Genevieve Stiles

Whitten Lublin

I chose this law firm based off of their high Google reviews and ratings online. I’m glad I made the trip to Toronto to meet with Tommy. I showed up almost 40 minutes early, and expected to have to wait until my 2pm appointment or even later, as I figured most lawyers are running behind with appointments. Tommy greeted me just before our scheduled appointment time, he wasn’t late and I didn’t have to wait very long. Tommy was able to assist me navigating employment while having an invisible disability with a Service Dog. I was given the time to ensure I had all my questions answered without feeling rushed. He navigated through my human rights and what my options were regarding my employment, and future employment. Even though I didn’t require anything further than some legal advice and a consultation I would highly recommend Tommy for any of your employment law related needs. He is very professional and thorough. I know he would give his clients the time and attention they deserved, and fight for their rights. Thank you Tommy for taking the time to speak with Keeva and I! Your time and help was much appreciated!!!