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18 years of faithful service and suddenly, my position was eliminated. My ex-employer gave me the minimum severance package dictated by law. An old family friend who is also my Financial Adviser came over and checked my offer the day after I was let go and decided I needed to see a good lawyer. We googled "Top Employment Lawyers" and found "Whitten and Lublin" as the most prominent. My friend made the call to their office. I believe he was given options on consultation rates but chose Daniel Lublin, even though it would cost more. My friend reckoned he charged more because he could get better results. We met with Mr Lublin who examined my case, determined my ex-employer could do much better and told me my options. But he never pressured me to hire him nor did he place any time restrictions on me to get back to him. My friend advised me (and rightfully so) to go with Daniel Lublin. We hired him and he went to work, stating to my ex-employer what the severance package should actually be. My ex-employer came back with their counter offer which Mr Lublin rejected and re-stated our claim. They came back with their "Final Offer" which was better but not the best. At this point Daniel Lublin phoned me. I considered myself a lowly client and Mr Lublin, being a senior partner at Whitten and Lublin, I expected him to not want to spend any more time and accept their offer. However, I was amazed when he said he was not happy. He had called to ask my consent to go after them once more even to the point of suing them in court. I am happy to say that Daniel Lublin along with his Legal Assistant Nida Arifullah, were so effective that they obtained the best settlement I could hope for without having to go to court and I did not have to pay anything more in legal fees than what was agreed to at the outset. Needless to say, I can highly, fully, completely recommend Daniel Lublin and his team to represent anyone in a similar situation who may need legal counsel.

K Lobo

At a difficult and stressful time, Stephen Wolpert provided calm and expert counsel that was instrumental in bringing my case to a successful conclusion. He has excellent instincts about when to push and when to push harder, never looked for an argument but never shied away from one, and was always ready to address my many questions and concerns. Highly recommended.

John Chenery

I want to extend a very gracious thank you to Ryan and his team at Whitten & Lublin..... Ryan, along with Anna and others, worked very hard to resolve a matter on my behalf, and for that I am truly grateful. They were always clear in explaining processes and answered all of my questions. They acted in my best interest and I highly recommend this firm.

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Mark Grysiuk

It happened to me what we all dread - getting laid off. When I got my severance package I contacted Athan Makrinos at Whitten & Lublin.
He went over it and told me that there is a good possibility that the package could be better and provided me with realistic expectations. I gave him the go ahead to do whatever he could. After communicating with my former employer by e-mail and phone, he got me a much better offer in just a matter of a few weeks. I was pleased with Athan's work. I was under stress but it was over and well pleased with the whole package and process. He is kind, clear in his explanation and promptly kept me updated while communicating with my former employer.
I will suggest, in fact recommend that you contact Athan of Whitten & Lublin.

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Marc Kitay counselled me on my severance negotiation. Marc gave very precise advice, the negotiation outcome was as initially estimated. Very helpful, highly recommended.

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Athan helped me through an extremely stressful time when I was "restructured" after 36 years at the same company and got me what I wanted: a fair settlement. I would recommend him to anyone.

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Jeff Kirkwood

My case was handled by Daniel Lublin. From the start he was patient, clear and concise about what my rights were and what course of action was going to be taken. Everything unfolded virtually exactly the way he told me it would. I didn't have to worry about a thing throughout the whole process, which was a load off my mind. From the intake to the final correspondence the firm was extremely professional and runs like a well-oiled machine. I highly recommend. Special thanks to the lovely Nida Arifullah, Mr. Lublin's Law Clerk, who was very helpful in requesting and sending pertinent information and documents.

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Anthony Monaco

I engaged Daniel Lublin to help me reach a settlement with my former employer. He is courteous, communicative, and honest. His fee was reasonable, and well worth the cost. He reached a settlement for me which I am completely satisfied with. I have the impression that Daniel Lublin is not only an excellent lawyer but someone who cares deeply about being an advocate for common people. I highly recommend him.

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G Ponce de Leon

I recently had the pleasure of working with Daniel Chodos and his team. Daniel provided great advise and support during my negotiations with my former employer. I was very satisfied with the result and I would highly recommend Daniel Chodos and his law firm Whitten & Lublin.

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Anthony Puckerin

Daniel Lublin has always given me excellent legal advice and support.  He is extremely thorough, responsive, and professional.  His knowledge and experience deliver positive results promptly. I highly recommend him for any legal employment services.

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Sharon Alles

Knowledgeable, kind, professional, and worth every penny. I was very impressed and satisfied with Daniel Chodos’ services. I feel like he went the extra mile for me. If there was anything I didn’t understand or was hesitant about, he took the time to explain, game plan and rationalize things with/for me. Super satisfied and would highly recommend to anyone. Hopefully I will never need your services again but if I do, I will not hesitate to contact! Thank you again!

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Kelsey Amell

I was very impressed with Stephen Wolpert's keen attention to detail, excellent communication skills and responsiveness in scheduling an appointment so quickly. I appreciated how he explained the law in general, and was honest on options, and the possible risks. Stephen's service was exemplary. I can highly recommend it.

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I was represented by Mr Daniel Chodos. During my experience with Mr Chodos he was exceptional. He was able to educate me about the laws and the process as it pertained to my situation in a way that was easy to understand. He was very responsive, kept me informed and thoroughly explained things on a regular basis. I was very pleased with the services provided by Mr Chodos and would recommend him for anyone that needs an employment lawyer. Thank you Daniel.

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J. M.

A few months ago, nearly eight months into the COVID-19 pandemic, my employer fired me after over a decade of dedicated service. While I was grappling with the how and why of it all, I needed someone to help me understand what was going on, particularly as it related to my wrongful dismissal during this COVID crisis. I needed someone who would deal with the law in my situation while I dealt with the emotion of job loss. I was glad that I found Stephen Wolpert of Whitten & Lublin, and now that I have settled my case, I can say definitively that I was lucky to have been represented by him. Stephen was referred to me after having represented a good friend of mine in a wrongful termination suit. In my friend’s case, things had ended in his favour and so I spoke with Stephen. After hearing my story, I expected to hear that I was in the right and that I would be vindicated, but Stephen’s feedback was measured and thoughtful, ensuring that I had an awareness of how the law works and the possible outcomes of my situation. In the end, I got the result I wanted and this was as a direct result of Stephen’s experience, knowledge and excellent advice and guidance, as well as his understanding and compassion. Looking back, I consider myself lucky to have been represented by counsel that has an ability to convey the possible outcomes of a case and was able to temper my expectations for settlement for an outcome that was realistic and reasonable. Now on the other side, I can confidently say that I would have no hesitation recommending Stephen to anyone who needs a labour lawyer. When you are dealing with the turmoil and emotion, Stephen will be dealing with the facts of your legal issue. Thank you, Stephen.

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Clement Fandango

After working for 28 years for my company, I was laid off the week I was supposed to return to work after taking some time off for personal health issues. I initially spoke with a different law firm but there was a delay in communication and I didn’t feel that I was being listened to.

Looking online I found Whitten & Lubin, and the positive reviews encouraged me to seek out their services. I didn’t have a lot of time to respond to my company’s offer but luckily Marc and his team got right to work. Their communication was great, and I really felt listened to. Marc was able to encourage me to go after what I deserved while listening to my needs.

