Wendy J.M.

Whitten Lublin

When you are a small, privately owned family business with less than 15 employees, each and every team member has an incredible impact on the atmosphere and success of your business (positive and negative). So when the decision was made to terminate one of our team members, we found ourselves on the defending side of a lawsuit. While our company already has a law firm, that represents us, for corporate matters, we knew that Ontario labour laws are extremely challenging; so, we reached out to Whitten & Lublin as they specialize in Employment & Labour law ONLY. During the consultation, I knew that we would be in good hands with Daniel Lublin representing us. I provided Daniel (& Nida) with the background, history and relevant documentation needed, so that they could review the events and help guide us throughout the legal process. Daniel Lublin is confident, calm, experienced and a highly knowledgeable lawyer who focused on the facts in order to resolve the matter, in our favour, with minimal distraction & damage. If you find yourself needing expert employment-related legal advice, without a doubt, your first call should be to Daniel Lublin.