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Use our free severance calculator Ontario tool, which is designed to provide you with an estimate for your possible severance, and takes into account thousands of court decisions across Ontario over the past 30 years.

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    How To Calculate Severance Pay?

    If you are wondering about your severance entitlement, there are a few questions that go into deciding the amount of the severance pay. Firstly, check if there is an employment agreement that outlines or defines how much severance you as an employee should receive in any given circumstance. If there is, you have to consider if it’s legal and if its legal, you have to follow it. Outside of an employment contact or specific agreement about severance, a judge looks at common law, which is the default and that helps them determine the amount of severance an employee should receive in a situation of termination without cause. The judge then calculates the severance amount based on a few questions:

    1. How old is the employee

    2. How long has the employee worked for?

    3. What kind of job employee is doing?

    4. How long will it take the employee to find a comparable job in regard to his/her qualifications, training and experience.

    Finally, the judges look at precedents, which are the comparable. What did other employees in a similar situation got rewarded by the judges in the court of law. Keeping these things in mind, judge uses a severance calculator tool to figure out how much you should receive as a severance pay from your employer.

    What if you did not receive a fair package?

    If you have received a severance package in any form, you should meet with an employment lawyer at our firm before taking any other steps or trying to negotiate on your own as this may harm your claim for better termination pay terms. Call Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers and let us help you get the severance you deserve. Contact us today!

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    We at Whitten & Lublin Employment and Labour Lawyers exclusively practice in Employment Law. We routinely counsel employees with respect to severance pay in Ontario in cases of wrongful dismissals, constructive dismissal or any other kind of termination. We can ensure the deal being offered to you is responsible and fair, or if not, we will take steps on your behalf to ensure you are offered a considerably improved package. We are recipients of prestigious professional awards that are a testament of our ability to provide competent and skillful legal counsel on a range of workplace matters. Contact us online or by phone at (647) 946-1278 today!