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Sharon Kerrigan
March 25, 2022

I would highly recommend Simone and her staff at Whitten & Lublin. I would like to tell you I appreciated all of your help with my termination case. Thank you for your understanding and patience during my case.

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Joe Schwartz
March 5, 2022

I would like to say thank you so much again to Simone Ostrowski for her valued advice and guidance to obtain a fair severance package from my previous employer of 32 years. Her expertise and knowledge was very helpful for my case and it was an absolute delight to work with her. Simone's professionalism is excellent as she is courteous, but she also shows compassion and patience. She takes the time to listen and answered every question no matter how irrelevant my queries may have been. Therefore I would recommend Simone Ostrowski very highly for any employment legal matter you may have.

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Tom Hudson
February 27, 2022

I was given the name of Simone Ostrowski of Whitten & Lublin as a referral. Simone Ostrowski was very professional, with a quick response time on any issues or questions that I had. She took the time to explain how things play out in the courts and explained my options to me with solid advice. I am very grateful for reaching out to her. I am very pleased with my settlement and appreciate all the hard work that was put into my case by Simone and her team at Whitten & Lublin. I highly recommend her and this firm, No need to be nervous, they will make you feel at ease and guide through your situation.

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Britt K
March 9, 2021

I recently worked with Simone Ostrowski through an employment issue and she was fantastic! She answered all my questions, and made sure I was clear on what was expected and what would be taking place. She made what was a difficult process a lot easier and I really felt like I had someone on my side making sure I was taken care of. I would highly recommend Simone and Witten & Lublin Employment Lawyers.

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Mick Jones
February 25, 2021

I was having issues with my employer and needed help. Ms Ostrowski was assigned to my case and helped me out in the Summer of 2020. Thanks Simone!

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Lezah Love
December 20, 2020

Simone is an amazing lawyer who helped me during a difficult time. Simone was honest, professional, knowledgeable and provided me with all of my options regarding law and my case. Simone was also very swift when responding to my emails or calls - which i truly appreciated. In the end, I was able to get more than I was initially provided. I would definitely and honestly recommend this law firm!! Thank you guys so much! Hazel

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Laurie Brand
November 7, 2020

Simone was extremely helpful. She listened to me and then explained the process. Throughout the entire process, Simone kept me informed and was able to achieve a favorable outcome for me. I would definitely refer friends and family to Simone. She was professional and responsive and very knowledgeable.

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September 18, 2020

I worked with Daniel and Simone recently and highly recommend using them for employment law matters. They drafted excellent detailed written materials, prepared creative legal arguments, and gathered helpful case law to support my position. On a personal level Daniel and Simone worked very well as a team with me, and were both caring and strategic. They represented my interests well, and took the time to understand the details of my matter. I recommend using Daniel and Simone for any complex legal issue.

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Angela C
September 7, 2020

We recently consulted with Simone Ostrowski on an employment matter. We really appreciated Simone's thoroughness and attention to detail. Simone was also very patient with explaining things in a way that was easy to understand. She is definitely the lawyer to have in your corner with any employment issues!

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Bjorn Surmann
August 21, 2020

Simone is responsive to my on demand needs and provides solid advice, that always addresses what I asked for. She usually provides a number of good options, that can help make a tough decision much easier. Thank you!

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Patti St. Pierre
February 10, 2020

I would like to write this letter of review on Daniel Lublin and his team. I never ever expected to see myself in a situation where I needed to secure an employment lawyer. A previous colleague indicated that Daniel Lublin was the one and only lawyer to speak to. From my first meeting with Daniel it was very obvious he was the one who would represent me. Never once from my first meeting did I feel scared, overwhelmed or ever in doubt. Daniel believed in me and my case. His phone calls, emails and in person conversations were genuine and heart felt. Daniel and his law clerk Nida truly gave me the straight goods at all times. As we went through mediation, examination and then to pre-trial, Daniel walked me through what to expect, there were never any surprises. On the day of pre-trial I met his associate Simone, what a professional and immediately I felt a bond. Daniel and Simone were outstanding the day of pre-trial. Now that its over, I feel at peace and I have my life back. Thank you Daniel, Simone and Nida, your knowledge and professionalism is something that I will continue to be extremely thankful for. I would highly recommend Daniel Lublin and his team, should you find yourself in a situation where you need the advise on any type of employment law situation.

