George Bruce

Whitten Lublin

I found Whitten & Lublin and most importantly Ryan Watkins through conducting a Goolge search. So I understand the importance of taking a moment to give a review for that next person who might need it. W&L contacted me immediately after my initial contact and walked me through the process. When I met with Ryan he put me at ease immediately. What I love about Ryan is he just listened. I was so unsure if I had a case or not and if W&L would represent me. Ryan assured me I had a very strong case and put together a multi level plan. Ryan checked in regularly to see how I was doing and offered me his counsel on how to deal in a hostile work environment. I really appreciated him and his colleague Tommy Junho Hong who ultimately represented me when Ryan was on paternity leave. Tommy was smart and savvy and kept my best interests top of mind. Thank you Ryan and Tommy for helping me find my voice and making sure it was heard!