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Steve Danelon
February 15, 2022

I would like to thank Stephen Wolpert for his assistance in negotiating my severance package. Stephen provided great advice and support as I worked with my employer to execute an exit package. Stephen was great at providing prospective from both an employer and employee side to ensure that I received a fair package without incurring large legal fees. Stephen takes the time to listen to the issues and familiarize himself with the case before providing sound advise. He returned calls and emails promptly and made the process less stressful. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen and the firm for your employment needs.

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Clement Fandango
June 30, 2021

A few months ago, nearly eight months into the COVID-19 pandemic, my employer fired me after over a decade of dedicated service. While I was grappling with the how and why of it all, I needed someone to help me understand what was going on, particularly as it related to my wrongful dismissal during this COVID crisis. I needed someone who would deal with the law in my situation while I dealt with the emotion of job loss. I was glad that I found Stephen Wolpert of Whitten & Lublin, and now that I have settled my case, I can say definitively that I was lucky to have been represented by him. Stephen was referred to me after having represented a good friend of mine in a wrongful termination suit. In my friend’s case, things had ended in his favour and so I spoke with Stephen. After hearing my story, I expected to hear that I was in the right and that I would be vindicated, but Stephen’s feedback was measured and thoughtful, ensuring that I had an awareness of how the law works and the possible outcomes of my situation. In the end, I got the result I wanted and this was as a direct result of Stephen’s experience, knowledge and excellent advice and guidance, as well as his understanding and compassion. Looking back, I consider myself lucky to have been represented by counsel that has an ability to convey the possible outcomes of a case and was able to temper my expectations for settlement for an outcome that was realistic and reasonable. Now on the other side, I can confidently say that I would have no hesitation recommending Stephen to anyone who needs a labour lawyer. When you are dealing with the turmoil and emotion, Stephen will be dealing with the facts of your legal issue. Thank you, Stephen.

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June 22, 2021

I was very impressed with Stephen Wolpert's keen attention to detail, excellent communication skills and responsiveness in scheduling an appointment so quickly. I appreciated how he explained the law in general, and was honest on options, and the possible risks. Stephen's service was exemplary. I can highly recommend it.

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Darren Hirschfeld
March 22, 2021

The beginning of my case I received excellent suggestions by Stephen Wolpert. One of which was using the Freedom of Information. I am grateful for that. Athanasios Makrinos then took over my case. Athanasios was very good at organizing and representing. What I also appreciate was that he knew that I had a particular issue and was always aware and considerate about this. Thanks Athanasios, if you read this. The support staff always answered questions and never had to wait too long for a response. I highly recommend Whitten & Lublin

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Don Ling
February 12, 2021

I recently used Stephen Wolpert in a settlement with an employer. Stephen was very helpful in developing a business case to present back to the employer and continued to push it through to closure. Very pleased with the firm and am thankful for the team at Whitten and Lubin.

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Bob Gallagher
November 27, 2020

Stephen Wolpert shared creative and thoughtful strategies for a very complex situation. I am grateful for his experience and expertise.

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Timithy Parks
November 24, 2020

I have been dealing with Whitten & Lublin since 2017 on an employment issue. Stephen Wolpert has managed to steer me through the process with professionalism and i recieved the desired outcome i expected. The lawyers that work at Whitten & Lublin are an amazing group that care out thrir client's and their well-being Many thanks Stephen .

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Shalini Rajeshwaran
November 8, 2020

Whether an inquiry, setting up an appointment, consultation, or utilizing their services, my experiences with the Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers firm have been nothing but positive and reassuring. The support and services provided on multiple occasions have been amazing. Each representative I have encountered with in this firm has provided excellent service without question. I would highly recommend their firm to anyone. In fact, I have recommended their firm to friends and family who have also in turn used their services. Valentina is very friendly and extremely helpful as an Intake Manager. She was very thorough with all my inquiries and very quick with setting up appointments and payments. She made the process very easy from beginning to end. I had the pleasure of working with Stephen Wolpert as my legal counsel for both a separation package and an offer letter. He has been continuously super helpful, honest, trustworthy, and straight forward. He's gone above and beyond providing legal advice and support numerous times, giving realistic options to meet my needs. I genuinely appreciate his candor. I am happy he was recommended to me and will continue to recommend him to any others who are in search of an honest employment lawyer.

