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Anthony Puckerin
May 4, 2022

I recently had the pleasure of working with Daniel Chodos and his team. Daniel provided great advise and support during my negotiations with my former employer. I was very satisfied with the result and I would highly recommend Daniel Chodos and his law firm Whitten & Lublin.

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Jason Barg
April 21, 2022

I had the great fortune of working with Daniel Chodos as I was departing my previous employer. I was very impressed by Daniel's skill as a lawyer; he made our strategy very clear and took the time to thoughtfully answer any questions I may have. Thank you Daniel. I would encourage anyone who's thinking about engaging an employment lawyer to contact Whitten & Lublin so that Daniel or one of his colleagues can professionally assess your situation and give you peace of mind.

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Kelsey Amell
October 21, 2021

Knowledgeable, kind, professional, and worth every penny. I was very impressed and satisfied with Daniel Chodos’ services. I feel like he went the extra mile for me. If there was anything I didn’t understand or was hesitant about, he took the time to explain, game plan and rationalize things with/for me. Super satisfied and would highly recommend to anyone. Hopefully I will never need your services again but if I do, I will not hesitate to contact! Thank you again!

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J. M.
October 4, 2021

I was represented by Mr Daniel Chodos. During my experience with Mr Chodos he was exceptional. He was able to educate me about the laws and the process as it pertained to my situation in a way that was easy to understand. He was very responsive, kept me informed and thoroughly explained things on a regular basis. I was very pleased with the services provided by Mr Chodos and would recommend him for anyone that needs an employment lawyer. Thank you Daniel.

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Scott Currier
April 25, 2021

Great service, strategic ideas and approach, fantastic result. Thank you Daniel Chodos of Whitten & Lublin.

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Terri O’Brien
April 9, 2021

Daniel Chodos is an excellent employment lawyer! I have worked with Daniel on four occasions, two of which were quite contentious, and Daniel worked to secure a positive outcome and gave me excellent advice throughout each negotiation. Highly, highly recommend!

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Ingrid Randoja
March 31, 2021

I used Daniel Chodos to negotiate my severance package. He was great. Fast responses and he explained the various strategies we could follow in ways that were easy to understand. I would highly recommend Daniel.

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Marino Brilli
March 7, 2021

I dealt with Daniel Chodos recently for a severance claim and was very pleased. Daniel was professional, extremely well versed, and provided me a complete breakdown of my options as they changed throughout the process. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his firm to anyone seeking legal council for an employment severance.

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Khyati Machhar
December 15, 2020

I worked with Daniel Chodos during my dark times when I needed expert advice and direction. Daniel is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He provided sound and fair advice based on his extensive experience in employment legal matters. He acted in my personal best interest and produced positive results. He always made himself available to address my questions and concerns via emails/ phone calls. I would strongly recommend Daniel to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair and honest.

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Ed Ziesmann
November 27, 2020

I was in recent need of legal assistance to negotiate a personal employment matter and was referred to Daniel Chodos by a well-respected colleague and friend. I felt compelled to write this review because I wanted to acknowledge his efforts, particularly his approach to resolving my concerns. Daniel demonstrated a high degree of professionalism throughout my interactions with him, from the gathering and synthesis of information to the identification of solutions and negotiation of a final settlement. Daniel’s knowledge and experience in employment law is noteworthy but what also impressed me was his genuine and engaging manner and openness to explore unique and innovative solutions. He ensured that I was consulted on every decision and action and was timely in his communications. I am most grateful to Daniel and would not hesitate to recommend him to those needing excellent counsel.

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Jennifer Park
September 12, 2020

Would highly recommend, given the organizations level of expertise and professionalism. Specifically, Daniel Chodos places high value in client engagement and in seeking the best outcome of those he supports. He provides a strategic and balanced approach, stemming from experience and compassion.

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Celeste Hooper
August 31, 2020

Daniel Chodos is an excellent lawyer. He was assertive in representing me and got the job done. What I appreciated most about him was his honesty and straight to the point approach. I would certainly recommend Daniel to others. Thank you and much appreciated.

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July 15, 2020

I met with Daniel Chodos to examine my termination package. His explanations were very clear about how the law interprets contracts. He identified ambiguity within the termination section of my contract, which allowed me to receive more pay from my employer. I also found it helpful that Daniel was able to diffuse and anticipate any emotions that I may have for a given grievance, such that I may understand my legal options. Thank you Daniel!

