Non-Solicitation Agreement & Clause in Ottawa

Non-Solicitation Agreement & Clause in Ottawa

Are you in Ottawa and are you looking for an employment lawyer to provide advice on a non-solicitation agreement or clause in your employment contract?  Whitten & Lublin Employment & Labour Lawyers have drafted, interpreted and challenged countless non-solicitation agreements on behalf of employees and employers in Ottawa and we can assist you too.

A non-solicitation clause is a restrictive covenant that imposes limitations on an individual’s following the end of their employment.  These limitations seek to prevent to prevent a former worker in Ottawa from competing against the employer’s interests for a specified period of time, by preventing him or her from contacting clients or employees or former employees. However, for these restrictions to be enforced by the courts, the limitations first must be reasonable and necessary for the ex-employer.  The courts in Ottawa will set aside clauses that are loosely worded or overly and unreasonably restrictive.

Whitten & Lublin employment & labour lawyers have successfully assisted countless employees and employers in Ottawa to draft, interpret, enforce or challenge non-solicitation agreements. If you are in Ottawa and need prompt legal advice regarding a non-solicit clause then contact our law firm today to schedule your consultation. Consultations can be booked online or by calling (647) 946-1277. 

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