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George Scott
November 1, 2015

At the beginning of my case in the spring of 2015, the empathy displayed by Daniel Chodos gave me the confidence to proceed. His clear-eyed advice helped me understand an arcane process and what to expect along the way. During the course of negotiations and mediation, he was thoroughly professional, demonstrating toughness when required. Nevertheless, the emotional connection we shared as lawyer and client allowed us to enjoy some humor at appropriate times. By the end of the process, I obtained a wholly satisfactory result, and have Daniel's solid counsel and astute guidance to thank.

Healey Willan
October 30, 2015

Daniel Chodos was very helpful and knowledgeable about my case against my former employer. He did a great job in negotiating a successful settlement with them. I would definitely recommend him.

Tim Rainville
October 30, 2015

I would unreservedly recommend the work of Daniel Chodos at Whitten & Lublin. Over the course of six months, Daniel very capably guided me through what was an entirely new experience. Over that period he professionally and adroitly navigated a difficult situation to a satisfactory outcome. Throughout, he was unfailingly communicative and empathetic. His knowledge, obvious experience and concise appraisals always engendered a high level of confidence in the quality of representation I was receiving. That feeling was reinforced by Daniel’s strategic approach and responsiveness to new developments. The potential range of options and outcomes was always clearly conveyed. Daniel made the process as comfortable as it could be under the circumstances. I appreciated my association with Daniel and received wise counsel during the legal journey which ensued.

Sean Humphries
October 28, 2015

I highly recommend the services of Daniel Chodos at Whitten & Lublin. Daniel handled a difficult and stressful situation with grace and expertise. I found him to be knowledgeable, resourceful and always communicative. He's a pro. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Daniel and Whitten & Lublin.

Doug Hannum
October 25, 2015

I would highly recommend the services of Whitten and Lublin. In particular the work of Daniel Lublin. He is hard working, professional and gets results. He puts his clients first and I very much appreciated his candor and honesty. You should consider yourself in excellent hands if you are a client. Thank you Daniel.

Pavla Kazda
October 21, 2015

I highly recommend Daniel Chodos at Whitten & Lublin. Daniel expedited my case and obtained a settlement to my satisfaction in an extremely short time-frame. Daniel took time to listen to my concerns and always returned my email or phone call in less than 24 hours. Daniel's rhetoric, persuasion and efficient team, namely Jessica Armocida, met my needs and exceeded my expectations.

August 25, 2015

Daniel Chodos was most helpful with working out a severance package for me. Not only did he spend time on the phone with me going over my concerns, but he emailed sample letters to send to my employer. I would definitely strongly recommend him.

Angelica R.
August 19, 2015

I would highly recommend Whitten& Lublin Employment Lawyers, and in particular Daniel Chodos. When I needed some legal advice regarding my employment termination package, I reached out to the Whitten & Lublin group, who from the beginning of my initial consultation meeting were extremely professional and accommodating. Daniel handled my case with great knowledge and professionalism from start to end. I would strongly recommend Daniel Chodos, he did a great job and was a pleasure to work with.

August 18, 2015

Ms. Pak has provided our institution with professional and strategic council. With absolute dedication to our needs and complexity , Ms. Pak has identified core questions, provided key inputs and options and supported the decision making process. Our institution has benefited enormously from her professional support.

August 17, 2015

It is my pleasure to recommend Jonquille Pak. From December 2014 through April 2015, Ms. Pak guided us through a number of sensitive corporate issues. During this time, she was a valuable resource for my project team, and we worked together closely. Ms. Pak is a well-versed professional with a lot of experience. Her years in this field clearly enable her to make good decisions. Ms. Pak is a very diligent lawyer and maintains the highest professional standards in her work. She delivers high-quality results.

Ms. Pak took over the role of legal representative for our company and fulfilled the position with great care and commitment. Ms. Pak is highly respected within our management team for being helpful, supportive, and a good listener. Ms. Pak always structured our meetings in a smart and well-thought-out manner. Ms. Pak has done an excellent job, and I do not hesitate to recommend her.

August 15, 2015

Jonquille Pak has provided our global firm with superior employment law advice. As Jonquille has moved on, our firm has continued to follow her and inquire her legal expertise.

