Carmen Dumitrescu

Whitten Lublin

I have never hired an attorney but when I got in a dispute with my former employer, I felt that I need someone to represent me. With my first “short term” lawyer I was very unhappy and I knew is time for a change. I was lost and didn’t know what to do. Whitten & Lublin team took the time to take my call. At the beginning, I had the pleasure to talk with Tommy Hong and short after that with Simone Ostrowski. I felt support immediately, both been very kind, respectful, sympathetic and professional. Simone and Tommy took all the weight off from my shoulders and handled everything. They are always available for me and replay to my email immediately. It was a very stressful period for me and for my family, but now, I know, I am in good hands. I cannot thank them or recommend them enough for their professionalism, care and patients during this all situation.I highly recommend their service!