K Lobo

Whitten Lublin

18 years of faithful service and suddenly, my position was eliminated. My ex-employer gave me the minimum severance package dictated by law. An old family friend who is also my Financial Adviser came over and checked my offer the day after I was let go and decided I needed to see a good lawyer. We googled “Top Employment Lawyers” and found “Whitten and Lublin” as the most prominent. My friend made the call to their office. I believe he was given options on consultation rates but chose Daniel Lublin, even though it would cost more. My friend reckoned he charged more because he could get better results. We met with Mr Lublin who examined my case, determined my ex-employer could do much better and told me my options. But he never pressured me to hire him nor did he place any time restrictions on me to get back to him. My friend advised me (and rightfully so) to go with Daniel Lublin. We hired him and he went to work, stating to my ex-employer what the severance package should actually be. My ex-employer came back with their counter offer which Mr Lublin rejected and re-stated our claim. They came back with their “Final Offer” which was better but not the best. At this point Daniel Lublin phoned me. I considered myself a lowly client and Mr Lublin, being a senior partner at Whitten and Lublin, I expected him to not want to spend any more time and accept their offer. However, I was amazed when he said he was not happy. He had called to ask my consent to go after them once more even to the point of suing them in court. I am happy to say that Daniel Lublin along with his Legal Assistant Nida Arifullah, were so effective that they obtained the best settlement I could hope for without having to go to court and I did not have to pay anything more in legal fees than what was agreed to at the outset. Needless to say, I can highly, fully, completely recommend Daniel Lublin and his team to represent anyone in a similar situation who may need legal counsel.