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K. Getler
January 28, 2020

I had the pleasure of working with Simone Ostrowski and was very satisfied with the outcome of my matter. She was responsive , knowledgeable and managed the intricacies of my case with ease and professionalism. It was very reassuring to know that I had such strong capable representation and it helped to make a potentially stressful situation much more manageable. I would not hesitate to highly recommend the services of Ms. Ostrowski.

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Eran ben-ari
January 16, 2020

Recently I was in need of legal help with my previous employment. I couldn't have asked for someone better than Simone Ostrowski. She provided me with extremely helpful and relevant information on the options I have. She was quick to respond and very helpful in all aspects in my case. I Highly recommend Simone and this firm

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Denah Smith
January 13, 2020

It was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with Simone! Started with a very pleasant online experience with Sharon who answered my questions through a virtual chat. From there I had very efficient email coordination from Valentina. I needed review of a contract in a very short period of time and both the admin staff and Simone made it happen in a very collaborative and pleasant manner! Simone was able to answer all my questions in a very articulate and case appropriate way. She even agreed to do the changes to the contract to save me time . I would definitely refer anyone to this office based on this, my first experience. Thank you!!

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Travis Turner
January 10, 2020

I had heard enough radio ads for employment lawyers to know that I shouldn't sign what was given to me when I was laid off from my job at a large company. I also assumed that any firm that offered free consultation was probably gonna take anybody's business. My fellow colleagues (who also lost their jobs) had signed right away. So, even though I couldn't really afford to spend it during this bad time, I decided to pay for a consultation with Whitten & Lublin. I went for the top tier price consultation and was pleasantly surprised to actually get Daniel Whitten for my consultation. He was easy going, but also to the point and straight up on what he felt I was entitled to and what expectations I had that were not valid. We even cracked a few jokes. He came up with a game plan and handed me to off to another lawyer in the firm and gave me a great rate. This was the best decision I made. Thanks to Daniel and Simone I was able to get compensation that I was satisfied with and much more than I if I had not obtained their services. I should also add that I'm pretty sure when it comes to clientele I was probably on the lower end of job title/status, but I felt like I got treated like a CEO and no different than any other client would have been. 10/10 Would recommend and use again....hopefully I don't need to :\

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Jess Lo
January 2, 2020

Whitten and Lublin was recommended to me by a friend and I met with Simone Ostrowski. She was understanding, timely and professional. It put me at ease to know that Simone was managing what was a very stressful situation. It is absolutely worth every dollar to know your rights, have representation and be fairly compensated when terminated from an employer. I would highly recommend anyone individual seeking legal expertise to enlist the services from Whitten and Lublin.

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Lucy Celebre
December 2, 2019

It is with great pleasure and outmost gratitude to provide a referral for Daniel Lublin, of Whitten & Lublin, Employment Lawyers. Daniel Lublin was instrumental in obtaining a positive resolution with my situation/case. Daniel was very committed and passionate with regards to my case and ultimately, I received and was awarded a much higher than expected settlement. Daniel would continuously reassure me to stay focussed and on track as his aim was to obtain a positive resolution, which would not only would vindicate me, but more importantly obtain a very modest payout to compensate for my wrongful dismissal. I had initially met with two other law firms when deciding on who would represent me, and I am so grateful and beyond words that I selected Daniel Lublin. Daniel from inception was very reassuring, driven, and knowledgeable and I was very confident that my voice would be heard being represented by Daniel Lublin. I was continuously impressed and very proud to have Daniel by my side throughout every legal interaction, whether it was during the questioning period, the mediation or pre-trial dates, I was confident all would be positive. Daniel was Brilliant! Daniel was well prepared knew my case better than me, and strategically positioned questioning and facts to conclusively place me on top. I would strongly recommend Daniel Lublin and his excellent team of lawyers to represent anyone who may have employment issues and concerns. I was so impressed with his assisting lawyer, Simone Ostrowski, who was also very knowledgeable, and worked very well together with Daniel. I am very grateful for Simone too as she is a true professional, and definitely contributed to my final success. Daniel surrounds himself with top lawyers, like himself who strive to WIN for those who have been dealt with a wrong sentence/judgement. It is with great appreciation and thankfulness to Daniel Lublin, Simone Ostrowski, and the entire team at Whitten & Lublin, for my overall positive outcome. I would strongly recommend anyone and everyone to Daniel Lublin if you want justice to be served!

