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Carl Inacio
July 17, 2015

I found Daniel Lublin online and after reading several reviews, as well as his articles in the newspaper, made an appointment to meet with him. It was immediately evident that Daniel was an expert in employment law. My former employer was evasive and never responded in a timely manner and after consulting with me on a strategy to deal with them, he proceeded and it paid off. I was very happy with my settlement, and was grateful that it was Daniel dealing with them and not me. He kept me informed throughout the process and responded to my inquiries within hours (often much less via email). Daniel’s fee covered everything and in my opinion was reasonable. I would highly recommend Daniel Lublin.

Kevin Clark
July 15, 2015

I became engaged with Daniel Lublin as my legal advisor following my departure from the firm I worked with for 30 years, as an executive.

Dan was referred to me through a very well known and reputable third party who apparently referred other clients to him recently. The referral proved to be valuable.

Dan very quickly and respectfully gained an understanding of my successful career and understood my desire for a respectful and fair dis-engagement.

Dan was respectful of the relationship I wished to maintain with my previous employer, and also of the need for appropriate business decision-making in dealing with sensitive issues that were affecting my severance.

I found Dan to be extremely market-knowledgeable: - to be aware of the current practice in the market as it relates to all aspects of my employee termination and especially “executive type” problems I was facing. I also found Dan to be extremely thorough in the diligence that necessarily had to be done in reviewing case law appropriate to my situation.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my termination with my previous employer and I thank Dan for the invaluable assistance in making this process as comfortable as possible and as successful as possible.

I would refer Daniel Lublin to any recently dismissed employee (senior or junior roles) where there is a need for a lawyer who truly “gets it” and gets the job done right.

John Tisdall
July 15, 2015

Recently I needed employment law advice regarding a severance. Daniel Lublin, from Whitten and Lublin was recommended to me, a court lawyer with a ‘no nonsense’ reputation. As this was ‘unchartered territory’ for me it was important I find counsel I could trust. After our first meeting I felt I was in good hands. Daniel asked me my concerns first and what my expectations were. He then told me the facts. Daniel understands emotions are high for clients at such a time but reassured me that the law and the facts are what win the day. He was right. In our first meeting we discussed fees and strategy. Daniel kept me informed at every stage of negotiations. There were no surprises, the fees were exact and the settlement as we expected. I have no hesitation recommending Daniel to anyone who needs employment law advice.

Lianne Shorkey
July 14, 2015

Was referred to Daniel Lublin by a colleague; I was not disappointed. Truly a five star service. Thank you team Whitten & Lublin!

Brian Leve
June 23, 2015

I was in a difficult situation with a former employer and I was referred to Daniel Lublin who specializes in workplace law. Daniel devised the perfect strategy to fend off my former employer. Daniel was certainly not afraid of going up against his opponents, a large team of “bay street” lawyers and his advice was thoughtful and effective, every step of the way, particularly with a plan designed to go on the offensive. Each time there was a court challenge or new filing, we were victorious. In the end, the result was much better than I had expected. I would not hesitate to recommend Daniel Lublin to anyone with a workplace legal dispute.

James Rankin
May 25, 2015

I first met with Daniel Lublin on a consultation basis as I was concerned that my employer was preparing to terminate me. He provided me with excellent advice and assured me that, as a junior executive, if I was ever faced with being terminated I would have an excellent case for an appropriate severance package.

As it turned out two months later I “got the call” on a Friday morning and learned that I was being let go. The initial package I received was well below by expectations given my initial consultation with Daniel. As well, after reviewing the initial offer, Daniel’s opinion was that it did not necessarily meet all of the statute requirements.

In terms of fees, Daniel was straight up with me. We agreed right from the get go how we would proceed and I was highly satisfied with the results and with how Daniel was compensated for his efforts.

It was not an insignificant case. We were up against one of Canada’s largest corporations that, as a growing entity, had dealt with terminations frequently. They hired one of Canada’s largest and best known law firms to represent them. None of this deterred Daniel in any way. From the very beginning he had absolute confidence in the strength and foundation of our side of the story.

This was proven out when Daniel identified a technicality in the defence argument regarding the Employment Standards Act. This action on Daniel’s part forced my former employer to send additional money above and beyond their initial offer – all prior to our final settlement. This helped greatly, in terms of financial security in a very tough time, as well as giving me additional confidence in our overall position.

