Global News Layoffs: Corus Entertainment Cuts 35 Jobs

Global News Layoffs: Corus Entertainment Cuts 35 Jobs

What is the reason for the Global News layoffs?

Corus Entertainment Inc. has announced substantial layoffs at Global News, affecting 35 Unifor members across various locations in Canada. Global News layoffs are part of a broader restructuring effort by the media company.

Randy Kitt, the media director for Unifor, provided a breakdown of the layoffs: Calgary saw 13 positions cut, British Columbia had one, Lethbridge faced three, Edmonton lost eight, Ottawa saw three positions eliminated, and Toronto had seven cuts. This adds to the 11 layoffs that had already occurred earlier in 2024, bringing the total to 46 for the year.

Anna Arnone, spokesperson for Global News, explained that these layoffs are part of an ongoing review of the company’s operations aimed at increasing efficiency. While she did not confirm the specific nature of the job losses, she acknowledged that various roles were impacted. “These changes are necessary due to the current economic conditions and regulatory environment affecting the media industry,” Arnone stated in an email.

What other changes has Corus Entertainment announced?

Kitt described the job cuts as a heavy blow to the media sector, emphasizing the critical need for these positions within Canada. “So far this year, Unifor has seen 197 journalists and media workers laid off across various outlets,” he noted.

The layoffs at Global News come on the heels of Corus being informed by Warner Bros. Discovery that some programming agreements would not be renewed at the year’s end. In contrast, Rogers Communications Inc. recently secured multi-year deals with NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. for their popular Canadian lifestyle and entertainment content, starting January 2025.

In April, Corus CEO Doug Murphy indicated that the company continues to implement cost-reduction measures, following a series of job cuts and a programming reduction plan initiated last year. Additionally, last month, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approved Corus’ request to lower its Canadian content spending requirements. Corus had stressed the urgent need for these changes last October, citing financial constraints and uncertainties in programming and advertising.

Brent Jolly, the national president of the Canadian Association of Journalists, expressed concern over the shrinking Canadian media landscape, warning that it poses a risk to democracy. “It’s deeply troubling that front-line journalists are once again bearing the brunt of the industry’s failing business model,” Jolly said in a statement on Thursday. “Although layoffs might provide short-term financial relief, they ultimately destabilize and undermine democratic processes.”

Severance pay for Canadian Global News employees

In Canada, non-unionized Global News employees facing job loss due to downsizing or corporate restructuring are entitled to their full severance pay. The severance package, spanning up to 24 months of pay, is subject to various factors. Employees who do not receive their full severance amount have the right to pursue compensation, and seeking legal counsel is advisable to ensure fair treatment.

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