Whitten Lublin

I was in need of an expert employment lawyer. I decided to approach the law firm Whitten & Lublin based on their reputation and I never regretted my decision. My experience with this firm was a top notch right from the beginning. I appreciated their professionalism and tactful approach since my very first contact with the firm. When I called in for the first time, I was patiently explained the process and I was offered several options for having an initial consultation with a lawyer. I made a choice to work with their senior partner Daniel Lublin. Before my consultation with Daniel, I was asked to write up a summary of my case, state my expectations and provide supporting documentation. I really liked this approach because the lawyer could familiarize with my case even before our first meeting. Daniel Lublin came well prepared for our initial meeting. He has already read my file, made his notes and during our meeting just asked me to clarify details from the written summary that I prepared the day before. Then, Daniel presented me with my options for me to decide what I want to do next. I made a decision to pursue one of the scenarios that Daniel presented to me and I signed a retainer agreement with the firm. Daniel from the first moment struck me as a resolute negotiator and I immediately felt confident knowing that from this moment someone had my back. In the process that followed, Daniel always kept me informed about the developments and difficulties that appeared. Daniel would either email me or call me with an update. When I had questions for him, he was always prompt to respond. Daniel Lublin is a dedicated negotiator; his communications are efficient and to the point. What I also liked about him was the fact that he under-promised right at the beginning and actually over-delivered in the process, this helped to keep up a positive attitude. At the end, the result’s delivered were to my great satisfaction. If anyone from my friends or family would ever be in a need of employment law services, without a hesitation, I would recommend Daniel Lublin and his team.