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Mah A
February 27, 2020

I had a great experience with Whitten & Lublin firm. Everyone in this office is supportive and accommodating. I had a pressing matter and I contacted Daniel Chodos during a long weekend. I was quite surprised when he responded right away and helped me schedule a consultation with one of his team members in a few days. I met with Athan Markrinos, his advice was accurate and reasonable, rendering a positive outcome. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise and highly recommend this firm.

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Tricia Truemner
January 28, 2020

When I was in need of an employment lawyer, a friend recommended this firm, and from the very first contact it was friendly and professional. Within hours of requesting information on the website, I was contacted by a very friendly and helpful representative and then assigned to lawyer Daniel Chodos. Daniel was very welcoming, understanding, and efficient. He set expectations and followed up regularly. He represented me the way I needed, and gave great counsel on when and how to proceed or respond at different times. I highly recommend Daniel Chodos, and this law firm for any employment law needs!v

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Erik Davis
November 21, 2019

My firm worked with Mr. Chodos on a matter and he was a consummate professional. He helped us achieve a favorable decision and I highly recommend his service I have also worked with Athan Makrinos and he is friendly, engaging, and accomplished every requirement perfectly. Whitten & Lublin is a spectacular firm.

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Kara N.
November 17, 2019

We were so glad to have found and chosen Daniel Chodos to represent us on our legal matter. He was very knowledgable, made the entire legal process understandable and facilitated it in such a way that it went smoothly for us, thanks to his guidance. We appreciated that we always felt listened to and that he was looking after our interests at all times. He was always available to meet with us in person (amazingly!) and we always left feeling better about our situation than when we came in. Daniel answered all of our simple and complex questions with honesty and professionalism. We are more than thankful for how he helped us and got us results.

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John Smith
November 13, 2019

Danny Chodos is a leading employment law lawyer. He is responsive, creative and practical. He has gotten great outcomes for those whom I have referred to him. I would recommend him without reservation.

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November 7, 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel Chodos on a recent situation and thoroughly appreciated his diligence, candor, responsiveness, and good humor through our interactions. He provided helpful, practical advice and a fair and experienced eye. Highly recommend! Many many thanks, Daniel!

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Shelley P.
November 6, 2019

I am so grateful that I was referred to Daniel Chodos and his amazing team at Whitten & Lublin. They were able to handle my case in a timely manner while achieving the best possible outcome. They are professional, honest and fair. They took the time to listen and answer any questions or concerns that I had. Thank you for your excellent customer service and support. Exceptional service

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Corrado C.
August 1, 2019

I hired Mr.Daniel Chodos as my lawyer after visiting Whitten & Lublin's website and reviewing the bios of lawyers available. From our very first phone consultation, he put me at ease with what was a very stressful time in my life. He explained the legal terms and processes in a way that I could easily understand. He was always available and responded promptly to every concern and question I brought up with him. Most importantly, he was completely honest with me, and he really does have his clients best interests in mind and heart at all times. I would recommended Mr.Daniel Chodos to anyone looking for a professional, honest, understanding, reliable and knowledgeable employment lawyer. Thank you Daniel Chodos and the Whitten & Lublin team!

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May 25, 2019

Daniel Chodos and Simone Ostrowski were fantastic to deal with from start to finish with my employee-related Human Rights/ civil issue. Both were very good with communication and knew the relevant laws inside and out. Daniel is a straight shooter and Simone is a firecracker who doesn't back down! We were able to reach a great outcome. I would highly recommend them! Thanks Whitten & Lublin

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Sam Malloy
April 1, 2019

Daniel Chodos was a godsend! He was there when I needed to negotiate my contract. Strategic and knowledgeable. Was grateful for the support!

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Carl D’Souza
February 12, 2019

January 2019 I could never thank Daniel Chodos enough for dealing with my employment/disability matter. His empathy, understanding and knowledge of my case was critical in helping me resolve it. I am glad I chose Daniel (from so many other employment lawyers) to direct and guide me through a very stressful period in my life. He was always available and responded by phone or email immediately. Daniel knows the law and his confidence, judgment and professionalism saw me settle my case at mediation.

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Gerhard Ens
December 31, 2018

Daniel Chodos advocated on my behalf. His competence, reliability and empathy were greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend Daniel - he made a difficult time more bearable.

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Patrick Morin
November 2, 2018

Daniel Chodos is completely reliable and gives great advice and legal opinions. I have used him several times and everyone I referred were very pleased

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Jane Gipp
October 2, 2018

Daniel Chodos: Professional, personable, respecting, calm and a positive result.

