Allan Morris

Whitten Lublin

Following a recent lay off from an executive role with one of Canada’s largest corporations, I was in a bind. I needed an employment lawyer with credibility who could “go the distance” with my former employer and not be afraid of the various litigation walls they would inevitably throw up. I was referred to Daniel Lublin by two acquaintances that had successfully engaged him in the recent past and looked at his work in the media and as the workplace legal columnist for the Globe and Mail. Based on this I decided to retain him to pursue the dismissal matter. Throughout the process, Daniel exercised skill at dealing with the complexities of my case and a reassurance that if we stayed the course, we would prevail. Daniel’s strong points included: availability to speak with me (and my wife) without delay or excuses; attention to details, a collaborative approach to making decisions with me (instead of just dictating what he felt was best), a deftness at handling the matter with the other side and in court appearances; and his legal fees were reasonable and not inconsistent with my expectations. Daniel’s biography says he has consistently been named one of Canada’s Top Employment Lawyers. In handling my case, he demonstrated this is a title well-deserved. I would recommend Daniel Lublin to other executives and in situations where an employer needs a credible courtroom presence in order to be taken seriously.