Thank you to Marc and his team for assisting me in my time of need, I highly recommend Whitten and Lubin to anyone looking for legal advice and expertise.

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I used Daniel Chodos to negotiate my severance package. He was great. Fast responses and he explained the various strategies we could follow in ways that were easy to understand. I would highly recommend Daniel.

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Ingrid Randoja

Met with Athan Markinos and the team there. Great attention to detail and the specifics. Very satisfied with their services. Highly recommend.

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Pieter Boerma

I wanted to express my appreciation for the outstanding support and guidance that I received from the Team at Whitten & Lublin and more specifically my lawyer, Jason Jagpal, throughout the past 6 months. Jason’s rapid response time, exceptional focus and industry experience were all instrumental in permitting me to achieve a highly satisfactory outcome to my particular situation. As well, Jason’s highly professional and methodical approach clearly had a major positive impact on the results we were able to secure by the end of this challenging cycle. Many thanks to you Jason and to the Whitten & Lublin Team for the assistance and outcome you jointly delivered on my behalf!

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Craig F

The beginning of my case I received excellent suggestions by Stephen Wolpert. One of which was using the Freedom of Information. I am grateful for that. Athanasios Makrinos then took over my case. Athanasios was very good at organizing and representing. What I also appreciate was that he knew that I had a particular issue and was always aware and considerate about this. Thanks Athanasios, if you read this. The support staff always answered questions and never had to wait too long for a response. I highly recommend Whitten & Lublin

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Darren Hirschfeld

Tommy Junho Hong was great . He gave me great advice & was very honest.

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I had recently had the opportunity to speak to Athan Makrinos regarding some contracts we needed reviewed. He was thorough and his attention to detail was great. He gave us practical advice on how to shore up some liability exposure. Strongly recommend.

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Ben Hahn, lawyer at Whitten & Lubin, handled my employment case. His knowledge and expertise made the entire process easy for me from the first phone call to the settlement. I was always provided with all the available options with the pro's and the con's so I could make educated decisions under Mr. Hahn's guidance as the situation was evolving. I highly recommend Ben Hahn's legal service .

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Dominike Lacoste

I was a referral by a friend to Athan, the lawyer in this firm. He is very knowledgeable and honest. He explained to me my situation and informed me everything that i need to know and I will definitely referral him to my other friends if needed any help!!!

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Anthony Choi

David Whitten made all the difference, in such a stressful time of my life, having David provide sound advice was essential. If you experience losing your job and having to navigate this chapter of your life; who to represent you during a stressful time. I highly recommend David and his entire firm. The trust factor is huge and appreciated. Thanks for everything, Fiona Donoghue

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Fiona Donoghuepaylor

I never would of imagined that I would need to get myself an employment lawyer. I did find the best with Whitten Lubin employment law. I needed expert advice and that is what I got. I cannot say enough great things about my recent experience with Daniel and Athanasios . They provided me clear communication , sound advice throughout this process and helped me stay calm while dealing with a tough situation. They were both very trustworthy , professional, efficient, empathic to my workplace matter . They had throughly knowledge of the labour law and were strategic and transparent. My whole experience was reassuring and positive. I now have peace of mind and closure .

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Tom Porter

Whitten and Lublin was recommended to me by a friend and I met with Simone Ostrowski. She was understanding, timely and professional. It put me at ease to know that Simone was managing what was a very stressful situation. It is absolutely worth every dollar to know your rights, have representation and be fairly compensated when terminated from an employer. I would highly recommend anyone individual seeking legal expertise to enlist the services from Whitten and Lublin.

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Jess Lo

I dealt with Daniel Chodos recently for a severance claim and was very pleased. Daniel was professional, extremely well versed, and provided me a complete breakdown of my options as they changed throughout the process. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his firm to anyone seeking legal council for an employment severance.

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Marino Brilli

I was fortunate to work with Athan at Whitten and Lublin. He was professional, courteous and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. His expertise greatly assisted me with increasing my settlement. I would recommend Athan for any employment law matters. Thank you! Anna

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Anna Romita

When my 20+ year career came to an end I was shocked and devastated. Being a single mom with 2 kids in University, I did not know what to do or who to turn to. I found Whitten and Lublin Employment Lawyers on the internet and after reading all their reviews, I called them to set up a consultation. Luckily, Daniel Lublin was available right away and I was able to speak with him. I was hesitant at first as he was a partner from a well-established firm, but once I starting talking to him, he made me feel comfortable and at ease. From our first conversation, I learned that Daniel was very down to earth and understanding. Daniel listened to my story attentively. He provided me with several options and simplified all the legal terms that I did not understand to help me make an informed decision. Daniel is a very genuine, patient and caring individual. Not once during my interactions with him did I feel that I was bothering him or he was too busy to talk to me. I interviewed a few lawyers before I hired Daniel. I honestly don't think anyone could have handled my case and situation better than Daniel. Daniel was able to negotiate my severance package almost double what I was being offered initially. I cannot say enough great things about my experience with Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers. His assistant Nida Arifullah was also very helpful and understanding. Daniel Lublin is an amazing lawyer whose expertise, persistence and compassion helped me get through an extremely challenging period. Thank you so much Daniel for everything you have done for me and my family!

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Harjit Saini

I met with Tommy from the firm to discuss an issue. He was very informative and broke things down and was very informative. Tommy is straight forward and I would definitely retain him down the road if I required representation.

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Alexander Nichols

I recently worked with Simone Ostrowski through an employment issue and she was fantastic! She answered all my questions, and made sure I was clear on what was expected and what would be taking place. She made what was a difficult process a lot easier and I really felt like I had someone on my side making sure I was taken care of. I would highly recommend Simone and Witten & Lublin Employment Lawyers.

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Britt K

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Mr. Makrinos on several occasions and have never been disappointed. As a lawyer myself, it is refreshing to deal with someone that is as motivated and as inquisitive as he is. I would highly recommend to anyone seeking expertise in employment law.

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Elie Ghannoum

Daniel A. Lublin, handled my employment case with professionalism and expertise. He provided coaching and clarity to my questions and was incredibly responsive to my changing situation. Daniel, has truly been the best HR lawyer I have worked with over the last 28 years of my career. I would highly recommend him for anyone interested in maximizing your severance package.

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John Gerrard

Daniel Lublin is very professional and efficient on my case, he has perfect game plan and always willing to listen and analyze the case step by step. I am really grateful to have him as my lawyer. And I would definitely recommend him to my friends who needs help in the future!

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Cmking23 Ma

I had the pleasure of talking with Tommy Hong at Whitten and Lublin. Tommy was empathetic and genuinely concerned with what had happened at work. Tommy answered all my questions and was honest in giving me three different options if I wanted to continue on. If I do continue on, I will retain Tommy as my lawyer. Thank you, Tommy, for helping me. You made me feel better in knowing what my rights are.

