Whitten Lublin

First off, “you don’t know what you don’t know” so when I was let go by my company, I wanted to know if the package that was offered to me was fair and reasonable. I started searching for law firms on the internet. I found the Whitten & Lublin website and used the tools available to me (Severance Calculator), it showed that there is a potential my offer wasn’t fair and reasonable. So I used the “Chat Now” feature to gather some more information about my package. Within a matter of minutes, I determined that I should speak with a lawyer at this firm just to get peace of mind as the shock of the separation was just setting in. The person on the “Chat Now” was wonderful, we started off on Chat then moved to live voice conversation and set up a meeting within 48 hours of me making contact with them. I had the honour of meeting and working with Ben Hahn. During my one hour initial consultation with Ben, we determined that I did have a case and I hired his services. Ben was very understanding and respectful of my situation. He explained everything at a level that I could understand and we worked together selecting options for me to decide on what path to take. This one hour consolation was the best investment I have made in this time of crisis for me and my family. It provided me with clarity and support to go after what I was entitled to by Employment law. The end result was a successful settlement and my family and I are happy with moving forward with our lives. I highly recommend to anyone who has been recently let go by their company to have the consultation or at least use the “Chat Now” feature to see if Whiten & Lubin can represent you at your time of need. Remember, “You don’t know what you don’t know”, go find out.