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Alexa Smythe
October 2, 2018

Coming from a family of accomplished lawyers I was critical in my search for a top firm to assist me with a termination matter. We were fortunate to find Whitten Lublin through a peer reference within the legal community. I had already retained another fairly well known employment firm initially but was encouraged to get a second opinion. Luckily I did. I was blessed to be connected with Daniel Chodos whom immediately established a level of trust, expertise and integrity that convinced me his counsel would ensure the best possible outcome in my best interests. Of importance, and sadly absent in some lawyers, was Daniel's unbridled compassion, acknowledging and understanding the stresses and challenges of these situations, while still subtly nuancing the importance of the goals of the negotiation process. An effective communicator, always responding in a timely manner with a sense of urgency throughout the entire process. In my experience, his client centricity is unprecedented and not only deserves recognition but others would do well to emulate. I am not only an avid fan now, but will be ensuring all my employment contracts are reviewed by Daniel before I commit. Brilliant work Daniel !

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Tim Dempsey
September 4, 2018

I got let go without a severance. Whitten & Lublin got me 5.5 months for 5.5 years, which is the best I could have hoped for. Daniel Chodos and they were professional but quite relaxed, wasn't what I expected, in a pleasant way. I recommend, they'll take care of you.

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Daniel Lubienietzky
July 31, 2018

I've worked with Daniel Chodos from Whitten & Lublin multiple times and I can attest that he is a top-notch Employment Lawyer and always gets the job done. He helped me review and negotiate multiple contracts and we were successful at getting the points that I wanted. I would certainly recommend Mr. Chodos for your Employment Law needs.

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Maria Rivas
June 1, 2018

I had the pleasure of being represented by Daniel Chodos. Daniel was compassionate, knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. What I found most impressive about Daniel is his willingness to listen and genuinely help. He was always completely professional and responded to my questions quickly. He made sure to keep me updated along the way. I can't thank him enough. I would recommend Daniel Chodos and Whitten & Lublin.

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Darilyn Coles
April 3, 2018

From the initial meeting, Daniel Chodos was very knowledgeable, patient and understanding. His expert advice, presenting various options at each stage in this arduous process, gave me the ability to rationalize and make sound decisions along the way. I highly recommend his services!

Dave & Diane Cornelissen
December 5, 2017

After doing an internet search we decided on Whitten and Lublin. Great decision! Dealing with Daniel Chodos was a pleasure as he made the entire process very easy to understand, gave us great communication and feedback, was very understanding of our situation, and gave us the result we really wanted. Thanks Daniel

Lancy Yip
August 2, 2017

Sincere thanks to Daniel Chodos who is very knowledgeable and professional in employment legal issues. His advise helped me a lot during this difficult time after being laid off from a 14 years' employment. He is very patience and always keep you informed of the progress. I will highly recommend Daniel Chodos to anyone who needs legal advises re employment issues. His whole office team provides high level of professionalism and made you feel at ease all the time.


July 31, 2017

Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers were highly recommended to me by a friend years ago. The first time I met Daniel Chodos, he told me what he believed that my company would offer me, and he ended up being 100% right, much to my dismay. However, thanks to Daniel’s extensive experience in employment law, his creativity, his perseverance, his contacts, and his frugalness with my money, this extremely intelligent and compassionate gentleman made it possible for me to retire early! Thanks so much, Daniel!!

Jarret Leaman
June 30, 2017

I worked with Daniel Chodos and the service was quick, excellent and professional. I really appreciated the communication with the client. I would highly recommend Whitten & Lublin as a firm.

Lancy Yip
April 21, 2017

Sincere thanks to Daniel Chodos who is very knowledgeable and professional in employment legal issues. His advise helped me a lot during this difficult time after being laid off from a 14 years' employment. He is very patience and always keep you informed of the progress. I will highly recommend Daniel Chodos to anyone who needs legal advises re employment issues. His whole office team provides high level of professionalism and made you feel at ease all the time.

Carolyn Jones
April 11, 2017

Losing your job is a difficult situation and even more so after 28 years of service. When I went to see Daniel Chodos I wasn't sure what to expect, I knew my severance wasn't great but with so many people losing their jobs these days I wasn't sure this was the right thing to do. Daniel was very confident on our position and gave a detailed outline of what we would be facing. He also offered payment options and went over a time line. Daniel always answered all of my emails and phone calls promptly. I have recommended Daniel to some of my former colleages if ever they need a lawyer in the future. In the end I was very happy with the outcome and am grateful to Daniel for making a difficult situation less stressful.