August 13, 2015

We have worked with Jonquille Pak on several HR claims. With her expertise and guidance we were able to successfully close all files to our satisfaction. We have asked her for advice which we find extremely helpful to find a resolution to employment matters.

Lee Liauw
August 12, 2015

Daniel Lublin was attentive to my many demands/concerns. Being a detailed-oriented person, I had many. He was able to come up with creative means for dealing with them, such that at the end I was totally at ease in signing the release document. I knew my facts and my former employer better than anyone else, but Daniel was my most valuable sounding board without him the case could not have been executed effectively. Daniel was easy to work with, I had confidence in his advice and would highly recommend him.

Christina Hill
August 8, 2015

I highly recommend the services of Whitten & Lublin. I have retained David's council for several years and have always received excellent representation. David Whitten has always been very effective and efficient with any situation I present to him. David's open and honest approach is appreciated and allowed me to make sound decisions quickly.

G Yeung
August 8, 2015

If you need a winning strategy for your case, call Daniel Lublin! I worked with Daniel Lublin on a matter this past summer. From the outset, Daniel devised a strategy to make the other side think that we were fighting on one front, knowing they would cave on an another (what we wanted all along). Daniel was able to predict with certainty how it would all play out and true to his assessment, when it came time to fight the case out, they settled on our terms! The strategy was a success and they never knew what hit them. A lesser lawyer would not have approached the case this way and my result would have been less substantial. I’ve seen Daniel Lublin in action and if you want a lawyer that plays his cards right, call him and his team. You won’t be disappointed.

Andrea K
August 6, 2015

Marc Kitay has always been full of knowledge. I have consulted with him on many different employment matters, including contracts. At one point, I had an employer who was refusing to pay me. After reviewing the contract, Marc wrote a letter to the employer and within one hour of receiving the letter, the employer agreed to pay me what was owed in full! I was shocked at how fast the matter was resolved and how easy it was to work with him. Since I also do a lot of freelance work, I now trust Marc to write out all my current and future contracts, which I have used time and again. I always feel confident asking for his advice and know that he has my best interests in mind.

July 27, 2015

I've known both David Whitten and Daniel Lublin for years...they have both assisted me professionally and their service is second to none...they are by far the best duo I've come across in the legal industry...they are excellent at what they do, and best of all, they have fun doing it, which makes it fun for the client to work with them...great guys, great firm, I would highly recommend them...

Scott Gilbert
July 21, 2015

Previous to signing onto a new job, I had a friend and lawyer review my new agreement. He brought up some general considerations and a few recommendations. The most valuable piece of advice he gave me was to meet with a lawyer that specialized in employment. He recommended Ellen Low. Meeting with Ellen was the best professional decision of my life to date. Ellen is incredible professional, thorough, had a many recommendation regarding the existing (and outdated contract), but also counselled me on points for negotiation. The 2 hour meeting with Ellen amounted to a 35% increase in pay during negotiations in-which both parties were happy. Also, all of Ellen's contract suggestions have now been taken and applied to the previously outdated contracts for all new employee at the company. Great advice and counsel from Ellen was the best return on investment I could have hoped for. Thank you Ellen!

Kyla Lewis
July 19, 2015

Daniel Lublin is amazing and very pleasant to deal with. He completely understood my situation and was able to provide advice right away. The fees were fair and consistent, the prompt responses were extremely knowledgeable, respectful and intelligent from both - him and his staff. I was satisfied with the result and would highly recommend him to anyone who was not treated fairly in the workplace and is looking for an expert to fight for your rights!

Carl Inacio
July 17, 2015

I found Daniel Lublin online and after reading several reviews, as well as his articles in the newspaper, made an appointment to meet with him. It was immediately evident that Daniel was an expert in employment law. My former employer was evasive and never responded in a timely manner and after consulting with me on a strategy to deal with them, he proceeded and it paid off. I was very happy with my settlement, and was grateful that it was Daniel dealing with them and not me. He kept me informed throughout the process and responded to my inquiries within hours (often much less via email). Daniel’s fee covered everything and in my opinion was reasonable. I would highly recommend Daniel Lublin.