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Afzan Lalani
September 30, 2020

I recently had the pleasure of working with Stephen Wolpert to review a job offer. It has been more than 6 years since I accepted my last job offer and I wanted to ensure I had all my bases covered. Stephen was prepared for our meeting, he was knowledgeable and was very personable. Our meeting was very informative and while I was focused on certain clauses Stephen was able to direct me to the clause that carried the most risk. Given the short acceptance turnaround time not only was I was able to review the contract with Stephen but I was more than prepared to challenge certain clauses with confidence. In the end, the new employer to made the changes I asked for and feel much more comfortable with my contract as I transition to a new company with less risk. Well worth the investment / time with Stephen.

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Mark M
August 12, 2020

I reached out to Whitten & Lublin to help me understand my rights and any compensation that I could legally claim as severance from my recent employer. I was given the opportunity to have a consultation with Stephen Wolpert. I truly appreciated his professionalism, how he framed the situation to level set my expectations, and his advice as to how to move forward. With his support, I was able to go back to the employer and successfully negotiate a better compensation package. I would not have known how to frame my response to ensure success with the advice of Mr. Wolpert. I would definitely recommend Whitten & Lublin - and specifically Mr. Wolpert. I will be reaching out to the firm when I am ready to sign the contract for my next career opportunity.

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Brad Thomas
January 28, 2020

Finding myself in the unfortunate and unfamiliar position of requiring legal advice was overwhelming. I came across Whitten & Lublin and was promptly introduced to Stephen Wolpert. At a highly emotive, complex and challenging time for my family and I, he guided me through the whole chapter with compassion, honesty and determination. Throughout, he took the time to accurately understand and communicated clearly and effectively to drive progress. This gave me the confidence to focus on the future as best I could, with the knowledge that I was partnered with someone who will fight for the best outcome. If you’re reading this then it’s likely that you are in need of assistance, I absolutely would recommend Steve to support you in your chapter, I am extremely thankful for all he has done for us.

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Doris C.
January 12, 2020

Recently I contacted Athan Makrinos and Stephen Wolpert of Whitten & Lublin, in regards to an Employment Matter whom provided a favourable resolution today Jan 10 2020. They are very professional, highly knowledgeable, they addressed and replied to my concerns in a timely manner, as well as provided me with valuable advice and options. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal advice and representation in labour employment law, Thank you Athan and Stephen.

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Michael Kingston
November 26, 2019

Stephen Wolpert is a fantastic employment lawyer who really knows his stuff! He was able to take a look at my case, explain things in an easy to understand way, and then give sound, smart, and useful advice! Definitely consider him and Whitten & Lublin for your employment law needs!

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Sue Flaman
December 31, 2018

Stephen Wolpert with Whitten Lublin provided excellent support when I needed it. He was very professional, timely in responding and was super helpful. When requested, he offered needed guidance - highlighting the risks of different approaches to my situation and suggesting a path forward. I would most definitely recommend Stephen!

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Mike Drach
December 3, 2018

Stephen Wolpert from Whitten & Lublin represented me on two occasions and proved immensely helpful. Stephen is knowledgeable, professional and affable, answering all my questions and responding in a reliably timely manner. His approach is strategic yet diplomatic, and I was happy with the results each time. All told, I felt very confident having Stephen and his team in my corner, which was crucial for me. Highly recommended.

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Ed Morris
October 2, 2018

Stephen Wolpert at Whitten & Lublin handled my case. I cannot recommend him and his firm enough. Excellent judgement. Good communication. Patient with those of us who are new to such scenarios. I relied heavily on Stephen's expertise, I glad I did. His decision making was exemplary. He is pleasant to deal with, efficient and an excellent negotiator.

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September 4, 2018

I recently had the pleasure of working with Stephen Wolpert and his team at Whitten & Lublin on a claim against a former employer and he was fantastic to work with. He was very honest and upfront about how the whole process would go and what the pitfalls would be. I often relied on his experience to guide me with my decisions and how to proceed. The final outcome was positive and to my satisfaction. Stephen is a fierce negotiator and this was evident in the face to face mediation meeting. I would highly recommend Stephen to any of my friends, family and colleagues, if they required the need of an employment lawyer. You won't be disappointed with his level of expertise and how hard he'll work for you. I will definitely use Stephen and Whitten & Lublin again if the need arises.