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Susan Webb

I have contacted Whitten and Lublin after the "inexperienced" lawyer I have initially hired didn't produce the result I was expecting for my wrongful dismissal case. Actually I hired Daniel Lublin because of the Google reviews I have read, and this is why I am doing one now to help people like me in the future. With his "court room lawyer" reputation and "get it done" attitude we were able to achieve a settlement fairly quick that I'm very happy with . I highly recommend Daniel's service if you think you have been offered an unfair severance package!

Google User

I recently needed an employment lawyer and Whitten & Lublin was recommended to me as the leader in the industry. From start to finish the team exceeded my expectations. From intake coordinator to operations director to the lawyer I was booked with – everyone was caring, attentive to questions, knowledgeable and efficient. I had excellent experience with Gareth Price. He provided a thorough review and practical advice on how to tackle available options. As a result, I was able to negotiate several key improvements to the package. The option of having the consultation over the phone was a big plus - it saved time and hassle of getting downtown. Highly recommend Gareth Price and the Whitten & Lublin team. Thanks for everything!

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Irina Kem

I was recently in need of a highly experienced employment lawyer to help me with a very challenging, sensitive and complex contract matter. I was referred to David Whitten by another highly experienced labour lawyer who is a friend and was in conflict with the matter. After a quick intro call with David he immediately had me meet with him in person to go through the challenges I had with my employment contract execution. In our first meeting, David took the necessary time to listen and ask the right questions to help better access the situation. By the end of the meeting, he was able to define a much better path forward to affect a resolution that both addressed my concerns and was fair. Throughout the entire journey, David was a true professional, firm and very consistent. He always made me feel like my matter was the top priority in getting resolved which he achieved. He was able to negotiate a great end result from a very challenging and complex situation and it was done in a timely fashion. Excellent negotiation skills! I have worked in the auto manufacturing sector as a senior executive for many years and have had the opportunity to work with some great employment lawyers. If I had to measure David, I would put him at the top of the class and highly recommend him on any employment legal matter especially if you need a tiger to get it done. Outstanding work David and thank you, Jamie, for the recommendation. Terry Campbell

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Cheryl Campbell

Ryan Watkins has exceptional talent, professionalism, and expertise. He helped me navigate through the settlement process with my former employer. Ryan is there to genuinely help you get the best deal possible and I appreciate his help, guidance and professional legal advice. Ryan took the time to explain things to me and answered all of my questions.

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I met with Mr. Lublin last Friday. He was very direct and to the point which is exactly what I was looking for. He methodically went through the history that I had provided him and his thorough review of my case helped me make a more informed decision. Thank you. I would also like to thank his assistant Valeria. I was being pressured by my former employer to make a decision on a date prior to what my scheduled meeting was with Mr. Lublin. When I called to ask that the meeting be moved up she was compassionate, professional and was able to schedule an earlier meeting. If I ever find myself in this position again, Mr. Lublin would be my first phone call. I would not hesitate to recommend this firm to anyone. Pauline

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Pauline Hurtubise

Our experience was amazing. with the law firm of Whitten& Lublin was great we were treated as people, as seniors, it is hard to find someone to listen. we would like to thank you so much. IF our family or friends ever need help we will send them your way. Thank you from Mr. and Mrs. Peddle

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Patricia Peddle

I recently used the services of Whitten & Lublin employment lawyers. I found Jason Jagpal to be very informed and professional. I was treated with respect as was my employer, that I appreciated.

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Sue Behari

I have worked with lawyers in personal and professional capacities for more than 2 decades, and can attest, without a doubt, that Whitten & Lublin are a firm that stand out above the rest. I had the privilege of being represented by Ryan Watkins and highly recommend his services. His calm demeanour and yet tough and shrewd approach to law when representing his clients is something to relish and be tremendously comforted by. Anyone who has an employment matter that requires representation, or even just some questions answered, contact Whitten & Lublin.

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Daniel Roukema

January 2019 I could never thank Daniel Chodos enough for dealing with my employment/disability matter. His empathy, understanding and knowledge of my case was critical in helping me resolve it. I am glad I chose Daniel (from so many other employment lawyers) to direct and guide me through a very stressful period in my life. He was always available and responded by phone or email immediately. Daniel knows the law and his confidence, judgment and professionalism saw me settle my case at mediation.

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Carl D’Souza

Stephen Wolpert shared creative and thoughtful strategies for a very complex situation. I am grateful for his experience and expertise.

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Bob Gallagher

They took the time to take my call. They were always available to take an email or phone. Very polite and helpful. Also got the results we were looking for. Julian and Simone are the two who looked after my case and I highly recommend them. You won't be disappointed. Thanks again for your help and hard work.

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Al Kerr

Priya Sarin and her staff were great to work with. Always responded in a timely manner to any questions. Would highly recommend them when required. No hidden fees and exceeded my expectations.

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David Smith

Recently I contacted Athan Makrinos and Stephen Wolpert of Whitten & Lublin, in regards to an Employment Matter whom provided a favourable resolution today Jan 10 2020. They are very professional, highly knowledgeable, they addressed and replied to my concerns in a timely manner, as well as provided me with valuable advice and options. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking legal advice and representation in labour employment law, Thank you Athan and Stephen.

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Doris C.

I was in recent need of legal assistance to negotiate a personal employment matter and was referred to Daniel Chodos by a well-respected colleague and friend. I felt compelled to write this review because I wanted to acknowledge his efforts, particularly his approach to resolving my concerns. Daniel demonstrated a high degree of professionalism throughout my interactions with him, from the gathering and synthesis of information to the identification of solutions and negotiation of a final settlement. Daniel’s knowledge and experience in employment law is noteworthy but what also impressed me was his genuine and engaging manner and openness to explore unique and innovative solutions. He ensured that I was consulted on every decision and action and was timely in his communications. I am most grateful to Daniel and would not hesitate to recommend him to those needing excellent counsel.

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Ed Ziesmann

Dealing directly with Daniel Lublin was a treat as we connected immediately and were able to get right to the heart of the issues and very quickly land on the best strategy and tone to move forward with. As a result the matter was resolved to my complete satisfaction in a very timely and efficient manner. I can't express how relieved I was to have such professional representation and guidance in what otherwise could have been a quite stressful situation.

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I was recently released unfairly by my former employer. Marc Kitay and his team helped me receive fair compensation and provide a peaceful resolution to a stressful time. I would highly recommend Whitten and Lublin to anybody needing employment advice. Thanks Marc.

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Rob B

When I contacted them after being terminated from my job, my inquiry was met with a quick response and I was booked in with Athan the next morning. My consultation with him was excellent, he is extremely knowledgable and professional. I highly recommend this firm!

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Jonquille Pak is simply amazing , very professional, always answer her calls or returned your call within the end of day. I would recommend her to my friends and family . I am amazed of the service you received from this law office , you always think dealing with a bigger law office their wouldn't have time for you , this is so wrong I received the best in class service . Jonquille is so down to earth , listen to your concern and treat you with the respect . Simply the best

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Magdalene Bachan

I was referred to Daniel Lublin by a former colleague and I highly recommend his team for anyone in need of an Employment Lawyer. The entire experience working with Daniel and his team exceeded all my expectations. Daniel was very strategic in his approach, provided me with tremendous support during a time of personal change, and his strong track record in being an effective negotiator resulted in efficient and effective discussions with my former employer. He was extremely responsive to any of my inquiries. I have already referred Daniel and his firm to another former bank executive and they are also extremely pleased with how the discussions went. Thank you Daniel and Nida!

