Whitten Lublin

Finding myself in an employment situation that nobody wants to be in, I was referred to three employment lawyers for opinions on my serverance package. After phone conversations with all three of them, I chose to work with Whitten and Lublin due to the transparency and professionalism from the get go. Within the firm, I decided to meet with Daniel Lublin due to his extensive and in depth grasp of the law which was apparent from his online articles. I was particularly impressed with his openness in the public sphere to share the inner workings of the employment law and the participants thereof (especially the law firms) I had an amazing experience both prior and during the meeting with Daniel. Even though, I must have been just one of the cases, he was very well prepared and very candid about my individual options, the timelines and chances of success in each case. The best part for me was that there was no pressure whatsoever to go for one option versus the other. It was a very fact based conversation both in terms of strategy and tactical execution. Subsequently, I worked closely with Simone on tactical implementation with strategic guidance from Daniel. I am pleased to say that it was great working with Simone. She was very knowledgeable both about the law and facts about my particular situation. She again was highly professional but always approachable at a very short notice. Her style of working is more of a partnership rather than of the almighty lawyer with a measly client. I never felt like things were pre-decided for me. It was always presentation of the facts followed by her expert opinion but the decision at each stage was ultimately mine. She also has excellent negotiation skills and knew exactly when to give time to the other party and when to tighten the screws. Her approach was always cordial and never combative towards all participants. In the end, the result was quite favorable to me in the form of improved severance package and it seemed that my previous employer also felt that the settlement reached was fair to all. Needless to say, that my experience with both Daniel and Simone was excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of expert but transparent and collaborative employment lawyers.