Fred Green
March 21, 2017

Daniel Chodos at Whitten and Lublin did a fantastic job on my case recently. I was owed back salary from 2015. He was able to collect all that I was due, as well as interest on that balance, AND all my legal fees. He was on top of the case from day 1. As a resident in the States, I was initially concerned that I might be forgotten after I had paid the retainer. That was the furthest thing from the truth! Daniel pushed hard to get what was rightfully mine, and I will be forever grateful to him and the staff at Whitten and Lublin for the excellent job they did.

R. D.
February 27, 2017

Overall a great experience with Daniel Chodos. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him, as he clearly set expectations and always seemed ready to push for more. If perception is reality, then he is a master of hard work. I will definitely be recommending his services to future contacts who face legal employment matters.

Gen Tanasie
February 21, 2017

My company fired me and gave me a package I was not happy about. Mr. Daniel Chodos assisted me and obtained for me a package to reflect my experience and expertise. Very happy with his services and I would recommend him to everybody.

H. Siracusa
February 19, 2017

Daniel Chodos was recommended to me by a colleague for my employment matter. Daniel was knowledgeable of the law and quickly comprehended my matter. Most importantly he didn't push me into legal proceedings that I didn't want or wasn't comfortable with. He gave me practical advice and made sure that the legal option I pursued was what I wanted. I was very happy with the service Daniel provided and have already recommended him to others. Thank you, Daniel!

Syed Husainy
January 26, 2017

When you take on your employer who has a battery of good lawyers, you too need good lawyers to meet the challenge. I selected Whitten & Lublin after reviewing them. They are no pushovers and they mean business. For my specific needs, I chose Daniel Chodos. He is not just a lawyer but a fine person. He is courteous, prompt in replying and gives you a good idea of where you stand, what you can expect and the time frame for settling your claim. I got what I wanted pretty quickly even though Daniel wanted to pursue my claim further and get me more money. I was pleased with what I got and strongly recommend Whitten & Lublin and Daniel Chodos.

Shengnan Yang
December 5, 2016

My friend highly recommended Daniel Chodos from Whitten and Lublin Employment Lawyer to me. I got a very difficult case. For passed several months, Daniel Chodos shows not only his professional skills/knowledge, but also his patient/thoughtful to his client whose English is not mother language and who has no any law sense. I couldn't find more words to express my satisfactions and thanks. Thanks, Daniel and Jassica. I definitely and strongly recommend to anybody who is looking for employment lawer.

Laurice Dawson
October 11, 2016

I worked with Daniel Chodos and was really happy with his work. I had to file a harassment complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and he made the process easy and painless. I'm happy with the result of the case and would recommend him to anyone!

Kathleen S
May 6, 2016

Daniel Chodos: very professional, advised me on what I should expect, what I could receive and not receive, kept things realistic. He responded quickly to my requests, answered all my questions. His suggestions were always in my best interests and exactly where the final settlement ended up. I never felt rushed in talking with him. Thank you Daniel, you did an awesome job for me !

Lawla Tam
May 6, 2016

I feel morally obliged to write this review for Mr. Daniel Chodos, employment lawyer at Whitten & Lublin, who was recommended to me by my lawyer friend.
I was very impressed with Mr. Chodos’ professionalism, legal expertise and strategy, clear and concise explanation, efficiency and effectiveness. My case was successfully concluded in a span of less than two months from the date of initial legal consultation without having my case going to trial. This translates to great savings on legal cost for me.

Recommendation: Mr. Daniel Chodos is highly recommended for anyone looking to hire an experienced, cost effective and pleasant-to-work-with employment lawyer.

D Carlingwood
January 4, 2016

I highly recommend Daniel Chodos and Whitten and Lublin Employment Lawyers!

Daniel took the time to understand my situation and set a game plan for how we could achieve my goal.

Daniel was with me every step of the way and through his professionalism and creativity he helped me achieve the exact result that I was looking for.

Christine Rumanouw
January 4, 2016

I highly recommend Daniel Chodos from Whitten and Lublin Employment Lawyer. He is very honest, and knowledgeable. From the first consultation, he lays out clearly the possibility of outcome from my case. He explains what are the positive and negatives consideration for me to think about before proceeding. He is aggressive, very concise and precise. He follows up consistently, guides me with steps to take, and explains my options all through the process. He listens and understands the case precisely. I can not imagine going to settlement process without his assistance. Thank you Daniel!

