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Sharon Chao
June 15, 2022

I had a very positive experience with Ben Hahn. He is knowledgeable and provides guidance, takes the time to thoroughly explain and answer questions, and overall very responsive and efficient. He is a pleasure to interact with and I'm very happy with the service provided.

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GJ Cimino
September 23, 2021

When seeking an employment lawyer in my city (outside of GTA), it became apparent to me I needed better representation, I was happy to be recommended to the firm of Whitten & Lublin, and then being contacted with Benjamin Hahn. Whitten & Lublin staff made it very easy to set up initial consultation virtually, this was such a benefit for me, being from out of town. From the first time I spoke to Benjamin Hahn, I could tell that he was very knowledgable and understanding, and made me feel at ease in advising me. He was very responsive to any questions I asked and never left me stranded, I couldn't have asked for anyone better to assist me . Benjamin Hahn, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance. Your legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you

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Dominike Lacoste
March 16, 2021

Ben Hahn, lawyer at Whitten & Lubin, handled my employment case. His knowledge and expertise made the entire process easy for me from the first phone call to the settlement. I was always provided with all the available options with the pro's and the con's so I could make educated decisions under Mr. Hahn's guidance as the situation was evolving. I highly recommend Ben Hahn's legal service .

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Andrew Safranko
February 20, 2021

I've had the pleasure of working with Jason Jagpal from this firm. He bent over backwards to make sure I had what I needed and was always accommodating no matter the situation.

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Sharon Yuan
November 20, 2020

Ben Hahn and his assistant Sarah Paul are excellent in their professional services. I had the pleasure of working with Ben for my severance settlement during the pandemic time. He is professional, knowledgeable, wise, courteous, and calm with great patience in dealing with a tough situation. He responded my emails promptly and provided me with sound advices and honesty throughout the entire process. He represented the best interests of me effectively and it resulted in a very positive outcome. I am greatly appreciated it for what Ben has done for me. I would definitely recommend Ben Hahn of Whitten and Lublin law firm to anyone in need of an excellent employment lawyer.

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David Margiotta
August 17, 2020

Ben Hahn took the time to walk me through the options and explain the details. I appreciated his candor and experienced advice.

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Rick Johal
August 12, 2020

Had a very positive experience working with Ben Hahn on finalizing a severance payout. I appreciated the direction, honest and responsiveness to matters as they unfolded. I would definitely recommend Whitten & Lublin to others looking for support around employment law.

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June 22, 2020

First off, “you don't know what you don’t know” so when I was let go by my company, I wanted to know if the package that was offered to me was fair and reasonable. I started searching for law firms on the internet. I found the Whitten & Lublin website and used the tools available to me (Severance Calculator), it showed that there is a potential my offer wasn't fair and reasonable. So I used the “Chat Now” feature to gather some more information about my package. Within a matter of minutes, I determined that I should speak with a lawyer at this firm just to get peace of mind as the shock of the separation was just setting in. The person on the “Chat Now” was wonderful, we started off on Chat then moved to live voice conversation and set up a meeting within 48 hours of me making contact with them. I had the honour of meeting and working with Ben Hahn. During my one hour initial consultation with Ben, we determined that I did have a case and I hired his services. Ben was very understanding and respectful of my situation. He explained everything at a level that I could understand and we worked together selecting options for me to decide on what path to take. This one hour consolation was the best investment I have made in this time of crisis for me and my family. It provided me with clarity and support to go after what I was entitled to by Employment law. The end result was a successful settlement and my family and I are happy with moving forward with our lives. I highly recommend to anyone who has been recently let go by their company to have the consultation or at least use the “Chat Now” feature to see if Whiten & Lubin can represent you at your time of need. Remember, “You don't know what you don't know”, go find out.

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R. L.
January 24, 2020

I was referred to Whitten & Lublin employment lawyers by a previous client. Working with Benjamin Hahn made me feel in complete control of my situation and provided me with the confidence to work through a challenging process. He was very responsive and thorough and would highly recommend Ben and his team at Whitten & Lublin employment lawyers.

