Lucy Celebre

Whitten Lublin

It is with great pleasure and outmost gratitude to provide a referral for Daniel Lublin, of Whitten & Lublin, Employment Lawyers. Daniel Lublin was instrumental in obtaining a positive resolution with my situation/case. Daniel was very committed and passionate with regards to my case and ultimately, I received and was awarded a much higher than expected settlement. Daniel would continuously reassure me to stay focussed and on track as his aim was to obtain a positive resolution, which would not only would vindicate me, but more importantly obtain a very modest payout to compensate for my wrongful dismissal. I had initially met with two other law firms when deciding on who would represent me, and I am so grateful and beyond words that I selected Daniel Lublin. Daniel from inception was very reassuring, driven, and knowledgeable and I was very confident that my voice would be heard being represented by Daniel Lublin. I was continuously impressed and very proud to have Daniel by my side throughout every legal interaction, whether it was during the questioning period, the mediation or pre-trial dates, I was confident all would be positive. Daniel was Brilliant! Daniel was well prepared knew my case better than me, and strategically positioned questioning and facts to conclusively place me on top. I would strongly recommend Daniel Lublin and his excellent team of lawyers to represent anyone who may have employment issues and concerns. I was so impressed with his assisting lawyer, Simone Ostrowski, who was also very knowledgeable, and worked very well together with Daniel. I am very grateful for Simone too as she is a true professional, and definitely contributed to my final success. Daniel surrounds himself with top lawyers, like himself who strive to WIN for those who have been dealt with a wrong sentence/judgement. It is with great appreciation and thankfulness to Daniel Lublin, Simone Ostrowski, and the entire team at Whitten & Lublin, for my overall positive outcome. I would strongly recommend anyone and everyone to Daniel Lublin if you want justice to be served!