J. C. G.

Whitten Lublin

Look no further…Daniel Lublin is a strategic legal genius, a courtroom surgeon, and a most clever and shrewd negotiator – both a “Doberman” and “Good Shepperd” combined when it comes to battling for your employment rights with a never-ending goal “to win!”……So, read on…

I was let go from my firm while in my early 60’s “without cause” from a high profile executive post of which I had been a loyal corporate partner for nearly 20 years and was one of the top major shareholders. Unhappy with my severance offer, I started googling for the “Best Employment Lawyer in Canada”. Little did I realize at the time, when Daniel Lublin’s name and credentials as the Managing Partner of Whitten & Lublin popped up, that I had just been blessed.

It was because of testimonials by past clients, just like this one, which read so glowingly, that I reached out to Daniel for an initial meeting. Within days he met with me, already having fully read up on the detailed background to my story in advance. Daniel demonstrated a remarkable ability to peer through the darkest of clouds hovering heavily over my life…. Then, with unrelenting and calming confidence, he devised an ingenious legal, “Art of War-like” strategy – one that brought hope, sunshine, self-esteem and purpose back into my life. Once engaged as my legal counsel, Daniel and I gelled in true “team-like” fashion, with his special and insightful form of analytical excellence leading and executing the way forward with a winning strategy uniquely devised especially for me.

If my story relates to yours, then I do urge you to also read over the reviews of the following former clients of Daniel Lublin, as presented in Whitten & Lublin’s Web Site collection of testimonials, namely from: Mano Filippou, Feb 2/17; Stephanie Ozorio, Dec 13/17; K. Lobo, Oct 26/2016; Brent Gilmore, Jul 24/16; Oliver Manahan, May 6/16; Paul Sage, Nov 25/15; Kevin Clark, July 15/15; Brian Leve, June 23/15; Alex Perl, Dec 22/14; and Allan Morris, Sept 1/14. To avoid repetition here, I point to these specific testimonials as they reflect my experience and opinions of Daniel Lublin precisely.

In summary, Daniel Lublin successfully achieved the results I wanted. Based on my experience, there is no question in my mind that Whitten & Lublin, and in particular, Daniel Lublin, truly stands among the “Best Employment Lawyers in Canada”……if not, in fact, the very best!