Whitten Lublin

Daniel Lublin was a life vest in a storm. I recently ran into serious problems with my employer that required expert legal advice. After a different lawyer was unable to provide me with a game plan, I decided to retain Daniel Lublin to help me navigate through the problem. This was an excellent decision. Daniel was able to devise, implement and then execute a strong legal strategy. The strategy was well thought out and demonstrated experience and expertise (something that was lacking with the other lawyer I spoke with first). Daniel also saw the plan through and was both accessible and vested in the outcome. This was apparent when my former employer tried to throw a few curveballs at us. Daniel was able to adjust the plan where needed and still swing for the fences. In the end, I was unconditionally satisfied with the result and Daniel’s assistance. His legal fees were also reasonable and consistent with what we agreed to from the outset. If you need a lawyer to help you when you’re in a workplace legal bind, I wholeheartedly recommend contacting Daniel Lublin.