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Moira M.
November 23, 2019

Whitten and Lublin was recommended to me by a professional acquaintance. My first meeting with Daniel Lublin and Simone Ostrowski was not as expected for a large Toronto legal firm; the meeting was relaxed, very informative, and I never felt rushed or pressured with respect to time or decisions. I worked with Simone on the specifics of the case, in consultation with Daniel. After working with Simone, I am very happy that she was assigned to my file. Simone was always very prompt, professional, but easy to talk to in her approach, calmly discussing the case specifics in plain understandable language as we went along. She made a very stressful situation manageable. Furthermore, Simone’s work is excellent; I feel that she took the time to understand my particular situation and was able to convey this in her work. I am very happy with the package Daniel and Simone negotiated on my behalf, far better than the package initially offered to me by my ex-employer. The final legal fees came within the initial estimate. Without hesitation I would recommend Whitten and Lublin.

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July 19, 2019

Finding myself in an employment situation that nobody wants to be in, I was referred to three employment lawyers for opinions on my serverance package. After phone conversations with all three of them, I chose to work with Whitten and Lublin due to the transparency and professionalism from the get go. Within the firm, I decided to meet with Daniel Lublin due to his extensive and in depth grasp of the law which was apparent from his online articles. I was particularly impressed with his openness in the public sphere to share the inner workings of the employment law and the participants thereof (especially the law firms) I had an amazing experience both prior and during the meeting with Daniel. Even though, I must have been just one of the cases, he was very well prepared and very candid about my individual options, the timelines and chances of success in each case. The best part for me was that there was no pressure whatsoever to go for one option versus the other. It was a very fact based conversation both in terms of strategy and tactical execution. Subsequently, I worked closely with Simone on tactical implementation with strategic guidance from Daniel. I am pleased to say that it was great working with Simone. She was very knowledgeable both about the law and facts about my particular situation. She again was highly professional but always approachable at a very short notice. Her style of working is more of a partnership rather than of the almighty lawyer with a measly client. I never felt like things were pre-decided for me. It was always presentation of the facts followed by her expert opinion but the decision at each stage was ultimately mine. She also has excellent negotiation skills and knew exactly when to give time to the other party and when to tighten the screws. Her approach was always cordial and never combative towards all participants. In the end, the result was quite favorable to me in the form of improved severance package and it seemed that my previous employer also felt that the settlement reached was fair to all. Needless to say, that my experience with both Daniel and Simone was excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of expert but transparent and collaborative employment lawyers.

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Ted Zatylny
May 30, 2019

After some medical issues last year resulted in a disability claim, I reached a situation where my company had proposed a course of action that was not going to be ideal for me. I was unsure how to proceed. Simone was able to listen to the details of my case, then respond with clarity and confidence to my questions. Answers are great but correct knowledge is power. Simone's advice gave me the power to speak with my company from a position of knowledge, and to know there are yet further steps available to me as this progresses along. If you're considering speaking with a lawyer about employment related questions, I would feel pretty comfortable recommending Simone.

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May 25, 2019

Daniel Chodos and Simone Ostrowski were fantastic to deal with from start to finish with my employee-related Human Rights/ civil issue. Both were very good with communication and knew the relevant laws inside and out. Daniel is a straight shooter and Simone is a firecracker who doesn't back down! We were able to reach a great outcome. I would highly recommend them! Thanks Whitten & Lublin

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Carmen Dumitrescu
April 1, 2019

I have never hired an attorney but when I got in a dispute with my former employer, I felt that I need someone to represent me. With my first “short term” lawyer I was very unhappy and I knew is time for a change. I was lost and didn’t know what to do. Whitten & Lublin team took the time to take my call. At the beginning, I had the pleasure to talk with Tommy Hong and short after that with Simone Ostrowski. I felt support immediately, both been very kind, respectful, sympathetic and professional. Simone and Tommy took all the weight off from my shoulders and handled everything. They are always available for me and replay to my email immediately. It was a very stressful period for me and for my family, but now, I know, I am in good hands. I cannot thank them or recommend them enough for their professionalism, care and patients during this all situation.I highly recommend their service!

