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Severance Calculator



Severance Calculator

If you’ve been fired or terminated, you need a severance calculator to know what you deserve. Companies offer severance packages that they believe employees will accept, which is not necessarily the same severance package that a judge would consider fair. Why? They know that many people will just agree to what they are first offered because they don’t know that they are entitled to more.

This is where Whitten & Lublin’s free severance calculator Ontario tool can help. The severance pay calculator is designed to provide you with a guide for your possible severance, and takes into account thousands of court decisions across Ontario over the past 30 years.

When judges calculate fair severance packages, they take into account your age, tenure, position and past precedents, which are cases with similar facts as yours. Our severance calculator Ontario tool recreates this legal test and provides you with a basis for questioning whether your severance pay is fair. Don’t settle for less, try it now.

Are you entitled to a settlement?

Find out how much it may be.

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How to calculate Severance Pay?

Watch our Founding Partner, Daniel Lublin, discuss severance pay with The Globe and Mail addressing some important questions such as:

  • How is severance calculated?
  • Are there any rules that people can turn to understand what they can get?

What if you did not receive a fair package?

If you have received a severance package in any form, you should meet with an employment lawyer at our firm before taking any other steps or trying to negotiate on your own as this may harm your claim for better termination pay terms. Call Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers and let us help you get the severance you deserve. Contact us Today!

How do we help?

We exclusively practice in Employment Law. We routinely counsel employees with respect to severance pay in Ontario in cases of wrongful dismissals, constructive dismissal or any other kind of termination. We can ensure the deal being offered to you is responsible and fair, or if not, we will take steps on your behalf to ensure you are offered a considerably improved package.



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