Whitten Lublin

If you work for decade in Financial Services (like me), chances are you will have new contracts and severance packages to review and I would trust no one else better than Daniel Lublin to give you advice on what to do with them. I experienced both situations with Mr. Lublin and can say that he distinguished himself by his professionalism and kind understanding of how stressful these situations can be for the client. he always made me fell my case was important – and it was important to me big or small. I trusted is advice, when it was time to skillfully negotiate and settle, and when he feel it was time to fight and use all the tools in his toolkit. When it comes to employment laws, hiring a tactful, professional and poise lawyer like Daniel Lublin is a no brainer – no one want to perform surgery on themselves after all…I am very grateful for his services and recommended him to many.