Anthony Choi

Whitten Lublin

After almost 1 year and more (first contact Athan – from Whitten & Lublin was on Dec 22, 2019 – refer from a friend), it is Finally OVER! No more nightmare, no more sleepless but only justice. I was thinking it can be solved within 3 month or max 6 month because it was a simple and easy case – Got laid off and did not get the appropriated amount of the severance pay which I am entitled to. (I was thinking the amount I got from the company is good and fair and I even appreciated what they had offered me – but the TRUTH is cruel – the amount is not even close to what it is suppose to – PLEASE, if you are reading this – ask for ADVISE if needed) I am glad that Athan is with me all the way for almost a year – 1 year! I never imagine this will take 1 year and more and you all can imagine how hard is this to me – anxiety, sleepless, it affects my normal life so much – But again, I knew I have to trust Athan and his teams and Thanks again for being there with me all the way – At some point, I even wondered if I will have the case and did i make the right decision to call Athan and later I even had this email phobia that i am so scared to see Athan’s email in my inbox…. ((Athan proves to me that if you are right and we know in this case I am right, you have to stand for yourself and believe WE (he and his team and I) can do it together)) Yes, WE did it finally! This law suit is long and stressful and painful, especially you know you are right, but there is no other choice BUT to ask for help and advise – from the Professional. I cannot agree more it is a MUST to look for someone is sincere and with lots experience and is willing to help no matter if the case is big or small – I even told Athan that the amount is not my concern because I have no idea what is the right amount to ask for and whatever he thinks is the reasonable amount, I will agree because I believe that they had done many many similar cases before and they will put the client best interest FIRST – YES, they did! Lastly me and my family would like to thank Athan and his teams for all the hard work that they had done for me and I would 100% recommend Athan (from Whitten & Lublin/Employment Lawyers) and his team to all my friends if same issues came up!!!