Michael Lau

Whitten Lublin

I was in need of an employment lawyer and I came across Whitten & Lublin. I contacted the lawyer firm and set up an appointment with David Whitten. David had a very good understanding of my situation and practically solved all the issues on our first meeting. He was very attentive to details and he picked up hints and useful points that I had overlooked. He is a very patient listener and I was able to take my time to present my story and concerns. Before the end of our first meeting, he had already formulated a course of action setting out the final goal and range of expectations. When I asked about the fees, I was very surprised to hear from David that it would be way less expensive for me to take on the hourly fee option. I was not expecting a lawyer would say that. He genuinely cares about his clients as much as justice being served. I was so impressed when he presented me with a draft for me to approve the day following our first meeting. We sent that draft out as it is on the same day and nothing in it that needed to be changed. His deep knowledge, understanding and expertise in his field were borne out in the negotiation process. Despite some irritations and misrepresentations from the lawyer representing the employer, David remained very composed and gentleman-like. He steered me clear of certain problematic areas and potential pitfalls. From that point on, we went through a few rounds of negotiation and the whole case was settled in about two months just as he had predicted. David had made a delicate legal process so seamless, less stressful and inexpensive. Looking back, I had made the right choice to trust David with my case.