Joseph B.

Whitten Lublin

In the last week, after an unfortunate end to my employment, I retained a lawyer who could not get the job done right. I was then referred to Daniel Lublin, who immediately picked up on a winning strategy that was completely missed by the first lawyer. Daniel knew that the employment agreement I was made to sign by my ex-employer would not hold up in court, so he went to work to quash it. The thing about Daniel Lublin is that he knows how to play the game to win. Knowing that the employer’s defence would ultimately fall apart in court, Daniel rejected all of the less than adequate settlement attempts they put forward and, instead of just threatening it, he actually went to court and won. I witnessed Daniel Lublin razzle dazzle the judge and outperform his counterpart. The result was far greater than where I first started and the best part, was that Daniel’s fees were consistent with our agreement from the outset, and not hidden or vague.