George Scott
November 1, 2015

At the beginning of my case in the spring of 2015, the empathy displayed by Daniel Chodos gave me the confidence to proceed. His clear-eyed advice helped me understand an arcane process and what to expect along the way. During the course of negotiations and mediation, he was thoroughly professional, demonstrating toughness when required. Nevertheless, the emotional connection we shared as lawyer and client allowed us to enjoy some humor at appropriate times. By the end of the process, I obtained a wholly satisfactory result, and have Daniel's solid counsel and astute guidance to thank.

Healey Willan
October 30, 2015

Daniel Chodos was very helpful and knowledgeable about my case against my former employer. He did a great job in negotiating a successful settlement with them. I would definitely recommend him.

Tim Rainville
October 30, 2015

I would unreservedly recommend the work of Daniel Chodos at Whitten & Lublin. Over the course of six months, Daniel very capably guided me through what was an entirely new experience. Over that period he professionally and adroitly navigated a difficult situation to a satisfactory outcome. Throughout, he was unfailingly communicative and empathetic. His knowledge, obvious experience and concise appraisals always engendered a high level of confidence in the quality of representation I was receiving. That feeling was reinforced by Daniel’s strategic approach and responsiveness to new developments. The potential range of options and outcomes was always clearly conveyed. Daniel made the process as comfortable as it could be under the circumstances. I appreciated my association with Daniel and received wise counsel during the legal journey which ensued.

Sean Humphries
October 28, 2015

I highly recommend the services of Daniel Chodos at Whitten & Lublin. Daniel handled a difficult and stressful situation with grace and expertise. I found him to be knowledgeable, resourceful and always communicative. He's a pro. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Daniel and Whitten & Lublin.

Pavla Kazda
October 21, 2015

I highly recommend Daniel Chodos at Whitten & Lublin. Daniel expedited my case and obtained a settlement to my satisfaction in an extremely short time-frame. Daniel took time to listen to my concerns and always returned my email or phone call in less than 24 hours. Daniel's rhetoric, persuasion and efficient team, namely Jessica Armocida, met my needs and exceeded my expectations.

August 25, 2015

Daniel Chodos was most helpful with working out a severance package for me. Not only did he spend time on the phone with me going over my concerns, but he emailed sample letters to send to my employer. I would definitely strongly recommend him.

Angelica R.
August 19, 2015

I would highly recommend Whitten& Lublin Employment Lawyers, and in particular Daniel Chodos. When I needed some legal advice regarding my employment termination package, I reached out to the Whitten & Lublin group, who from the beginning of my initial consultation meeting were extremely professional and accommodating. Daniel handled my case with great knowledge and professionalism from start to end. I would strongly recommend Daniel Chodos, he did a great job and was a pleasure to work with.

Elizabeth Vince
July 2, 2015

I was referred to Whitten and Lublin by a business associate of my husband. I was fortunate to be assigned Daniel Chodos to handle the review of the severance package offered by my former employer as a result of an internal restructure in late 2014. Daniel and his team handled my case with great professionalism and respect. The team kept me informed at all stages of the process and Daniel was always available to speak on the phone if I had questions or concerns. I highly recommend Daniel and his team and in fact have recommended several contacts to reach out to Daniel for his assistance.

Lionel Bebbington
June 19, 2015

Daniel Chodos provided me excellent counsel during an unexpected career transition. He was friendly, exceptionally knowledgeable and explained things clearly and simply. I would highly recommend him and the rest of the staff at Whitten and Lublin.

Tina Hurst
November 23, 2014

Although my screen name and company name are anonymized, this review is based on true experience.

I highly recommend Daniel Chodos at Whitten & Lublin LLP to anyone seeking an employment lawyer. Daniel Chodos assisted me greatly with respect to employment termination to achieve an improved settlement with my former employer in the GTA; extended benefits coverage, a helpful letter of employment and good monetary compensation over and above his legal fees. Moreover, Daniel constantly demonstrated excellent knowledge and a high degree of professionalism allowing me to have full confidence in his handling of my situation. He provided me fantastic, timely support throughout the process and put me at ease about my situation, plus he was a pleasure to deal with. I was referred to Whitten & Lublin by a friend (Tina was her lawyer) and I would recommend them to a friend.