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September 4, 2018

I recently engaged Stephen Wolpert and his team at Whitten & Lublin to assist me with negotiations with my employer. He took the time to outline the process and the possible outcome scenarios (both good and bad) that may occur. I felt secure with his experience guiding me to make the right decisions at each stage of the process. The end result was in line with what I had hoped would be the outcome, and I know that wouldn’t have transpired without his expertise. I am forever grateful to the friend who recommended this firm to me. If you find yourself in need an employment lawyer I suggest you call Whitten & Lublin and ask for Stephen.

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John Christianson
September 4, 2018

My experience at Whitten & Lublin was excellent from start to finish over a period of many months. My lawyer, Stephen Wolpert, helped to bring clarity very quickly to a complex situation. His advice was always well thought out and he sought to understand my situation as well as possible before presenting options on how to proceed. His years of experience also came in handy many times in terms of reading signals from my employer and where and when to push for more. I was regularly kept up to date as the file progressed and consistently felt like my interests were top of mind for Stephen. I also felt like our work progressed with a good sense of urgency and that Stephen was available to talk to when I needed to speak with him. Overall, I would highly recommend both this firm and Stephen Wolpert specifically as counsel in an employment law case.

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Mark Rodrigues
June 1, 2018

I found Stephen Wolpert to be extremely professional. While a lot of lawyers that you see on TV do not act or seem very professional, I found Stephen Wolpert to be very professional. Not only did he tell me what would be involved in my case, but also the pros and cons and the likelihood of the outcomes. You would think that a lawyer would be encouraging his clients to sue (as that is how they earn their fees), however, Stephen councils his clients as to the pros and cons, the likely costs of each option, the time frame and likely outcomes. I found Stephen's advice very valuable and his approach well balanced. I would highly recommend Stephen Wolpert to anyone who has an employment issue.

John Chenery
January 3, 2018

At a difficult and stressful time, Stephen Wolpert provided calm and expert counsel that was instrumental in bringing my case to a successful conclusion. He has excellent instincts about when to push and when to push harder, never looked for an argument but never shied away from one, and was always ready to address my many questions and concerns. Highly recommended.

Cathy Railey
November 1, 2017

If you are looking for an amazing employment law firm this is it. My lawyer Stephen Wolpert assisted me in obtaining all requests made for my severance package. I have been with my company for 36 years. As you can see I gave this firm a five star rating.

Monika Davis
August 3, 2017

Thank you Stephen Wolpert for your professional guidance through this past year. You were extremely detailed in explaining next steps and what to expect through out the process. Certainly helped lessen the anxiety on my end. Happy to put this situation behind me - and grateful for Stephen's professional expertise. Hopeful that his services will not be required in the future - but eager to share my experiences and recommend his services to anyone in need of legal representation surrounding employment law.

Patrick M
July 10, 2017

Stephen Wolpert came recommended to me from a friend and the experience was better than I could have expected. I contacted him to get a second opinion on the terms of my termination and his advice was invaluable. As we progressed through the process of communicating to my previous employer what I thought was fair, Stephen provided feedback and insight that only comes with professional experience. Stephen was extremely knowledgeable about my situation and everything he said about the process was accurate. He prepared me fully at each step and was not wrong about tactics and messages that we would encounter along the way. In the end Stephen negotiated a settlement through mediation and am very happy with the outcome of my case. Should I need an employment lawyer in the future I will not hesitate to contact Stephen.

K. Shaw
February 6, 2017

"It was certainly a very positive experience working with Whitten & Lublin.  I felt very at ease with Stephen Wolpert's and Daniel Lublin's experience and abilities related to wrongful dismissal and age discrimination.


Both Stephen and Daniel were very easy to talk to and always made me feel that my case was of utmost importance to them.  They returned emails and telephone voice mails in a very prompt fashion.  My case was handled in a very efficient and expeditious manner.

Toby Steele
June 6, 2016

I approached Whitten & Lublin for assistance with regard to review of a termination agreement. I chose the firm after reviewing the information on their website, as well as a number of articles and reviews. The fact that the firm is focused on employment law, their approach and track record all indicated that they were a solid choice.

My experience with the Stephen Wolpert more than exceeded my expectations. Stephen provided information and practical advice that allowed me to make key decisions and resolve identified issues in a timely manner. I highly recommend Stephen and Whitten & Lublin. This is a firm that really gets it right - and that makes a huge difference.



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