T. H.

Whitten Lublin

In 2016 I had need of legal representation to provide guidance and direction during a separation negotiation with my employer, an employer that I had had a long and relatively successful career with. My situation was, I believe, somewhat unique due to the nature of agreements in place; however, Ellen was extremely helpful in working through the issues to highlight the key priorities, placing them in the appropriate legal frame of reference and assisting to develop a strategy to deal with them in the negotiations with the employer. The result was a negotiated settlement that was amicable and yet, in my opinion, fair both to me and the employer. Throughout the discussions and the process I found Ellen to be pragmatic and provide very good counsel. I found her discussions of the options were balanced and always discussed both the pros and the cons to each approach. The result was a timely settlement without, in my opinion, undue cost to either party. I would highly recommend Ellen to anyone that finds themselves in a situation of dispute with their current or former employer and requires solid, legal representation and advice