Daniel guided me carefully through each of the offer / counter offer steps in the process (of which there were several). Although the total process took several months (although less than six), the strategy utilized by Daniel did force a settlement on our terms, not theirs, all before having to begin formal trial proceedings.

I was highly satisfied with the results. Daniel and his staff were extremely thorough and always accessible whenever I needed them, even if it was just for some reassurance. His professionalism, confidence, and dogged determination never wavered and I was confident that he continually acted with my best interests in mind.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Daniel to anyone faced with the same situation as me. It is a horrible time in one’s life and it makes sense to have the absolute best on your side, fighting tooth and nail to get the job done to ultimate satisfaction.

Many thanks to Daniel Lublin and his team.

Karen Harding
April 29, 2015

I was referred to Daniel Lublin by a colleague. The initial consultation was informative, providing a solid assessment of the financial package on offer as well as an overview of the process and legal options. Negotiations with my former employer were protracted over several months. During this time Daniel was accessible and responsive to questions. I found Daniel to be honest in his dealings and the legal bill was reasonable and below the initial quote. I would not hesitate to refer Daniel Lublin to a colleague.

Carolina Fernandez
March 23, 2015

I recommend Daniel Lublin for outstanding work he has done for me! Fees etc were spot on and no surprises! Thank you Daniel!

Ian B
March 13, 2015

I was recently laid off without cause after being with my firm for over 30 years and Daniel Lublin came highly recommended to review my severance package. He immediately made me feel at ease and fully explained my options during this difficult time. Throughout the negotiation process all questions and concerns were immediately responded to. Daniel is both highly professional and personable and I would not hesitate to contact him if the need should arise again or to recommend his services.

Robert Bianchi
February 19, 2015

I first met with another lawyer and did not feel that they had the confidence to really go to bat for me. After meeting with Daniel Lublin, I was sure he would swing for the fences, and he did.

Daniel delivered on the expectations he set with me during the consultation and his fee was consistent with what we had discussed from the outset. During the negotiations, there were difficult decisions that had to be made. Daniel was able to advise the best approach based on his knowledge and experience, which we followed, and which resulted in a very successful settlement. I would recommend Daniel to others without question.

Stephen Wylie
January 21, 2015

When dealing with your former employer on a severance package, you want to be represented by someone who is responsive, tenacious and knows the law. The employment lawyers at Whitten & Lublin are exactly that. I’m very pleased with their guidance and the results they achieved. Daniel Lublin and his team were excellent to work with from the initial consultation to the final settlement. Many thanks!

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Alex Perl
December 22, 2014

I found a lawyer that was true to his word, and more. When the only company I ever worked for recently let me go, I consulted with Daniel Lublin at Whitten & Lublin to review my severance. Daniel quickly concluded that my offer was inadequate and we sued after my ex-employer refused to make any real improvement up front.

Many lawyers claim they “go to court” but that really only means that, if they can’t settle quickly, they will sue and later when pressed, they will also settle. Daniel Lublin is different. In my case, Daniel actually went to a hearing at court – and he won! A judge of the Superior Court of Justice awarded me almost double my employer’s initial offer of severance and a good portion of my legal costs. Daniel’s advice along the way was bang on, especially when he counselled me to reject a settlement offer made mid-way through the case because he was confident we would beat it at trial, and we did.

If you need a winner, call Daniel Lublin and his team at Whitten & Lublin.

Alex Perl

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Rae Chandler
December 11, 2014

Daniel Lublin was recommended to me by a former colleague who had used him following termination from the same firm. I found Daniel Lublin to be an intelligent, well-spoken gentleman, very knowledgeable about the state of current employment law, what my options were. His experience with the former employer and how they operate was a definite plus in obtaining the outcome that I was looking for, without having to go to court. Thanks Daniel - I'd recommend you in future to any of my colleagues in need of your counsel.

