Do You Need Employment Lawyers in Bruce Peninsula?

Do you need employment lawyers in Bruce Peninsula who can help?

Have you recently lost your job in or around the Bruce Peninsula or is your employer is holding back on your financial entitlements by claiming you are not mitigating your losses by finding a new job? Are they refusing to pay your severance and other benefits set out in your employment contract? Have they gone further and claimed you were fired for cause because you failed to comply with their employee policies?

If you live or work in or around Bruce Peninsula and are confronted with any of these common employment and labour matters, or any other workplace conflict, you have protections under Provincial law and a lawyer can help you assert your rights. Choosing the right lawyer though is critical.

Lawyers who pick up the occasional employment and labour file may be capable of finding relevant laws that would help them formulate a legal argument, but they will not necessarily have the knowledge and experience to understand how to apply the law to your particular case or know how to interpret the law to advocate a strong position on your behalf.

Whitten and Lublin Employment & Labour Lawyers only handles employment and labour law. Our lawyers can represent you in Bruce Peninsula. We have more online recommendations from past clients than just about any other employment or labour law firm located in the Greater Toronto Area and our founding lawyers are Lexpert recognized, meaning that our peers have acknowledged that we are great at what we do!

If you’re looking for employment lawyers in Bruce Peninsula area and would like more information about what Whitten & Lublin can do for you, please contact us online or by phone at (647) 946-1277 today! We are located in the GTA but our lawyers can act for you in the Bruce Peninsula.

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Whitten & Lublin Employment and Labour Lawyers is a nationally recognized team, assisting employees in all aspects of workplace legal disputes. Don’t take a chance with your case. Consult the law firm with a team of proficient employment and labour law lawyers.

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