The Answers to Your Maternity Leave Questions

Pregnancy and Parental leave rights and entitlements can be confusing.  Knowing where to look to find information is the first step.
The Globe and Mail and Daniel Lublin have created a video series that is accompanied by a resource companion in Daniel’s column, where all the important links can be found to major information regarding maternity leave.
In his first video of the series, Daniel Lublin answers maternity leave questions by giving 3 key rights that women and men should have after when they leave work for a maternity or parental leave. These are:

The Right to Re-instatement
After maternity or paternity leave, the employee should not have any concerns about the security of their position. Preganancy or Parental leave guarantees re-instatement to the position the employee held before their leave.

Continuation of Benefits
Any benefits that the employee holds must legally be continued throughout the span of the leave.
The Wage Rate Must Remain the Same or Be Increased If Other Employees Have Received an Increase
A lesser known right by the general public, not only must employers ensure that the employee receives the same wages upon returning to their position, but if other employees have received wage increases, the returning employee is entitled to an equivalent raise.

Follow Daniel Lublin’s video series to have all your maternity leave questions answered.