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Martha Moen

I had a very positive experience with Whitten and Lublin from start to finish. I worked with Marc Kitay and Kimberley Villaluz following a recommendation from a friend. From our first meeting, I found Marc to be very knowledgeable, interested in my specific situation, and patient and understanding during a personally stressful time. Marc took the time to explain what was happening (sometimes more than once!) and presented me with good options. Marc always gave me time to reflect and didn't push me into any decision. Marc always did what he said he would do in a timely manner and kept me well informed. Kimberley was very helpful as well. Both Marc and Kimberley were very personable and easy to work with. I felt confident that I was in good hands and was very satisfied with the outcome. I highly recommend Marc and his team.

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Sharon-Ann Tracy

I worked with Marc Kitay and Kimberley Villaluz on a termination contract and they were great to work with. Marc gave good advice as we were going through the process which allowed us to come to a good conclusion. The whole process went well with Marc continuously following up with the employer to keep it moving. Kimberley was very efficient with great documentation, quick response, and helpful. Thanks so much.

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Jack Mann

I reached out to Whitten & Lublin for guidance on an unfortunate circumstance that's come my way and chose to have my consult with Daniel Lublin himself.

I can honestly say that Daniel was worth it as he is as authentic and legit as it gets and he's got me for life regarding any legal matter involving employment law as a result. You feel like you're talking to a real person who actually cares. Dan's got a heart and that in itself is worth all the money.

Thanks Dan for keeping it real, being patient with my many questions, providing the expertise you clearly are excellent at providing and legitimately wanting to help make a positive difference! Appreciate all your help! If you want your case to be looked at by the best, call Dan!

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Jason Li

Daniel Chodos is completely reliable and gives great advice and legal opinions. I have used him several times and everyone I referred were very pleased

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Patrick Morin

Previously I'd worked with Daniel Lublin when I exited from my previous employer a number of years ago. He was extremely helpful and made the entire ordeal far less stressful, guiding me through the exit. The experience was so positive that when I had a second time I required an employment lawyer around contract discussions I went back to him immediately and once again was very happy with my experience and the guidance I was given. Sleep better at night by getting good counsel. Highly recommend.

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Matt Scadding

I needed advice on my new employment contract and worked with Athan Makrinos. It was an excellent experience - I needed the advice on short notice and Athan was able to review the document and get back to me immediately with some excellent points that helped me revise the contract in my favour. I really appreciate all the advice he provided and would definitely work with him again.

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Ajay Shivdasani

The team at Whitten & Lublin was terrific. Within minutes of sending in my contact details and request for information, I was contacted and was able to select appointment times that were as early as the following day. The consultation appointment was valuable in that it helped to establish my position clearly and concisely, and Mr. Lublin ensured that I understood all my options. When dealing with labour issues, being able to count on efficient and effective guidance is paramount. Whitten & Lublin were able to provide both, and were kind and supportive throughout the process as well.

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Manuela Lefranc

Daniel Lublin is an exceptional lawyer, who will treat your matter with the utmost care and deliberation. Trust Dan and his team to provide you with peace of mind during what is often a tumultuous time. I encourage everyone to do their homework, and seek trusted advice because "after the fact" is often too late. While many offered free consultations, their advice proved to be incorrect. When it comes to your livelihood, protect your interests! The entire team is terrific. Thank you very much!

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Carson made this process as easy as it could be. Any question or concerns I had a felt like I was listen to. I couldn’t have asked for someone else to have my back! Thank you Carson

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Tiffany Brandvold

Tommy Junho Hong thank you ! You were prompt , proficient and supportive. Highly recommend using this firm.

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Lisa R

It was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with Simone! Started with a very pleasant online experience with Sharon who answered my questions through a virtual chat. From there I had very efficient email coordination from Valentina. I needed review of a contract in a very short period of time and both the admin staff and Simone made it happen in a very collaborative and pleasant manner! Simone was able to answer all my questions in a very articulate and case appropriate way. She even agreed to do the changes to the contract to save me time . I would definitely refer anyone to this office based on this, my first experience. Thank you!!

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Denah Smith

I came to connect with Whitten & Lublin after being terminated and Athan Makrinos provided excellent service and advice. I highly recommend Athan as he was able to provide me with sound advice and guidance during a difficult time. Many thanks! Kerry

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Kerry Wright

Daniel Lublin and his team were highly professional and efficient in our engagement. They offered objective evaluation and opinions to help me get a proper settlement in a reasonable timeline. I have recommended them to my connections since I believe they are the right professional for employees faced with injustice.

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David Whitten is very confident and provided great guidance through the process. He understood what I was going through and was very compassionate with the situation. David was very responsive, simplified the process and made the experience stress free. I would highly recommend David and his firm.

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David T.

Highly recommend Rachel Patten at Whitten & Lublin. Very helpful, knowledgeable, patient, and prompt!

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Francey Forster

I recently had the occasion to use the expertise of Marc Kitay of Whitten & Lublin to help me understand and resolve termination issues with my [former] employer. Marc walked me through various alternatives and possible solutions and then he went out and worked for me. Marc removed so much of the stress that is pervasive during this difficult time. The final outcome was more positive than I had expected and for that I am very grateful. I have had my eyes opened through this process and now know what to look for going forward. I would not hesitate to use Marc’s services again and would recommend him to anyone. Many thanks Marc!

Linda J

I was in need of an employment lawyer and I came across Whitten & Lublin. I contacted the lawyer firm and set up an appointment with David Whitten. David had a very good understanding of my situation and practically solved all the issues on our first meeting. He was very attentive to details and he picked up hints and useful points that I had overlooked. He is a very patient listener and I was able to take my time to present my story and concerns. Before the end of our first meeting, he had already formulated a course of action setting out the final goal and range of expectations. When I asked about the fees, I was very surprised to hear from David that it would be way less expensive for me to take on the hourly fee option. I was not expecting a lawyer would say that. He genuinely cares about his clients as much as justice being served. I was so impressed when he presented me with a draft for me to approve the day following our first meeting. We sent that draft out as it is on the same day and nothing in it that needed to be changed. His deep knowledge, understanding and expertise in his field were borne out in the negotiation process. Despite some irritations and misrepresentations from the lawyer representing the employer, David remained very composed and gentleman-like. He steered me clear of certain problematic areas and potential pitfalls. From that point on, we went through a few rounds of negotiation and the whole case was settled in about two months just as he had predicted. David had made a delicate legal process so seamless, less stressful and inexpensive. Looking back, I had made the right choice to trust David with my case.

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Michael Lau

I consulted with Athan M. when in the process of switching from a Canadian to an internationally-based role with my employer. Received some very sound advice. Would recommend without hesitation.

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Victor B

I have been dealing with Whitten & Lublin since 2017 on an employment issue. Stephen Wolpert has managed to steer me through the process with professionalism and i recieved the desired outcome i expected. The lawyers that work at Whitten & Lublin are an amazing group that care out thrir client's and their well-being Many thanks Stephen .