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E Jacobson
October 30, 2014

As the owner of a small corporation, I have worked with various legal advisors for different needs, Daniel Lublin of Whitten & Lublin being one of them. Daniel is a trusted legal representative for our company and has provided timely representation on various legal matters related to our workforce. When our company launched, Daniel provided us with the right legal documents and as we grew Daniel’s continued advice and expertise was necessary to avoid several potential setbacks, including one particular instance where we needed a real “bulldog”. Daniel was definitely there to protect our interests when we needed him. We value Daniel’s willingness to go to the distance for his clients, even for small businesses, which was a personal touch that was not apparent with other law firms I have worked with. I would recommend Daniel Lublin and his team to any organization looking for a fresh legal perspective.

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H Maki
October 21, 2014

I am pleased to recommend Daniel Lublin and his office to those who are seeking a candid professional advice and a strong commitment. Daniel was a great help in my case. He is a trusted advocate for fairness, persistent in his work and very conscious of his clients’ needs and expectations. Daniel's team proved also to be very client-focused and responsive. I had no hesitations to recommend Daniel’s services to others in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Gary Wing
October 11, 2014

I had the pleasure of dealing with Daniel Lublin and have subsequently recommended him to friends and colleagues alike.

Daniel possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of his area of expertise and combines this with a calm, analytical approach. Daniel is exceptionally strategic in his planning and has a strength of character that leaves you in no doubt that he will extract maximum possible benefit from any given situation.

I continue to recommend Daniel unreservedly.

Christine Samuels
September 25, 2014

If you were a long tenured employee or were previously in a leadership role, I would strongly recommend that you seek the consultation services of an employment lawyer when negotiating your severance package with your former employer. I recently worked with Daniel Lublin from Whitten & Lublin, Employment Lawyers. He was very professional, results-focused and I was very happy with the recovery results.
Daniel, thank you very much for your support!

Sean Robichaud
September 13, 2014

I have sent Daniel Lublin many cases over the years and they all return with the greatest of results. He is one of Toronto's top labour lawyers.

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Friendly TImes Child Care Centre
September 9, 2014

I am an Executive Director of a Non Profit Corporation and I have had the privilege of working with Mr Daniel Lublin for the past 3 years as our employment lawyer. With the many changes to our organization recently, Mr Daniel Lublin has helped us resolve all legal matters during this transition including a successful defence of a human rights matter and a civil lawsuit brought against us in bad faith. Mr Daniel Lublin is humble, honest and kind. I also found that he was truly dedicated and passionate about his work

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Greg Brown
September 7, 2014

I was let go from a large American company and unhappy with the package I received. I met with two lawyers at different employment law firms in Toronto. One was Daniel Lublin a partner at Whitten & Lublin. Daniel identified an opportunity that the first lawyer did not. Something about my employment contract and a recent change in the law meant that my ex-employer was required to pay me much more than they offered, regardless if I found other work. This argument proved successful. Daniel was able to negotiate for a tangible improvement above what I expected to received. His fees were defined by a percentage of that improvement, which was something we agreed to at the outset – so there were no surprises. Daniel was even able to recover some of the legal costs from my ex-employer. If you need a workplace lawyer that gets it, call Whitten & Lublin.

Allan Morris
September 1, 2014

Following a recent lay off from an executive role with one of Canada’s largest corporations, I was in a bind. I needed an employment lawyer with credibility who could “go the distance” with my former employer and not be afraid of the various litigation walls they would inevitably throw up. I was referred to Daniel Lublin by two acquaintances that had successfully engaged him in the recent past and looked at his work in the media and as the workplace legal columnist for the Globe and Mail. Based on this I decided to retain him to pursue the dismissal matter. Throughout the process, Daniel exercised skill at dealing with the complexities of my case and a reassurance that if we stayed the course, we would prevail. Daniel’s strong points included: availability to speak with me (and my wife) without delay or excuses; attention to details, a collaborative approach to making decisions with me (instead of just dictating what he felt was best), a deftness at handling the matter with the other side and in court appearances; and his legal fees were reasonable and not inconsistent with my expectations. Daniel’s biography says he has consistently been named one of Canada’s Top Employment Lawyers. In handling my case, he demonstrated this is a title well-deserved. I would recommend Daniel Lublin to other executives and in situations where an employer needs a credible courtroom presence in order to be taken seriously.

Chas B
August 10, 2014

I was referred to Daniel Lublin for assistance resolving a management issue. During the three years he was retained I found Daniel to be professional, supportive and instrumental in reaching a settlement with a less than engaged employer.