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April 1, 2019

Whitten & Lublin Law Firm came as a recommendation from a former client when we were seeking legal representation as a group claim client against our former employer. Working with Daniel Lublin and Simone Ostrowski, and their behind the scenes team, certainly did not disappoint. I believe because of the sharp negotiating skills of Daniel our case came to a resolution in a much shorter time frame than originally anticipated, with positive results, and a satisfied group. Just as Daniel Lublin came highly recommended to us in time of need, I can honestly say I have no problem in recommending him for your time of need.

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Anon Reviewer
March 31, 2019

I truly appreciate the representation that was provided by Daniel Lublin and Simone Ostrowski. The strategy and execution they developed ensured an effective resolution/win. They came highly recommended, and I too confidently recommend them for anyone facing employment concerns and for consultations regarding the legality of employer actions. Thank you again for the great work.

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March 7, 2019

I recently retained Simone Ostrowski & Julian R. E. Whitten to represent my interests relating to a severance. They acted in a professional manner and strategically addressed my issues and concerns with my former employer and negotiated a fair and equitable package. Both Simone & Julian worked hard on my behalf and I would highly recommend them.

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Christopher White
November 2, 2018

I had a very positive experience with Simone Ostrowski. She set realistic expectations for me really clearly - which is incredibly important in legal matters, and she coached me through a process that was as confusing and frustrating as you can imagine for a layman like myself.

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Al Kerr
November 2, 2018

They took the time to take my call. They were always available to take an email or phone. Very polite and helpful. Also got the results we were looking for. Julian and Simone are the two who looked after my case and I highly recommend them. You won't be disappointed. Thanks again for your help and hard work.

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David McNeil
October 2, 2018

It's not hard to see why the Whitten & Lublin team are the best in the business. I recently needed help and was recommended to this firm. I had the pleasure of dealing with Simone Ostrowski, nothing short of amazing!! From the beginning she was professional, caring, informative, answered all my questions as we progressed forward and she exceeded all of my expectations. She was able to work out a settlement that was way beyond what I was expecting!! Very happy!! I highly recommend using this firm, don't waste your time with anyone else, contact Simone, you won't be disappointed. Thanks again for everything. David M.

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Bing Lee
July 3, 2018

I'm highly recommend this employment lawyer because they did excellent job for me. I had excellent communication with lawyer Simone Ostrowski, she is very nice people, I'm appreciated.

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Sandy K.
May 1, 2018

I highly recommend hiring Daniel Lublin and Simone Ostrowski if you are let go without a fair severance. While I cannot comment on the specifics of my case, I can state that Daniel and Simone were creative, confident and fought aggressively on my behalf. We were up against one of Canada’s largest employers and their team of lawyers. But Daniel and Simone were not deterred. They found a subtle but important argument that my former employer did not expect and this creativity ultimately pushed our case over the top. In the end, I was very pleased with the result of my case. If your employer let's you go and you need lawyers who are not afraid to take on a giant, call Daniel Lublin and Simone Ostrowski.

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April 3, 2018

I had my initial consultant with Daniel Lublin and later on work with Simone Ostrowski. Both of them are very nice and honest with the approach they suggested. While working with Simone, she always answer my questions in a timely manner and communicate with me with any updates of my case. She is not afraid to say "No" to big company and always think what is the best for me. I am very satisfied with her work and will definitely recommend her to anyone with employment issues!

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February 1, 2018

I've worked with Daniel Lublin twice for the past 8 years and he has impressed me with not only his extensive knowledge of the law but also his compassion, understanding, and dedication. Daniel will fight for you and give you the best guidance on your situation. He is hard-working and very responsive. He is really the best of the best. His team is equally impressive. I have also worked with Simone recently and was very pleased with the outcome. She is knowledgeable, strategic and fierce when she needs to be. Overall, my experience with Daniel and his team has been amazing and I will continue to recommend them as the best employment lawyers out there.

Keegan Munro
November 1, 2017

Ellen and Simone helped me through what I'm sure no one ever wants to go through and is always a diffult time in someone's life and career. They were empathetic and professional at all times, responding to all of my concerns in a very timely manner. At the end of the day, they laid out all of my options, advised me accordingly but guided me through a process exactly how I wanted. I'd absolutely recommend them for all employment issues and concerns.