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Timithy Parks

I had the great fortune of working with Daniel Chodos as I was departing my previous employer. I was very impressed by Daniel's skill as a lawyer; he made our strategy very clear and took the time to thoughtfully answer any questions I may have. Thank you Daniel. I would encourage anyone who's thinking about engaging an employment lawyer to contact Whitten & Lublin so that Daniel or one of his colleagues can professionally assess your situation and give you peace of mind.

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Jason Barg

I am delighted to share my experience with the brilliant legal services provided by Nadia Halum. When life took a turn for the worse and I found myself in a difficult situation, Nadia and her assistant Rinku stepped in and guided me through the dark period of my life with unwavering dedication and unmatched expertise.
From the very first conversation, it was clear that Nadia genuinely cared about my well-being and was determined to achieve the best possible outcome for my case. Her professionalism, empathy, and passion for justice shone through in every interaction we had.
I cannot express enough gratitude to Nadia. She has not only helped me through one of the most challenging times in my life but have also restored my faith in the legal system. If you find yourself in need of legal representation, Nadia is the unwavering champion you want by your side. With her exceptional skills, compassion and dedication, she will fight tooth and nail to secure the best possible outcome for you. I wholeheartedly recommend Nadia Halum to anyone in search of legal representation.

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Alice MacCormack

We continually use W&L (David Whitten & Daniel Lublin) for our company and would recommend to any organization

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Sam Zahler

I had a conflict with an employer and contacted Whitten & Lublin, I was put in touch with Jason Jagpal. His experience and know how brought me to an amicable resolution and I’m forever thankful to him for the help he and his firm provided. I would recommend Jason and Whitten & Lublin to anyone dealing with an employment dispute. Thanks so much!

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Damon Bourgeois

Ben Hahn and his assistant Sarah Paul are excellent in their professional services. I had the pleasure of working with Ben for my severance settlement during the pandemic time. He is professional, knowledgeable, wise, courteous, and calm with great patience in dealing with a tough situation. He responded my emails promptly and provided me with sound advices and honesty throughout the entire process. He represented the best interests of me effectively and it resulted in a very positive outcome. I am greatly appreciated it for what Ben has done for me. I would definitely recommend Ben Hahn of Whitten and Lublin law firm to anyone in need of an excellent employment lawyer.

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Sharon Yuan

I would highly recommend Simone and her staff at Whitten & Lublin. I would like to tell you I appreciated all of your help with my termination case. Thank you for your understanding and patience during my case.

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Sharon Kerrigan

Daniel Lublin and his team are super friendly people who give excellent advice. Daniel is the Labour Lawyer that I recommend to all my friends and family.

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Dana Kingstone

I had a very positive experience with Simone Ostrowski. She set realistic expectations for me really clearly - which is incredibly important in legal matters, and she coached me through a process that was as confusing and frustrating as you can imagine for a layman like myself.

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Christopher White

I hired Daniel Lublin and was impressed by his professionalism, determination and legal knowledge. Daniel was a tactical magician, who thoughtfully laid out a game plan for my case and executed it to perfection. Daniel ensured that we moved quickly and efficiently. I was at ease throughout my legal matter and I was thrilled with the results. Daniel is a true professional and a true joy to have on your side. I would highly recommend Daniel Lublin to anyone with employment law matters. Thanks Daniel!

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Yvonne Griffatong

Ryan is a very thoughtful and thorough lawyer. He understood my needs, advocated well on my behalf and was always available to answer my questions.

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Farah Esmail

I recently had the privilege of working with Daniel Lublin as my lawyer. I was terminated from my company after 15 plus years. I was able to meet with Daniel within days of my initial contact, which helped to alleviate some of the stress of having to deal with this. I researched many lawyers and firms, but was referred to Daniel Lublin from a previous client. Having read all of the positive reviews, I knew he was the right choice for me. Daniel is very knowledgable and professional. I was very reassured after our first meeting that I had chosen the best of the best with regards to employment law and that was the case throughout our dealings. His communication with me was very timely, thorough and consultative. Daniel was easy to talk to and direct in his communications and counsel. He worked diligently to get me the best package possible from my previous employer and I was very pleased with the outcome. I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Daniel Lublin.

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I've had the pleasure of working with Athanasios Makrinos on several occasions and I always found him to be very professional, friendly, diligent and timely. Athanasios puts his clients' needs first and will do everything he can to resolve his clients' matters to their satisfaction. If you have an employment law related question, you will enjoy working with Athanasios.

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Alex K

Terminated after 17 years of employment, Athan dealt with my employer and was fast, this was my first time with a lawyer and i would recommend using him again, Thank you for all your help 🙂

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Stacey Reed

I worked with Mr. Lublin and Nadia Halum regarding my case . I enjoyed my experience with them and in particular , I am very happy with Mr. Daniel Lublin's professionalism, care and effectiveness. I strongly recommend him for employment disputes.

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Deniz Khazen

My experience with David Whitten was stupendous through and through. David is crafty and walks the extra mile for you. David is responsive, professional and handled my case with personal care. I am grateful and highly recommend David Whitten and his firm.

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Patricia Buffone

I had the privilege of having Athan review my employment contract to determine if I was exposing myself to any liability. He highlighted a few concerns which I brought to my employer and was able to negotiate those items off the table. Athan was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was diligent in paying close attention to detail and was able to speak to me in a manner that made the content digestible. A consummate professional.

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Alexander Warme

I had the pleasure of working with Jason Jagpal from Whitten & Lublin. I found the team to be inviting, friendly and knowledgeable. He went through my severance package with me and explained the pro’s and con’s. He explained the Ontario Labour Laws as it pertained to my situation and gave me options each step of the way. I never felt pressured to do something I did not want to and I really felt like the law firm stood behind me as I have never faced this type of situation before. Jason responded to all of my questions and concerns promptly. All documentation was reviewed and approved before sending to my former company. All of this made dealing with the law firm stress free. I was very happy with the outcome of my settlement and would highly recommend Jason from Whitten and Lublin. Thank You, Randy

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Randy Rambarran

Whether an inquiry, setting up an appointment, consultation, or utilizing their services, my experiences with the Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers firm have been nothing but positive and reassuring. The support and services provided on multiple occasions have been amazing. Each representative I have encountered with in this firm has provided excellent service without question. I would highly recommend their firm to anyone. In fact, I have recommended their firm to friends and family who have also in turn used their services. Valentina is very friendly and extremely helpful as an Intake Manager. She was very thorough with all my inquiries and very quick with setting up appointments and payments. She made the process very easy from beginning to end. I had the pleasure of working with Stephen Wolpert as my legal counsel for both a separation package and an offer letter. He has been continuously super helpful, honest, trustworthy, and straight forward. He's gone above and beyond providing legal advice and support numerous times, giving realistic options to meet my needs. I genuinely appreciate his candor. I am happy he was recommended to me and will continue to recommend him to any others who are in search of an honest employment lawyer.

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Shalini Rajeshwaran

Daniel Chodos is absolutely amazing. Before our first meeting, I expected that I would be just one of many clients… a number. Was I ever pleasantly surprised! I immediately felt that my case was actually important.