For many individuals employment disputes are new and difficult situations. Daniel is able to explain the options and legal remedies in a straightforward manner so the client can make informed decisions This is invaluable and necessary as every employment dispute takes unexpected twists and turns.

I would certainly recommend contacting Whitten and Lublin for assistance with an work related issue.

Kevin Hickey
July 28, 2014

I was fortunate to be referred to Daniel Lublin from a colleague after a dispute arose with a former employer. From the initial consultation with Mr. Lublin, I knew that I would be represented by a professional and competent lawyer. Daniel clearly explained all the options I had, and what the steps would be in the process. I expressed what I wanted out of the process and he gave me his recommendations. Within 2 weeks, Daniel managed to conclude a settlement that was far above the employer's initial position. I can say I was truly satisfied with the service provided by Daniel and his legal team. I would highly recommend them to any friend or colleague who requires legal assistance to deal with an employment issue.

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Ingrid Fazio
July 19, 2014

I was terminated from my job and not happy with the offer of severance I received. A friend who used Daniel Lublin for her case recommended him. I had a previous experience with another employment lawyer and Daniel was much different. Instead of going for “garden variety” severance damages, Daniel initiated a claim for invasion of privacy and general damages. This brought my former employer to the negotiating table and fast. They must have feared dealing with Daniel since they accepted our offer in order to settle the case! Daniel achieved 100% of what I hoped to obtain and relatively fast. Not least, his legal fees were also consistent with my expectations and what we had agreed to. In the end, I made the right decision to challenge my inadequate offer of severance and to retain Daniel Lublin. If you need a lawyer to fight Goliath, call Daniel.

Alex Perl
June 14, 2014

I found a lawyer that was true to his word, and more. When the only company I ever worked for recently let me go, I consulted with Daniel Lublin at Whitten & Lublin to review my severance. Daniel quickly concluded that my offer was inadequate and we sued after my ex-employer refused to make any real improvement up front.

Many lawyers claim they “go to court” but that really only means that, if they can’t settle quickly, they will sue and later when pressed, they will also settle. Daniel Lublin is different. In my case, Daniel actually went to a hearing at court – and he won! A judge of the Superior Court of Justice awarded me almost double my employer’s initial offer of severance and a good portion of my legal costs. Daniel’s advice along the way was bang on, especially when he counselled me to reject a settlement offer made mid-way through the case because he was confident we would beat it at trial, and we did.

If you need a winner, call Daniel Lublin and his team at Whitten & Lublin.

Alex Perl

Katherine Ristimaki
November 15, 2013

Daniel Lublin is a delight!

When I received my severance package, the only question I had was "is it fair?"

My first conversation with Daniel was very thorough. Before our conversation even ended, I knew instinctively that he would do everything he could for me. He answered all of my questions before I even had the chance to ask them!

Daniel is extremely knowledgeable and efficient, but most of all for me, had a tremendous amount of patience and kindness during a difficult and emotional time.

The result was very successful and exceeded my expectations.

I was extremely satisfied and I would highly recommend Daniel Lublin to anyone in need of employment law advice.

Daniel, I can't thank you enough!

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Guy Parent
October 28, 2013

What you see in your first meeting... is what you get.
I retained Dan but have witnessed both David Whitten and Daniel Lublin in action on separate actions. Both are best described as "legal land sharks" and are more than capable of holding their own against their opponents regardless of their status or however many they bring to the table.
They come prepared and don't waste time getting to the nuts and bolts of where they need to be. They're both equipped with rapier whits, a sense of humour and easy to work with.
Having witnessed my fair share of Counsellors in the past, these guys are right up there with the best of them.

David Irvine
October 20, 2013

Daniel Lublin was recommended to me through an Executive Search firm that I had dealt with in the past. We had a full case together regarding a settlement for my severance. Daniel was thorough, expedient and in complete control of the process required to solve the case. He knew the exact steps necessary to reach our goal and completed the process almost exactly as he had predicted.

I would hire Daniel again if I was ever in this position going forward. I would also highly recommend him to anyone looking to obtain a fair settlement for employment severance.


Dave Irvine

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Happy Customer
October 15, 2013

I was put into contact with Daniel Lublin by an associate who described Daniel as one of the top employment lawyers in Canada and invited me to read some of Daniel's articles from the Globe and Mail to give me an idea of who Daniel was.

