Ontario's Stand Against NDAs in Workplace Harassment

Ontario’s Stand Against NDAs in Workplace Harassment

Ontario is taking a significant step toward addressing workplace sexual harassment, misconduct, and violence by considering the prohibition of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in such cases.

The province’s Labour Minister, David Piccini, is poised to unveil consultations on this matter as part of the upcoming legislation from his ministry. According to Piccini, the misuse of NDAs to silence victims and evade accountability should no longer be tolerated.

Have NDAs Been Restricted in Ontario Before?

Ontario had previously banned NDAs in cases of sexual misconduct involving post-secondary employees seeking employment at different institutions. This move reflected a growing recognition of the need to protect individuals in such situations.

Notably, the Canadian Bar Association members have thrown their support behind discouraging the use of NDAs in cases involving abuse and harassment. This backing underscores the broader societal concern about preventing the silencing of victims and the avoidance of accountability.

What Are the Statistics on Workplace Harassment and Violence?

Statistics reveal that a significant number of workers—seven in ten, to be exact—have reported experiencing some form of harassment or violence in their workplace. These figures are even higher for women and gender-diverse individuals, underscoring the urgency of addressing this issue.

David Piccini emphasized the importance of engaging with Ontarians and collaborating with the legal community, survivors, and employers to identify solutions that limit the use of NDAs while safeguarding the rights of victims. He stressed that NDAs should never serve as tools to suppress victims, and it’s high time to put an end to such practices.

This initiative represents a crucial step in ensuring that individuals facing workplace harassment and misconduct can speak out without fear of being silenced, thereby fostering a safer and more accountable working environment in Ontario.

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