Daniel is extremely knowledgeable, takes time to explain your options and the law and involves you in the process. He is timely, accurate, well spoken, totally reliable, and pleasant and makes himself easily available at all times. He understands the monetary as well as the personal costs and always keeps both in mind. He takes time to respond to questions and never makes you feel as though what you are asking is ridiculous. I always felt that he had my back in all aspects of what we were dealing with.

Daniel is so much more than what has been described by myself and others in relation to his legal skills and expertise. Before talking to Daniel, I had spoken to other lawyers. I was traumatized by my situation and spoke with some very arrogant and difficult lawyers where I felt as though I was just another client number. Daniel was completely opposite. His professionalism, understanding of the human spirit and kindness goes far beyond anything I was envisioning. Not only was my family and I experiencing the trauma of losing my job but we also had very serious medical issues to contend with. Daniel was sensitive to our situation and totally supportive – something I was not expecting, to be honest. He regularly called or texted to ask if the situation was improving…he certainly did not have to do that. In fact, he did so even after the matter had resolved. For me this is an exceedingly important quality and, I dare say, unique to Daniel.

If you are looking for an extremely competent lawyer when you are in this difficult and possibly fragile time I strongly recommend you go directly to Daniel. He will surpass your expectations and do so in a considerate, knowledgeable and very skilled manner. He understands when he has to be flexible and when he has to be firm and immovable. The result that he achieved for me was truly amazing. I could not be happier.
I will be forever grateful to him.

Thank you Daniel!

Felecia Goodman

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Felecia Goodman

The user left a 5 star rating for Athan Makrinos.

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Ryan Geerts

I was in need of legal help with my previous employment and I couldn't of asked for better help then this firm with my case. Tommy at Whitten & Lublin firm handled my case in a very professional manner. He was honest throughout the entire claim and very helpful in all aspects in my case. Highly recommend this firm and Tommy.

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Omar Mahboob

Simone was extremely helpful. She listened to me and then explained the process. Throughout the entire process, Simone kept me informed and was able to achieve a favorable outcome for me. I would definitely refer friends and family to Simone. She was professional and responsive and very knowledgeable.

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Laurie Brand

This user left a 5 star rating for Athan Makrinos.

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Mark Ollerenshaw

Recently I was in need of legal help with my previous employment. I couldn't have asked for someone better than Simone Ostrowski. She provided me with extremely helpful and relevant information on the options I have. She was quick to respond and very helpful in all aspects in my case. I Highly recommend Simone and this firm

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Eran ben-ari

I cannot say enough great things about my recent experience with Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers. Daniel Lublin is a fantastic lawyer whose expertise, tenacity and genuine kindness helped me navigate an exceedingly challenging period.  He provided me with several options and simplified legalese to help me make an informed decision. The entire team, from intake to assistants are very prompt, courteous and professional. Whitten & Lublin is a best-in-class firm that can be trusted to help you in your time of need. It is not everyday that a Partner from a top law firm will take on a small case and make you feel supported. Daniel prioritized my case, made time for my endless questions, and encouraged me to make my needs paramount. I highly recommend this immensely talented group to help with your employment needs.

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C Morgan

I had the pleasure of dealing with Athan Makrinos. Very professional and caring throughout the process. I highly recommend this firm as well as Athan in particular.

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Adam Ollerenshaw

I chose this law firm based off of their high Google reviews and ratings online. I'm glad I made the trip to Toronto to meet with Tommy. I showed up almost 40 minutes early, and expected to have to wait until my 2pm appointment or even later, as I figured most lawyers are running behind with appointments. Tommy greeted me just before our scheduled appointment time, he wasn't late and I didn't have to wait very long. Tommy was able to assist me navigating employment while having an invisible disability with a Service Dog. I was given the time to ensure I had all my questions answered without feeling rushed. He navigated through my human rights and what my options were regarding my employment, and future employment. Even though I didn't require anything further than some legal advice and a consultation I would highly recommend Tommy for any of your employment law related needs. He is very professional and thorough. I know he would give his clients the time and attention they deserved, and fight for their rights. Thank you Tommy for taking the time to speak with Keeva and I! Your time and help was much appreciated!!!

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Genevieve Stiles

Great service, really patient, and no hidden fees. Everything is explained in detail so I can understand and make the best decision in my best interest.

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Sean Zhao

Daniel Chodos and Simone Ostrowski were fantastic to deal with from start to finish with my employee-related Human Rights/ civil issue. Both were very good with communication and knew the relevant laws inside and out. Daniel is a straight shooter and Simone is a firecracker who doesn't back down! We were able to reach a great outcome. I would highly recommend them! Thanks Whitten & Lublin

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Tommy Hong from this firm has been extremely helpful and uncovered all the options I have in regards to my case very efficiently.

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Evelina Tihomirova

My experience at Whitten & Lublin was excellent from start to finish over a period of many months. My lawyer, Stephen Wolpert, helped to bring clarity very quickly to a complex situation. His advice was always well thought out and he sought to understand my situation as well as possible before presenting options on how to proceed. His years of experience also came in handy many times in terms of reading signals from my employer and where and when to push for more. I was regularly kept up to date as the file progressed and consistently felt like my interests were top of mind for Stephen. I also felt like our work progressed with a good sense of urgency and that Stephen was available to talk to when I needed to speak with him. Overall, I would highly recommend both this firm and Stephen Wolpert specifically as counsel in an employment law case.

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John Christianson

After some medical issues last year resulted in a disability claim, I reached a situation where my company had proposed a course of action that was not going to be ideal for me. I was unsure how to proceed. Simone was able to listen to the details of my case, then respond with clarity and confidence to my questions. Answers are great but correct knowledge is power. Simone's advice gave me the power to speak with my company from a position of knowledge, and to know there are yet further steps available to me as this progresses along. If you're considering speaking with a lawyer about employment related questions, I would feel pretty comfortable recommending Simone.

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Ted Zatylny

I never thought that this law firm would handle my case so quickly and professionally , especially Mr. Junho Hong accompanied me on this way. I have to say he achieved what he promised to me at the beginning. I can only recommend this law firm.

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Alex Naji

I recently had an excellent experience with Daniel Lublin of Whitten Lublin and his team. I was in need of an employment lawyer, and immediately thought of Daniel based on his writing in The Globe & Mail. I found his writing straightforward, on-point, logical and client-focused. All of these traits came to life working with Daniel to address an issue I had with a previous employer. In our initial meeting, Daniel asked great questions, truly listened to my response, challenged my thinking and was open to challenge himself. From that conversation, he drafted and executed an approach to my previous employer and their Counsel that was successful. Through this, Daniel's team kept me informed of progress at every step. All that, and he's a good guy as well. Thank you Daniel and team. Cheers!

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Don Earl

As a lawyer myself, I know the importance of getting the right representation for difficult or complicated matter. This is why I chose Witten & Lublin and I was not disappointed. Daniel Lublin did an excellent job in representing my interests. He was always very responsive to my inquiries and kept me up to date on the file at all times. I was very happy with the end result and would highly recommend Daniel and his firm to anyone.

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J. E.

I highly recommend Ryan Watkins and Whitten & Lublin. I contacted Ryan to review a severance offer from my employer and I'm glad I did. Ryan gave solid practical advice, and was able to get me a fair settlement. Communication with both Ryan and law clerk Anna was always prompt and the matter was settled quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to use Ryan again in the future, or to recommend him. Thank you Ryan!

