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Whitten Lublin

As an executive and having familiarity with a variety of lawyers and firms in the non-employment law spaces, I definitely knew what I did not want.

After a bit of shopping, I met with Daniel Lublin from Whitten & Lublin and choose him. I am glad I did.

My former employer started me off with a low ball offer for a very senior position.

Daniel caught this issue right away, and It was this issue that immediately brought our range up 6x over where they started and allowed us to negotiate on our terms, not theirs. Then Daniel developed a strategy to threaten a novel claim for extra damages that enabled us to get the “last 20%” of what we wanted.

Most lawyers, in my experience, would apply the 80 / 20 rule and stopped at achieving 80% of the result, because most of the work left is in pushing for that last 20%.

Daniel took it the extra mile. His innovative approach applied recent legal precedent on an non-employment law related issue to get us over the goal line. My former employment caved.

I would HIGHLY recommend.