I met with Daniel for an initial consultation the very next day (he was extremely flexible in hours and I spoke with him for the first time @ 7:30pm the evening before)
Daniel asked me to describe my situation, listened intently and when he verified that I was finished began to replay my situation back through the notes he kept while I was talking. This was his way of back checking my points to ensure we did not miss anything. Once that was complete he walked me through each point to articulate my options, listened and responded when I asked follow ups and coached me to what I could expect in the near term and long term as a result of the circumstances I was under.
He did not push me one way or the other just matter of fact gave me the options and told me to think it through before deciding what to do.
It was that approach and the very informative way Daniel advised me that gave me the confidence to go through with a lengthy and very nerve racking period over 3 months.
In the end we had a successful conclusion that I can say with 100% confidence would not have happened if not for Daniel and his team. I can think of at least twice over those very stressful months that Daniel had to "talk me off the roof" and reassure me that it would all be ok if I would just stay the course.

The initial comments by my associate that he was one of the best in Canada was certainly well founded. In my case I would not hesitate to say "Best in Canada".

Daniel I cannot express my thanks deep enough, Thank You!

A very Happy Customer

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Iulian Razvan
October 1, 2013

Having had to deal with an employment situation and needing legal counsel, I started doing my research looking for the best employment attorney in Toronto. After doing my research and reading some of Daniel Lublin's articles, I came to the conclusion he was the best person for the job.
Daniel is very knowledgeable and his experience allowed him to immediately grasp the complexity of my case and to lay out a plan of action. I was most impressed with Daniel's letter to my employer as it was very well written, without overusing any of the usual legal jargon yet delivering the powerful impact it needed to convey the message.

Daniel Lublin did a great job in helping me reach a settlement with my company in a fairly quick time-frame. I would recommend Daniel and his firm and would use them again for legal counseling. Thank you Daniel.

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Evan Nicol
July 15, 2013

Daniel Lublin was extremely professional, right from the initial meeting. He clearly explained the options, and which ones were the most reasonable given my particular circumstances - this I appreciated as this was my 1st time in the situation. Daniel and I worked together on our overall strategy, and he ensured we were in total agreement before he engaged with my former employer. His experience with situations of similar nature to my own did give me confidence as to our overall approach. Throughout the process Daniel and his office staff were very communicative - which my wife and I appreciated greatly ! My questions were answered quickly and thoughtfully. Finally, Daniel and his team were very efficient and effective at assertaining the settlement I was looking for. I'm sure that all circumstances are different, but Daniel and his team really knew how to handle mine in terms of expectation setting with me, and negotiating with my former employer. I'm very pleased with the services and would truly recommend Daniel to other people in my circumstance.

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Dean Walter
November 25, 2012

I was referred to work with Daniel Lublin when I believed I was wrongfully dismissed from my work place and was told that he would help me as he really knows his business. Quickly, after a call to Daniel he walked me through the steps I needed to take to better understand my situation. He treated me with kid gloves and asked all the right questions that eventually closed my employment issue to what I believed was fair. I would recommend Daniel and his team for quick results anytime.


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A Google User
October 19, 2012

Just recently Daniel Lublin had represented me on a legal matter with my former employer. I was very impressed with Daniels Knowledge and expertise in labour law, but also impressed on what a down to earth person Daniel is. When I hired Daniel is was very frustrated and very angry at what I was going through with my former employer after 20 years of service. Daniel put me at ease and witihn a couple of months of hiring him on we settled and I moved on to better things and happier. I would not hesitate to recommend Daniel to anyone that is seeking legal advise for any employment matter.

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A Google User
September 21, 2012

Daniel Lublin was my legal counsel and represented my on a non-compete matter with a termination. His advice was realistic, his representation was phenomenal and reflected a high calibre of knowledge and strategic skill. He successfully handled the matter in a short amount of time. This ability and his desire to make me understand all options provided a level of comfort in a personally stressful situation. I greatly appreciate his skill and highly recommend his firm for employment law.

