Julie Saccone

Whitten Lublin

After being laid off from my full-time job, I was referred to Whitten & Lublin by a friend to negotiate my severance package. From my first meeting with Daniel Lublin, I felt absolutely confident I was in the right hands. Daniel put me at ease immediately — he took the time to explain my situation from a legal perspective, showed empathy and a true desire to want to secure a fair settlement. I expected for such a big firm with such an impressive reputation to feel like just a number — but it was the complete opposite. I never felt like it was all about the money for Daniel. I ALWAYS felt I had Daniel’s undivided attention and promise to do the best he could. During the entire process, anytime I had a question or sought clarification, his law clerk Nida was there in a heartbeat to offer help. I cannot say enough about the professionalism and talent of Daniel and his staff. In the end, Daniel was able to get everything I asked for, and I was able to walk away with more than I had thought possible! Thank you, Daniel and Nida, for your exceptional service!