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Holly Rivers

I had Athan Makrinos review my employment contracts. He was able to highlight deficiency with a great turn around time. Would recommend!

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Steven Makrinos

Tommy was great and very professional. Office staff treated me with respect and I would definitely recommend Tommy + Whitten and Lublin. Very knowledgable staff.

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V. Tek

My experience working with Whitten Lublin was very powerful. I worked directly with Daniel Lublin and he was great right from the start. His experience, knowledge, negotiating skills, ability to flex with the different scenario's and options presented and his strategic approach to pushing for the outcomes I wanted was very strong. Mostly though, I always felt well taken care of and in good hands. In stressful situations like this, to me that was most important. I would highly recommend Daniel Lublin and Whitten Lublin for any employment needs.

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Bram Lowsky

I was referred to this law firm from a colleague who they also successfully represented. I was originally looking to work with a partner and decided to work with Tommy. He was so amazing. Straight forward. Fair. Honest. Trusting. He processed my lawsuit without even going to court and we reached a settlement. Tommy was proactive in reaching out to me to give and receive my input, documentation and feedback and the parties went back and forth towards the final negotiation. I would highly recommend Tommy and this amazing firm. Thank you for making a tough situation easy. Sincerely.

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Liisa Robinson

Marc Kitay did an excellent job with my recent case, he was knowledgeable and patient in answering all of our questions. I would recommend Marc to anyone.

Rich Hummel

I recently engaged Stephen Wolpert and his team at Whitten & Lublin to assist me with negotiations with my employer. He took the time to outline the process and the possible outcome scenarios (both good and bad) that may occur. I felt secure with his experience guiding me to make the right decisions at each stage of the process. The end result was in line with what I had hoped would be the outcome, and I know that wouldn’t have transpired without his expertise. I am forever grateful to the friend who recommended this firm to me. If you find yourself in need an employment lawyer I suggest you call Whitten & Lublin and ask for Stephen.

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I’ve spoken with Tommy in regards to my husbands severance pay, he was extremely helpful and answered all my questions thoroughly. Highly recommend!

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Its Jayden

I was referred to Daniel Lublin because he was supposed to be the best in employment lawsuits. Turns out he is that and more. Professional. Knowledgeable. Thorough. Tenacious. No nonsense. Supportive. Highly recommended.

Kurt Budnick

My entire experience with Whitten & Lublin was exceptional. Mr. Daniel Lublin and Gareth were easy to speak with and were incredibly responsive to any question I had. Their candor and efficiency were refreshing; as they provided me all the information I needed regarding if and how to move forward in my case. A friend recommended Daniel Lublin to me; and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of quality legal advice or representation in employment law.

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Kavi L.

I was referred to Whitten & Lublin employment lawyers by a previous client. Working with Benjamin Hahn made me feel in complete control of my situation and provided me with the confidence to work through a challenging process. He was very responsive and thorough and would highly recommend Ben and his team at Whitten & Lublin employment lawyers.

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R. L.

Priya Sarin is a fantastic lawyer. She negotiated a much improved settlement with my former employer. Priya was very professional, kept me informed at all times and managed to conclude this in a very timely manner, and much to my satisfaction. Use Priya; she will fight for you and get the job done!


Daniel Lublin is a lawyer you want and need in your corner. He is an expert in his field and knows what he is doing every step of the way. Thank you Daniel Lublin for coming through for me. You and the firm are very professional, thorough and most importantly, you were able to produce better than expected results for me.

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J Tog

After being laid off from my full-time job, I was referred to Whitten & Lublin by a friend to negotiate my severance package. From my first meeting with Daniel Lublin, I felt absolutely confident I was in the right hands. Daniel put me at ease immediately -- he took the time to explain my situation from a legal perspective, showed empathy and a true desire to want to secure a fair settlement. I expected for such a big firm with such an impressive reputation to feel like just a number -- but it was the complete opposite. I never felt like it was all about the money for Daniel. I ALWAYS felt I had Daniel's undivided attention and promise to do the best he could. During the entire process, anytime I had a question or sought clarification, his law clerk Nida was there in a heartbeat to offer help. I cannot say enough about the professionalism and talent of Daniel and his staff. In the end, Daniel was able to get everything I asked for, and I was able to walk away with more than I had thought possible! Thank you, Daniel and Nida, for your exceptional service!

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Julie Saccone

My experience working with Daniel Lublin and team was both straightforward and expedient. I felt Daniel was genuinely looking at the situation from the perspective of my best interests, was transparent about my options, forthcoming with considerations and trade-offs, but without leading me to a way forward.  Daniel achieved a result I was pleased with in a tight timeframe. The team were upfront about relevant logistics, and communicative throughout. Very positive experience working with them.  Alastair Angus

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Alastair Angus

Daniel Chodos at Whitten and Lublin did a fantastic job on my case recently. I was owed back salary from 2015. He was able to collect all that I was due, as well as interest on that balance, AND all my legal fees. He was on top of the case from day 1. As a resident in the States, I was initially concerned that I might be forgotten after I had paid the retainer. That was the furthest thing from the truth! Daniel pushed hard to get what was rightfully mine, and I will be forever grateful to him and the staff at Whitten and Lublin for the excellent job they did.

Fred Green

I recently had the pleasure of working with Stephen Wolpert and his team at Whitten & Lublin on a claim against a former employer and he was fantastic to work with. He was very honest and upfront about how the whole process would go and what the pitfalls would be. I often relied on his experience to guide me with my decisions and how to proceed. The final outcome was positive and to my satisfaction. Stephen is a fierce negotiator and this was evident in the face to face mediation meeting. I would highly recommend Stephen to any of my friends, family and colleagues, if they required the need of an employment lawyer. You won't be disappointed with his level of expertise and how hard he'll work for you. I will definitely use Stephen and Whitten & Lublin again if the need arises.

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Tommy Hong was very informative and pleasant!

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Tony Pereira

Simone guided us through a very difficult time for our company with great professionalism and worthy advice. Thank you so much for making us feel like we mattered when others didn't.

Dave Garagan

Priya Sarin, Partner at Whitten & Lublin recently represented me on a settlement matter with my previous employer. She handled the entire negotiation from start to finish and was able to achieve a favourable outcome. Moreover, Priya was very professional to deal with and there were no hidden fees. I was definitely well-represented and would strongly recommend that you meet with Priya should you need assistance with an employment matter.

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Bob Kerr

Tommy Hong a lawyer at Whitten & Lublin, is trustworthy, experienced and empathetic to your workplace matter. I highly recommend his legal services.

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Coach Ryan

Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers provided excellent guidance, knowledge and help in understanding my employment legal rights. It was a pleasure working with David Whitten and having him on my side to successfully resolve my employment . Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers provided excellent guidance, knowledge and help in understanding my employment legal rights. It was a pleasure working with David Whitten and having him on my side to successfully resolve my employment issues. Thank you to David and his team for all the support!

Donny W.

