How do you find the right lawyer, among thousands?  The latest article in the Globe and Mail, report on business, written by Daniel Lublin provides useful information on how to choose the right employment lawyer and what to be aware of when booking with one.  Here are some points to consider:
Would someone work for free?  Most good lawyers charge for their time.  If you are getting legal advice for free, you should question the source.
Assembly line lawyers.  Does your lawyer run an “assembly line” trying to settle cases as quickly as possible?  According to the article, you should ask for your lawyer’s last 5 reported court cases in order to determine if he actually takes cases to trial, or just says that he does.
Is your lawyer a procrastinator or do they do too much work?  In workplace law, speed is important since employee’s cases get worse as time goes on, not better.  Make sure your lawyer sticks to a timetable of what will be accomplished.
Online advertising.  This can sometimes be a scam.  Lawyers can pay for high ranking spots on the web, that have no regard to their actual merit.  For instance, the article mentions that a particular lawyer was listed as a top “employment lawyer“, “divorce lawyer” and “immigration lawyer” which would be next to impossible since these areas are all specialized.  Be careful not to hire a dabbler if you think you are getting a specialist.