined by a vote conducted among peers.
  • Daniel is selected for inclusion in the 16th Edition (2022) of The Best Lawyers in Canada for Employment & Labour Law. Recognition is based on the consensus opinion of leading lawyers about the professional abilities of their colleagues. 
  • Ranked as one of “Canada’s Top Employment Lawyers” by Carswell in every year from 2007 to 2014.
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In the News and Other Media:

You may have a claim for constructive dismissal if your employer changes your job in any significant way, including changed hours of work, reduction in compensation, changed responsibilities, and changed work location.

You cannot be fired because you are sick, but employees who do not work are not entitled to pay unless it is guaranteed in their employment contract.

The biggest mistake you can make when changing jobs is to agree to an unfavorable employment contract. Be on the lookout for probation, termination, contractual changes, non-solicitation, and non-compete clauses.

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