Sandy Churney
June 23, 2012

When I retained Daniel Lublin to represent me for an employment dispute that had been dragging on for a lengthy period of time I could have never imagined then that such a negative situation would be resolved so quickly, efficiently and with such a positive outcome. Right from the onset Daniel was approachable, professional, honest and straightforward with the information he provided. His expertise and knowledge of the law was obvious and undeniable, most importantly I felt I could trust his representation regarding my case, and that was very important to me.I appreciated greatly that Daniel was always accessible and returned my calls, questions or emails promptly. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone requiring the services of an employment lawyer to contact Daniel Lublin first. Thank you again, Daniel, Kindest Regards, Sandy

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A Google User
June 13, 2012

Daniel Lublin was my legal counsel over my termination with my former employer. Not only did Daniel do an excellent job of helping me to understand my legal rights and managing my expectations, he also earned my trust. Each step of the process, Daniel was readily available to explain to me what was currently happening and made clear suggestions of what our next course of action should be. This helped me to feel that I still had some control over my termination, something that is extremely valuable when you are dealing with a former employer. In the end, I feel that my former employer and I were able to come to a fair conclusion on how my termination should be handled without having to go to court over it – something that I thank Daniel for.
I would recommend Daniel, without hesitation, to any friend or family member having issues or concerns with a current or former employer.

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A Google User
May 11, 2012

This was my first ever lay off experience and I was naturally anxious about seeking legal counsel and understanding the process. Daniel Lublin actually came highly recommended from one of the large, global law firms. I wanted a practical, realistic, and solutions oriented approach in resolving my case. Ideally, without going to litigation.

Daniel was on top of all the back and forth negotiations and I’m pleased with the final outcome. Additionally, I was impressed with Daniel's ability to quickly articulate the key issues and make a solid recommendation at each point in the process.

Daniel was always responsive. Frankly, he gave me peace of mind and the feeling that I was looked after and above all, he cared.

I highly recommend Daniel Lublin and his firm for all matters related to employment law. Thank you Daniel! You are a great professional.

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A Google User
September 30, 2011

I had to consult Daniel Lublin on three separate occasions in my career. Each time he was very professional and gave me excellent advice. These were all times where I was extremely stressed with workplace conflicts, and after each visit with Daniel, he put me at ease and each time I felt very confident in his ability to fight for me. Most recently when I was terminated, he came through with flying colours, the outcome being exceptionally good.
Thank you again Daniel.

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A Google User
August 25, 2011

I hired Daniel Lublin to handle my wrongful dismissal case. I was endanger of losing everything. He walked us through the things that had to be done and gave us great advice. We couldn't have had a better outcome and needless to say we are extremely pleased. Dan Lublin is indeed a very effective lawyer and we would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Dan.

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A Google User
August 17, 2011

Few months ago I walked into Mr. Daniel Lublin's office with doubt, despair and agitation of mind due to my termination from my job yet only few months later I walked out of Daniel's office with confidence, self respect and a smile on my face. None would have been possible without Daniel's best intention for his client, hard work and brilliancy. Daniel has an unique ability to remove emotionalism and despondency out of his client's mind and steer the client towards moving forward in order to achieve the best possible settlement. His practical, speedy and focused approach regarding his client's need is extremely effective to reach a faster and greater settlement. Daniel is a consummate professional, transparent and makes legal matters very intelligible for ordinary man like me to understand. I have been truly blessed and fortunate to have met Daniel to handle my case. The outcome was certainly beyond all expectations.
So without any hesitation I would highly recommend Daniel to all who may have to deal with some legal matter. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Daniel Lublin and best of success to Whitten and Lublin law firm going forward.
Dave Guha

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A Google User
May 11, 2011

I was wrongfully dismissed and Daniel Lublin reviewed my case and finally concluded it was a constructive dismissal. Daniel and his team guided me through the process of settling my case, and I was able to get a contingency package to my satisfaction. I would recommend Daniel's services to anyone looking for a capable and proven Toronto employment lawyer.

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A Google User
February 21, 2011

Daniel Lublin was a life vest in a storm.

I visited Daniel for a consultation after being put on an action plan by my employer without previous notice. Right off that the bat during my consultation, Daniel assured me that I had several options- when I wasn't sure I had any. It was a relief to speak with him.

Daniel worked with me, kept me informed on all aspects and developments of my case and was always available. That was true for his staff as well. The outcome was better than I ever dreamed or imagined. Daniel got me an amazing severance package. I am very grateful and would recommend him to ANYONE looking for an Employment Lawyer.



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