M. Patel

Whitten Lublin

I reached out to Whitten & Lublin for advice and help and was super impressed with how professionally and to my complete satisfaction, they assisted me with my case. Athanasios Makrinos handled my case. I would like to say that Athan is extremely knowledgeable, excellent at his work, passionate about what he does, and I highly highly recommend Athan! Athan accurately assessed my situation and advised me on my numerous rights that had been violated. I took Athan’s advice and recommendations, and the case was put to ease in a quick matter of time! Athan – Huge respects and appreciation for your sound advices, and I believe we connected well and heard each other. You are a true gem of a person who values and respects principles, honesty, integrity, strong ethics, and has an awesome heart that listens! Athan – Thanks once again! M. Patel