Whitten Lublin

“Having Dan as my lawyer enabled me to sleep at night knowing I was in safe hands. Daniel Lublin shared his strategy for the case right up front. He was very honest. He set realistic expectations that ended up to be extremely accurate. His fees were fair to my situation. He kept me fully informed at every step. He was easy to work with. He responded promptly. He gave excellent advice. He offered encouragement when I needed it most. But most impressively, due to a unique situation, I had new information to bring to Dan about the case at the very last minute that changed my case entirely. Dan willingly listened, offered flexibility, and showed a tremendous ability to think on his feet. Not even 30 minutes later, he presented a very compelling and strong case taking into account the new findings. Dan then continued to drive the negotiations through on the new facts and brought it to a fair close. Anyone else would have ignored the information or been completely thrown by the situation, but not Dan. In any legal case, as in life, there can be things you plan for and things that come unexpectedly. Dan had both elements well covered. It is a testament to his talent, negotiation skills, knowledge of the law, and commitment to his clients.”