Read Daniel Lublin on The Toronto Star’s Front Page

Daniel Lublin was again asked for his opinion on the situation surrounding RBC and recent apology to its workers affected by the outsourcing. The Toronto Star published this story and Daniel’s interview on their front page. His quotes are summed up below:

Daniel Lublin’s Front Page Quotes

For the affected RBC employees, the story has had a happy ending, said Daniel Lublin, a Toronto employment lawyer who had been contacted by some of them to review their termination notices.
“It’s a David and Goliath story. It proves sometimes the little guy can make a difference,” Lublin said.
The employees believe it took a public shaming to get action, he added.
“They felt the bank wasn’t going to do anything about their concerns until the story went public,” Lublin said in an interview. “Now they’re being treated like celebrities.”
While RBC’s apology is unlikely to change other employers’ use of outsourcing firms, Lublin said, it may make them more careful how they treat the affected employees.

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