Bogdan Vieriu
October 30, 2017

I strongly recommend Dan and Simone if you are fired and not sure what to do next. I was fired for cause with no money. It was a very difficult time for me. I came to Dan and his team because they were highly recommended and I had no idea where to begin. Dan and Simone were aggressive, knowledgeable and thorough. They were like a lifeboat in a storm. They always took the time to explain things to me so I understood how the law suit was going. I felt I was in caring and professional hands from the start. Dan and Simone would not back down at any point. I ended up very happy and with my name clear. Their fees were reasonable, considering all the work that went into my case and the outcome we got. Just because you are fired for cause does not mean you get nothing. Dan and his team will work hard to clear your name and make sure you are happy with the outcome

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Michael Bot
September 8, 2017

Simone Ostrowski was fantastic throughout the entire process. Very professional, efficient and thorough. Would highly recommend to anyone in search of legal representation for an employment issue.

Steve Rusk
June 19, 2017

After being given an early retirement package, I was advised to retain Whitten and Lublin. Simone Ostrowski was assigned to my case. Without hesitation, she new we could get more. Her knowledge and professionalism prevailed. Within a few weeks we had a settlement that far exceeded my expectations. Thank you to Simone and her team. I would highly recommend Simone to anyone in the future.


MaryLou Dewan
May 23, 2017

When I was wrongfully dismissed with no severance at all, Daniel Lublin took my case to court and got the judge to say that my employer was wrong. Any other lawyer would have settled my case long before we went to trial just to make money and move on. But Daniel refused to settle for less and we went all the way to trial. In court, Daniel presented all of our evidence to the judge, who was quickly convinced that my employer got my termination wrong. Getting fired based on false allegations was devastating, but because of Daniel my employer withdrew its allegations about me. Even though I was nervous about going through with a trial, Daniel and Simone ensured that I was comfortable and understood every step along the way. In the end, we were right to go to court because I received more than what I wanted. I highly recommend Daniel and his team at Whitten & Lublin if you want a lawyer who will go the distance, clear your name, and won’t try to convince you to settle for less. Daniel’s fees are not insignificant but he is the best if you want to win.

Simon Rivard
April 25, 2017

I strongly recommend Daniel Lublin and Simone Ostrowski at Whitten & Lublin if you are looking for knowledgeable and efficient employment lawyers. I've work with them twice so far and certainly consult them again in the future if I have to negotiate a new employment contract.

Russ N
April 19, 2017

I was recently terminated after 8 years of service and contacted Whitten and Lublin to assist me with negotiating my severance package. Daniel's firm answered all my questions and made me feel at ease during the entire negotiation process. Their professionalism and knowledge in negotiating these types of agreements cannot be understated. The firm was able to negotiate a much better settlement than I was originally offered by my employer. They were concise and clear about the different options available to me during the entire process and were also up front about my legal fees. A special thanks to Simone Ostrowski for answering all my phone calls and returning my e-mails promptly during the negotiation process. Being terminated can be stressful and Simone's attitude, knowledge, advice and support was tremendous throughout the entire process. I won't hesitate to recommend Whitten and Lublin to anyone needing a great labour lawyer. I also look forward to using their expertise again in the near future when negotiating my new employment contract.

Dave Garagan
March 21, 2017

Simone guided us through a very difficult time for our company with great professionalism and worthy advice. Thank you so much for making us feel like we mattered when others didn't.

Glenn Forrester
February 23, 2017

I was terminated and offered a small severance. I contacted Daniel Lublin and he made me feel comfortable with the legal process. My lawyer was Ozlem Yucel, she was excellent in and out of court. She always kept me informed of the process and was instrumental in my substantial winning judgement.. Special thanks to Simone Ostrowski for all her help. I would highly recommend Whitten & Lublin to my friends and colleagues.

February 6, 2017

Dear Simone Ostrowski - Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you and Whitten & Lublin for taking on my wrongful dismissal case.

Having recently lost my job, I felt lost and overwhelmed but upon retaining you I was given hope and direction. You are a fantastic lawyer and I was thoroughly impressed by your determination in rapidly securing a severance package that was 40% higher than what my employer had initially offered.

In addition, I valued your expertise, honesty, compassion and prompt communication on every aspect of the case from start to finish. It was truly a pleasure working with you. Thank you for everything!

I would highly recommend Simone and Whitten & Lublin to anyone seeking excellent counsel on employment matters.



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