Privacy Issues & Rights at The Workplace

Employer For Privacy Issues & Rights at The Workplace

The Canadian workplace presents many potential privacy issues. Consider these questions:

  • Are your work computer and the contents contained within your personal files or do they belong to your employer?
  • Does your employer have a legal right to monitor your activity with or without your knowledge?
  • How may personal content that you post on social media impact your employment?
  • As an employer, what legal rights do you have to terminate an employee based on off-duty behavior that you have seen publicized on social media?

Our leading lawyers can help you address privacy issues in the workplace

We have helped employers and employees understand how privacy in the workplace can affect employment and we can provide exceptional legal counsel pertaining to:

  • Privacy rights in the workplace;
  • Public and private sector legislation governing privacy;
  • Legal rights regarding collection and use of personal information;
  • Types of information an employer can legally gather and disclose; and
  • Penalties for violating Canadian privacy laws.

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