Disability Insurance Claims

If you have become sick or injured, you may find yourself unable to work and in need of using your disability insurance. Learn more about what is disability insurance, why do claims get denied and what is a disability insurance dispute.


What is disability insurance?

As part of your benefits package, you may be entitled to short-term and long-term disability insurance. Your employer may have a group policy from an insurance company such as Manulife, Sun Life, Great-West Life, and Desjardins. These policies are for the benefit of employees and are designed to provide you with short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) income replacement in the event you can no longer work.

Why are disability claims denied?

Too often insurance companies deny legitimate disability claims. The most common reasons are “insufficient medical information” and a “lack of objective medical evidence”. Other reasons include a pre-existing disability being excluded and exclusions relating to drug and alcohol abuse.

Insurance companies may also deny a claim after conducting surveillance or obtaining prejudicial information from your employer or your physician(s). You can also be deemed ineligible for coverage because of technicalities in the policy such as insufficient hours worked or a failure to complete insurance forms.

How can your disability be terminated?

Even when claims are initially approved, you may have your benefits prematurely terminated. Insurance companies can often unfairly harass you to undergo a rehabilitation program or commence a graduated return to work program despite clear evidence of total disability. Many claims are also terminated at the change of definition mark (typically after benefits have been paid for two years) on the grounds that you can work in other types of occupations.

What is a disability insurance dispute?

If your disability claim is denied or your benefits are terminated for any reason, you may have strong legal grounds to challenge the disability insurance company in court. You have the power to fight back. A disability lawyer can commence legal action against the insurance company to pursue your disability benefits as well as damages for bad faith conduct.


Why should you speak to a disability lawyer at Whitten & Lublin?

Our disability lawyer, Mark Yazdani has extensive experience having represented thousands of disability insurance claims matters in and out of the courtroom.
Contact Mark Yazdani for a no-charge consultation regarding your disability insurance dispute. He will review your file and advise you of your legal rights. If legal action is pursued on your behalf, a contingency fee billing will be offered so that you pay no upfront legal costs. Legal fees only become payable if he achieves a settlement you approve of, or he is successful in court.
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