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Eran ben-ari
January 16, 2020

Recently I was in need of legal help with my previous employment. I couldn't have asked for someone better than Simone Ostrowski. She provided me with extremely helpful and relevant information on the options I have. She was quick to respond and very helpful in all aspects in my case. I Highly recommend Simone and this firm

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Mark F.
August 2, 2019

I was seeking advice on a severance package I received and Julian Whitten was good enough to call me and review the details of my offer and explain my options in easy to understand terms. Ultimately it was decided that my offer was fair and that pursuing legal action likely wouldn't gain me anything extra. I appreciated that Julian was knowledgeable and forthright with me in advising that in my case I probably wouldn't benefit in going the legal route (even though it would have benefited Whitten & Lublin), which allowed me to save time, effort and money while being able to close this particular chapter and move on.

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Ron S.
July 9, 2019

I wish to express my gratitude to Tommy Hong for the amazing appeal to my EI employment insurance benefits which were initially declined.
Tommy was highly recommended by my Attorney at Whitten & Lublin to work on the appeal process, his terrific specific EI Case Law examples provided an easily overwhelming winning argument for my appeal without additional delays going to the EI Adjudication Tribunal.
Great work Tommy, I would definitely highly recommend you, I’m sure you will have many more appreciation reviews in the future.
Thank You

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Ben A
December 3, 2018

David Whitten kindly took over contract review and negotiations when I switched investment banks. David is truly a master of his craft and an expert. He is also incredibly reachable and responsive. As a fellow lawyer, I truly appreciate his expertise and professionalism and would fully recommend him to anyone else in a similar situation.

Susan Power
July 31, 2017

Today I had the experience of dealing with Daniel Lublin and David Whitten for the first time. And here is how I would describe this team: Responsive, flexible, fair, approachable, interested in a win - win in interactions, attentive, and applying a sense of urgency to make sure everything is taken care of as quickly and as beneficially as possible. I would say they foster the kind of environment and the kind of lawyer - client relationship anyone who uses legal services would like to find. Before contacting Daniel and David I looked thoroughly through the firm's website and read about the awards they and the firm have earned: Best in the Nation; I agree!

February 6, 2017

During the fall of 2016 I asked for David Whitten's assistance re a termination/severance disagreement with my previous employer. During all meetings, correspondence and communication with him, I found David to be knowledgeable, concise and expeditious; he was always candid and explicit with his directions and how best to proceed to acquire a favourable resolution for me. David always worked in my best interest and successfully concluded negotiations for my benefit.


I would highly recommend David Whitten as a seasoned employment lawyer who will serve his client(s) well and to the best of his ability.

Heidi Geburt
December 2, 2016

I recently had Marc Kitay from Whitten and Lublin handle an employment case on my behalf. From the very first meeting I was impressed with his professionalism, his knowledge and his compassion. He always made sure I totally understood my options, the proceedings and procedures involved. I felt comfortable and he was truly genuine in his empathy of my situation. I would highly recommend him to anyone in a situation that would benefit from his competency in this field.

August 18, 2015

Ms. Pak has provided our institution with professional and strategic council. With absolute dedication to our needs and complexity , Ms. Pak has identified core questions, provided key inputs and options and supported the decision making process. Our institution has benefited enormously from her professional support.

Tina Hurst
November 23, 2014

Although my screen name and company name are anonymized, this review is based on true experience.

I highly recommend Daniel Chodos at Whitten & Lublin LLP to anyone seeking an employment lawyer. Daniel Chodos assisted me greatly with respect to employment termination to achieve an improved settlement with my former employer in the GTA; extended benefits coverage, a helpful letter of employment and good monetary compensation over and above his legal fees. Moreover, Daniel constantly demonstrated excellent knowledge and a high degree of professionalism allowing me to have full confidence in his handling of my situation. He provided me fantastic, timely support throughout the process and put me at ease about my situation, plus he was a pleasure to deal with. I was referred to Whitten & Lublin by a friend (Tina was her lawyer) and I would recommend them to a friend.

Gary Wing
October 11, 2014

I had the pleasure of dealing with Daniel Lublin and have subsequently recommended him to friends and colleagues alike.

Daniel possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of his area of expertise and combines this with a calm, analytical approach. Daniel is exceptionally strategic in his planning and has a strength of character that leaves you in no doubt that he will extract maximum possible benefit from any given situation.

I continue to recommend Daniel unreservedly.



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