Derrick J. Navarro

Whitten Lublin

I never imagined that I’d ever need an employment lawyer until one day I was offered a severance package, and I suddenly found myself in foreign territory.

I was referred to an employment lawyer, Daniel Chodos, by a close friend who had successfully used him in the past. Daniel works at the Toronto firm, Whitten & Lublin LLP, which I later learned is very well known for their work in Employment Law, which gave me a lot of comfort knowing that I would be well represented by credible leaders in their field.

During my initial consultation with Daniel, he shared a lot of key insights with me regarding my case and he also left me some additional resources so that I could familiarize myself with the basics of Ontario employment law.

Daniel and I worked closely together over the following months and I always appreciated how he managed my expectations throughout the lengthy process. I believed that he used our time together efficiently, that he was very responsive when I emailed him, and that he always treated my situation with urgency and professionalism.

I am happy with my final outcome, but results aside, it was comforting having Daniel in my corner walking me through the process every step of the way. He advised me on all major decisions and I believe that he was always acting in my best interests. I knew that Daniel would never let me accept a bad deal.

Going forward, I will be contacting Daniel Chodos and Whitten & Lublin LLP again, but next time it will be to review my future Employment Agreements before I sign them. Lesson learned!