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Do you live or work in Brampton and believe that you are the victim of workplace bullying and harassment? Workplace harassment is not always evident but can include incidents where you have been the target of derogatory and racial comments, received unwelcome attention and sexual advances by co-workers or management, experienced unjustified disciplinary action, and other hostile incidents causing humiliation. A single incident or a series of incidents can make the workplace a toxic place for you to continue to perform your duties competently.

While employers in Brampton are responsible for ensuring the workplace remains harassment-free, it is not guaranteed. Their failure to prevent and put an immediate end to harassment is a breach of their legal duty. In many cases in Brampton, the victimized employee has a cause of action to initiate a human rights complaint and a claim against their employer for constructive dismissal.

If you live or work in Brampton, Ontario Whitten & Lublin Employment & Labour Lawyers are able to review your situation and provide exceptional legal advice when assessing the extent of the harassment and seeking appropriate damages through negotiation with your employer, launching a human rights complaint, and or other legal actions on your behalf.

Don’t take a chance with your case. Choose Whitten and Lublin, a leading employment and labour law firm in the GTA, to counsel you through your options and advise you on what steps you may wish to take to protect yourself and assert your legal rights. If you are in Brampton contact our office online or call us at (647) 946-1278.  We can represent you in Brampton. 


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