Court strikes blow to Toronto city workers strike

A new development with the Toronto city worker’s strike has reiterated some rules when it comes to picketing strikers.

Recently, picketers were interfering with third parties, such as Wasteco (a contract garbage removal company) and AmbuTrans (a non-emergency ambulance service contracted by the city) as part of their protest. The interference included actions such as stopping garbage trucks from leaving certain transfer stations.

As reported by Brodie Fenlon of the Globe & Mail, Justice Sanderson opined that;

“While union members have the right to engage in informational picketing, they have no right to obstruct access to a third party’s premises or otherwise unduly interfere with that third party’s business,”

The ruling strikes a blow to CUPE local 416, limiting their picketing to relevant locations and reasonable means.

In further development, Mayor David Miller has publicly tabled an offer to city workers in hopes of ending the strike. The details of the proposal can be read here.

Daniel Lublin is the managing partner of the employment law firm, Whitten Lublin LLP.  He can be reached by email at [email protected].