Do You Need Employment Lawyers in Sarnia?

Do you need employment lawyers in Sarnia who can help?

Has your employment with a new company been terminated shortly after you were recruited away from your previous job? Have you received performance reviews that ultimately led to your unfair termination? Have you lost your job for any other reason that you do not agree with? Do you have a dispute with your employer and you live or work in Sarnia?

If you are experiencing a conflict with your current or previous employer in or around Sarnia, Ontario it is in your interest to seek legal counsel to determine whether you were unfairly terminated or whether you should have been compensated for your termination.

Not all lawyers can provide the right advice with respect to employment and labour matters. In fact, it is common to encounter a lawyer who seldom handles an employment and labour issue that may miss certain important points compared to a lawyer that handles these disputes day in day out. An experienced and qualified employment and labour lawyer may be able to achieve a quicker or even a better outcome. The experienced and knowledgeable lawyer reads between the lines and can see which facts can be utilized and what legal grounds have legs for the case to stand on.

Whitten & Lublin Employment and Labour Lawyers only handle employment and labour law matters. We assist clients in or around Sarnia. We are well-regarded among legal professionals as having proficiency in wrongful dismissal claims, employment and termination contracts, human rights and discrimination claims, labour laws, workplace safety, and insurance claims, Employment Insurance, and more. We ensure that the advised route that we take to assert our clients’ rights is the most advantageous avenue to maximize their compensation.

If you’re looking for employment lawyers in the Sarnia area and would like more information about what Whitten & Lublin can do for you, please contact us online or by phone at (647) 946-1278 today! We are located in the GTA but our lawyers can act for you in Sarnia.

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Whitten & Lublin Employment and Labour Lawyers is a nationally recognized team, assisting employees in all aspects of workplace legal disputes. Don’t take a chance with your case. Consult the law firm with a team of proficient employment and labour law lawyers.

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