Clement Fandango

Whitten Lublin

A few months ago, nearly eight months into the COVID-19 pandemic, my employer fired me after over a decade of dedicated service. While I was grappling with the how and why of it all, I needed someone to help me understand what was going on, particularly as it related to my wrongful dismissal during this COVID crisis. I needed someone who would deal with the law in my situation while I dealt with the emotion of job loss. I was glad that I found Stephen Wolpert of Whitten & Lublin, and now that I have settled my case, I can say definitively that I was lucky to have been represented by him. Stephen was referred to me after having represented a good friend of mine in a wrongful termination suit. In my friend’s case, things had ended in his favour and so I spoke with Stephen. After hearing my story, I expected to hear that I was in the right and that I would be vindicated, but Stephen’s feedback was measured and thoughtful, ensuring that I had an awareness of how the law works and the possible outcomes of my situation. In the end, I got the result I wanted and this was as a direct result of Stephen’s experience, knowledge and excellent advice and guidance, as well as his understanding and compassion. Looking back, I consider myself lucky to have been represented by counsel that has an ability to convey the possible outcomes of a case and was able to temper my expectations for settlement for an outcome that was realistic and reasonable. Now on the other side, I can confidently say that I would have no hesitation recommending Stephen to anyone who needs a labour lawyer. When you are dealing with the turmoil and emotion, Stephen will be dealing with the facts of your legal issue. Thank you, Stephen.