Manos Filippou

Whitten Lublin

Practical Advice and Advocacy at its very best! I decided to contact the office of Whitten & Lublin because I read glorious reviews on their website, and I went against my best friend who he recommended another employment firm who he had personal experience. Hiring Whitten & Lublin, and working with Daniel Lublin has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My case has been extremely challenging since I made a verbal agreement with my former employer which they didn’t honor. Despite the challenges, and my limited financial resources, Daniel believed in me, took my case, and from the very beginning he gave me invaluable advice and the very best options as to how to proceed next. In my view, Daniel represents in this modern age a cast of attorneys from a different era, where lawyers truly cared for their clients, advocated with their whole being, believed in the justice system, and they didn’t see their profession as a way of making a personal fortune, but as a tool to serve, and protect the weak and the ones who truly needed help. This is a man with integrity, and high values, who will fight for you and what is right, even though circumstances may not always be favorable. While his mastery of employment law is undisputable, he will listen with respect your point of view, and will develop with you an action plan where you feel most comfortable. Dealing with an employment law issue can become very frustrating, and it is very important to have someone on your side like Daniel who with concern and care will support you at every step of the process, and help you realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Even though he is very pleasant to work with, this should not fool you. He is very strategic, very aggressive when needed, and the opposition will know that he truly means business. What will really impress you is his attention to detail and how well he knows your case, the fact that while he also works with other cases, it seems that he is always available for you, and that he is surrounded by a team of experienced people that are as dedicated in your case as himself. I really cannot express enough how grateful I’m to him. In Daniel you will meet someone who is a great professional, a great human and if you are lucky enough a great friend. He is hands down the best employment lawyer in Toronto. The question is really not if you should hire him, but if you are lucky enough, as I was, to take your case.