Travis Turner

Whitten Lublin

I had heard enough radio ads for employment lawyers to know that I shouldn’t sign what was given to me when I was laid off from my job at a large company. I also assumed that any firm that offered free consultation was probably gonna take anybody’s business. My fellow colleagues (who also lost their jobs) had signed right away. So, even though I couldn’t really afford to spend it during this bad time, I decided to pay for a consultation with Whitten & Lublin. I went for the top tier price consultation and was pleasantly surprised to actually get Daniel Whitten for my consultation. He was easy going, but also to the point and straight up on what he felt I was entitled to and what expectations I had that were not valid. We even cracked a few jokes. He came up with a game plan and handed me to off to another lawyer in the firm and gave me a great rate. This was the best decision I made. Thanks to Daniel and Simone I was able to get compensation that I was satisfied with and much more than I if I had not obtained their services. I should also add that I’m pretty sure when it comes to clientele I was probably on the lower end of job title/status, but I felt like I got treated like a CEO and no different than any other client would have been. 10/10 Would recommend and use again….hopefully I don’t need to :\