Labour & Employment Lawyers for Whitby

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Labour & Employment Lawyers for Whitby

Are you experiencing a workplace dispute in Whitby, Ontario or do you foresee a dispute arising in your near future? Are you interested in obtaining legal advice so that you are in a stronger position to resolve your matter on your own? Alternatively, are you interested in hiring a lawyer with expertise to pursue a course of action to resolve the problem?

Whitten & Lublin Employment and Labour Lawyers helps employees in Whitby with a broad range of workplace disputes. Some common matters that we are retained to resolve include workplace discrimination and harassment, employment contracts, terminations and post-employment relationships, privacy in the workplace, resignations and workplace investigations.

We are a trusted resource for clients in Whitby to help you get over the financial and emotional hurdles that you have encountered from the loss of a job and other stresses that have resulted from a workplace dispute.

From our initial interactions, we foster positive relationships with our clients by being responsive, empathetic, amendable and receptive to clients’ instructions. Our motivation to conclude our clients’ disputes with desirable outcomes is driven by our clients’ trust in our ability to make a substantiated difference in their life through legal recourse.

Whitten & Lublin’s founding partners are also Lexpert rated, so you can rest assure that your case is in the most capable of hands. If you are located in Whitby, Ontario and would like to consult with one of the GTA’s most recommended employment and labour law firms contact us today at 1 (866) 575-3055 or 647-699-6983 or by completing our online consultation form.


Employment Law Practice

Wrongful Dismissal in Ontario
Constructive Dismissal in Ontario
Reasonable Notice
Severance Packages
Cause for Dismissal
Employment Contracts
Independent Contractor vs. Employee
Human Rights and Discrimination
Sexual Harassment
Statutory Complaints
Non-Solicitation Agreements
Non-Competition Agreements
Damages for Bad Faith, Mental Distress and Personal Injury
Personal Harassment or Bullying
Employment Insurance Benefits
Workplace Investigations
Employment Insurance Benefits
Workers’ Compensation Claims
Unionized Employees and Duty of Fair Representation Complaints
Conspiracy Claims in Employment Law