Patti St. Pierre

Whitten Lublin

I would like to write this letter of review on Daniel Lublin and his team. I never ever expected to see myself in a situation where I needed to secure an employment lawyer. A previous colleague indicated that Daniel Lublin was the one and only lawyer to speak to. From my first meeting with Daniel it was very obvious he was the one who would represent me. Never once from my first meeting did I feel scared, overwhelmed or ever in doubt. Daniel believed in me and my case. His phone calls, emails and in person conversations were genuine and heart felt. Daniel and his law clerk Nida truly gave me the straight goods at all times. As we went through mediation, examination and then to pre-trial, Daniel walked me through what to expect, there were never any surprises. On the day of pre-trial I met his associate Simone, what a professional and immediately I felt a bond. Daniel and Simone were outstanding the day of pre-trial. Now that its over, I feel at peace and I have my life back. Thank you Daniel, Simone and Nida, your knowledge and professionalism is something that I will continue to be extremely thankful for. I would highly recommend Daniel Lublin and his team, should you find yourself in a situation where you need the advise on any type of employment law situation.