Carmine R
October 22, 2014

It's not often that one loses their job of employment, but if and when it does happen, I strongly suggest seeking legal counsel before signing anything. Daniel Chodos of Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers was recommended for my case.
To the untrained eye the offer looked okay, maybe even suffice, but Daniel took me through each part and explained what I was offered and what I should be entitled to.
He asks questions and listens well making you feel involved at every step. Daniel handled the case with great knowledge and professionalism. At the end I received a settlement more then I anticipated with most legal fees payed for. I would strongly recommend Daniel, he did a great job and was a pleasure to work with.


Derrick J. Navarro
September 30, 2014

I never imagined that I’d ever need an employment lawyer until one day I was offered a severance package, and I suddenly found myself in foreign territory.

I was referred to an employment lawyer, Daniel Chodos, by a close friend who had successfully used him in the past. Daniel works at the Toronto firm, Whitten & Lublin LLP, which I later learned is very well known for their work in Employment Law, which gave me a lot of comfort knowing that I would be well represented by credible leaders in their field.

During my initial consultation with Daniel, he shared a lot of key insights with me regarding my case and he also left me some additional resources so that I could familiarize myself with the basics of Ontario employment law.

Daniel and I worked closely together over the following months and I always appreciated how he managed my expectations throughout the lengthy process. I believed that he used our time together efficiently, that he was very responsive when I emailed him, and that he always treated my situation with urgency and professionalism.

I am happy with my final outcome, but results aside, it was comforting having Daniel in my corner walking me through the process every step of the way. He advised me on all major decisions and I believe that he was always acting in my best interests. I knew that Daniel would never let me accept a bad deal.

Going forward, I will be contacting Daniel Chodos and Whitten & Lublin LLP again, but next time it will be to review my future Employment Agreements before I sign them. Lesson learned!

Juliet Heading
September 19, 2014

I highly recommend Daniel Chodos at Whitten and Lublin LLP to anyone seeking an employment lawyer. Daniel Chodos assisted me greatly in respect to a dispute concerning employment termination to achieve a very satisfactory outcome. Moreover, Daniel constantly demonstrated excellent knowledge, ability and a high degree of professionalism allowing me to have full confidence in his handling of my situation. I will go back without hesitation to Daniel Chodos/ Whitten and Lublin LLP for any employment related matter where I want legal advice.

Angie Eichel
September 19, 2014

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel Chodos and would highly recommend him and his firm to anyone having legal employment questions or issues. Daniel kept things simple and didn't push against my personal values or comfort zone. He provided very satisfactory results and kept the experience pragmatic, professional and educational. Everything I learned can be taken away for future situations.

Amie Rankin
July 17, 2014

I was referred , by another lawyer!
Every resource that is available to hourly employee's, quite frankly does not apply to salary managers. I had gone through, the Labour Board, my company's HR department, my department heads, Head Office.
To be honest, this was my last hope, Whitten and Lublin - Employment Lawyers. On my first visit, I had met with one of the partner's Mr. David Whitten. You must understand before I continue, I was fighting a huge corporation by myself. Know one believed me or in me! Witness wouldn't help, in fear of losing there jobs. And I was an emotional wreck! But after my meeting with David, he recommended one of his associates Mr. Daniel Chodos to handle my case.
Both David and Daniel, believed me and in doing so, not only took on the fight for me but gave me back a sense of self worth and made people involved know that they would fight for me and they would not go away!!
Daniel, was amazing! Guess what...every person has rights and Daniel never let me forget it! Even his assistant, Jessica was invaluable. I haven't needed a lawyer of any kind in the past. And of course people say "Lawyers really don't care, they just want money! etc"
Well then this gives me the pleasure of telling you," You went to the wrong lawyers!!" This team/family, are the most qualified, compassionate law firm, that treats each person (women) with dignity and old fashions values! Doesn't matter how much you pay any lawyer you may get. But at Whitten and Lublin ( Daniel Chodos ) you get a class act of ladies and gentlemen with all the above qualities. No amount of money could by that!
By the way, Daniel Chodos he is still in the background! Just because a case a/or problem is resolved this law firm doesn't say " Well it's been nice, see ya!" They stay with you. Concerns, questions, things that might come up, you can email, call them...Daniel Chodos at ( Whitten and Lublin ) has and still does for me! Even though, he no longer has to. This just proves, this law firm truly cares about their past and present clients.
Thank you so very much, Daniel, David and the rest of the family! What you did for me was priceless!

Thank you



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