James Rankin

Whitten Lublin

I first met with Daniel Lublin on a consultation basis as I was concerned that my employer was preparing to terminate me. He provided me with excellent advice and assured me that, as a junior executive, if I was ever faced with being terminated I would have an excellent case for an appropriate severance package.

As it turned out two months later I “got the call” on a Friday morning and learned that I was being let go. The initial package I received was well below by expectations given my initial consultation with Daniel. As well, after reviewing the initial offer, Daniel’s opinion was that it did not necessarily meet all of the statute requirements.

In terms of fees, Daniel was straight up with me. We agreed right from the get go how we would proceed and I was highly satisfied with the results and with how Daniel was compensated for his efforts.

It was not an insignificant case. We were up against one of Canada’s largest corporations that, as a growing entity, had dealt with terminations frequently. They hired one of Canada’s largest and best known law firms to represent them. None of this deterred Daniel in any way. From the very beginning he had absolute confidence in the strength and foundation of our side of the story.

This was proven out when Daniel identified a technicality in the defence argument regarding the Employment Standards Act. This action on Daniel’s part forced my former employer to send additional money above and beyond their initial offer – all prior to our final settlement. This helped greatly, in terms of financial security in a very tough time, as well as giving me additional confidence in our overall position.

Daniel guided me carefully through each of the offer / counter offer steps in the process (of which there were several). Although the total process took several months (although less than six), the strategy utilized by Daniel did force a settlement on our terms, not theirs, all before having to begin formal trial proceedings.

I was highly satisfied with the results. Daniel and his staff were extremely thorough and always accessible whenever I needed them, even if it was just for some reassurance. His professionalism, confidence, and dogged determination never wavered and I was confident that he continually acted with my best interests in mind.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Daniel to anyone faced with the same situation as me. It is a horrible time in one’s life and it makes sense to have the absolute best on your side, fighting tooth and nail to get the job done to ultimate satisfaction.

Many thanks to Daniel Lublin and his team.