Can anyone be a lawyer today?

People often believe that doing some online research on workplace law will make them perfectly equipped to challenge their employers and take matters into their own hands.  In most cases; they are wrong!  Here are only few of the examples of when and why:

  • If you have been treated differently, it does not mean you have been discriminated against unless that treatment is based on a defined set of personal characteristics, such as age, race and religion that forms the basis of a legal claim.
  • If you are going to sue your employer, there is always a possibility that you may lose the case and if you do, a judge’s decision becomes public, for everyone to read and comment.
  • If you have received a poor performance appraisal or disciplinary letter, it becomes enforceable as soon as it has been given to you even if you disagree with its contents.
  • If you are going to challenge your employer’s decision, instead of spending your time on the internet searching for free advice, you should consider consulting with a real employment lawyer before taking any drastic measures.

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