Best Employment Lawyer in Canada, Bar None! David and his team are the most knowledgeable and professional employment lawyers in Canada with a proven track record of negotiating and winning simple to complex cases. I've personally dealt with David numerous of times after receiving poor service from the traditional Bay Street establishment. David is tough on results and fair with people and is a real pleasure to work with. His deep knowledge of employment law, broad relationships with other Canadian law professionals and his ability to negotiate win/win deals make him the "Go To Team" for any Employment Offer Review or simple to difficult Severance Cases. Best money I've ever spent in the Legal Field has been with David Whitten, as I always get the best return on investment with respect to risk reduction or payout. Thank-you David!

John A

I got let go without a severance. Whitten & Lublin got me 5.5 months for 5.5 years, which is the best I could have hoped for. Daniel Chodos and they were professional but quite relaxed, wasn't what I expected, in a pleasant way. I recommend, they'll take care of you.

Default Avatar75
Tim Dempsey

I had the pleasure of working with Simone Ostrowski and was very satisfied with the outcome of my matter. She was responsive , knowledgeable and managed the intricacies of my case with ease and professionalism. It was very reassuring to know that I had such strong capable representation and it helped to make a potentially stressful situation much more manageable. I would not hesitate to highly recommend the services of Ms. Ostrowski.

Default Avatar75
K. G

My situation was handled in an extremely knowledgeable, professional and timely manner. I was regularly updated on the status of the situation and my telephone calls and correspondence were promptly addressed. I am very satisfied and very highly recommend Priya Sarin, the lawyer who handled my case.

Cynthia James

Finding myself in the unfortunate and unfamiliar position of requiring legal advice was overwhelming. I came across Whitten & Lublin and was promptly introduced to Stephen Wolpert. At a highly emotive, complex and challenging time for my family and I, he guided me through the whole chapter with compassion, honesty and determination. Throughout, he took the time to accurately understand and communicated clearly and effectively to drive progress. This gave me the confidence to focus on the future as best I could, with the knowledge that I was partnered with someone who will fight for the best outcome. If you’re reading this then it’s likely that you are in need of assistance, I absolutely would recommend Steve to support you in your chapter, I am extremely thankful for all he has done for us.

Default Avatar75
Brad Thomas

David Whitten is knowledgeable, professional and responsive.  I’ve reached out to him many times over the past 5 years for employment law advice, and he always provides clear direction and truly invaluable information.  He patiently answers questions and is an absolute pleasure to work!

Kerri Reid

When I was in need of an employment lawyer, a friend recommended this firm, and from the very first contact it was friendly and professional. Within hours of requesting information on the website, I was contacted by a very friendly and helpful representative and then assigned to lawyer Daniel Chodos. Daniel was very welcoming, understanding, and efficient. He set expectations and followed up regularly. He represented me the way I needed, and gave great counsel on when and how to proceed or respond at different times. I highly recommend Daniel Chodos, and this law firm for any employment law needs!v

Default Avatar75
Tricia Truemner

Jonquille Pak provided me excellent council as I prepared and negotiated my exit package from a large company.

With a strong mind, savvy perspective, Jonquille knows when to further negotiate a financial option without financial loss and where to go for “ the win”. Always professional, she guided me through to a very satisfactory result. I always felt I was “in good, strong” hands throughout this difficult transition. I do not hesitate in highly recommending Ms. Pak.


As an individual who has never had to deal with any type of lawyers, my experience with Daniel Lublin was very positive. Daniel and his assistant, Nida were very understanding, professional and highly efficient. I am very happy with the positive outcome of my case and would highly recommend Daniel Lublin and Whitten & Lublin to anybody needing assistance with their employment.

Default Avatar75
Nia Leontitsi

David Whitten is a great lawyer. He is compassionate, efficient and confident in his abilities to succeed where others say they can't (while remaining humble). I didn't expect much more of a bump in my severance package, but David delivered and I appreciated the extra breathing room he was able to get for me.

Default Avatar75
Ilana P

I had the pleasure of dealing with Nasyr Asmi. He was great from beginning to end. He always kept communicating with me in a quick and clear manner. I would definitely recommend Nasyr Asmi to anyone.

Default Avatar75

Daniel Lublin is a great lawyer. He is committed to success, has well thought out strategies, and cares about getting the best outcome. He is personable, professional and highly responsive. Highly recommend Daniel.

Default Avatar75

David Whitten did an outstanding job in representing me with my employer such that I received a very favourable outcome upon my departure.
He was very proactive and yet showed great patience when needed. Always considered my comments in reaching a satisfying result.
Would highly recommend David

Larry Iwamoto

I was very pleased with my experience. My legal advisor, Nasyr Asmi, had reviewed my documents, asked pertinent questions and gave me excellent advice. Will refer to any associates who may need HR advice.

Default Avatar75
Bradley Campkin

After the initial consultation, I knew I wanted David Whitten to represent me. David was extremely forthright and honest with me from the very beginning. His legal expertise and professionalism are unparalleled – ensuring a prompt response to all correspondence. David managed my expectations, time and costs very efficiently. He took the time to explain, in detail, the legal processes and anticipated outcomes. This allowed me to be less emotional and make strategic decisions during a very hard time. There is no doubt that I got the best outcome as a result of David’s intelligence and work ethic. I highly recommend him.

Katie G

Daniel Lublin and the firm was excellent to work with, returning strong severance results. Having been laid off under unusual circumstances, Daniel was able to extract the most from my former employer, leading to a significant up-lift from my first offer.

A huge thank you to Daniel for a job well done.

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Sean P

From start to finish my experience with the firm WHITTEN & LUBLIN has been nothing but both positive and rewarding. My associate, Nasyr Asmi was focused on the bottom line: helping me to maximize results while minimizing costs. He understood my circumstances and concerns and provided understanding of the legal process and the options available. I would highly recommend Nasyr to anyone looking for an employment lawyer!

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Dale Harrison

I would highly recommend lawyer Carson Healey W&L. She provided legal advice and support, she helped my husband out with wrongful dismissal and severance package. She explained every step in process and best strategy of my husband situation. I appreciated that Carson was always responsive and took the time to explain and clarify communications to ensure clarity. Highly recommend.

Default Avatar75
Valentyna D

Amazing experience, they treat you like a person and not just a “client”. Very happy with my outcome and settlement. Marc was excellent to work with and Carson made this experience easy. She was a huge help with everything and went above and beyond for me! A huge thank you to both of you! I would recommend this law firm to anyone experiencing work place issues!

Default Avatar75

After being terminated from my job, I reached out to Stephen on the recommendation of a friend. As a fellow lawyer, I have high expectations and Stephen easily met them all. Not only does he provide excellent client service, but it was evident on our first call that he is an expert in his field. Stephen was able to quickly secure a settlement for me, drastically improving it from my original offer. I highly recommend Stephen and his firm, and I have already referred him to a number of colleagues.

Default Avatar75

I can highly recommend Daniel Lublin and his team. Very responsive, willing to listen and act upon client requests. Daniel also provides confidence during the process that he understands how things are progressing and that the outcome will be achieved - which it was.

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Scott & Hillary Ball

I have recently worked with Marc Kitay at Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers regarding an employment issue. His straightforward approach was easy to understand and helped lessen the anxiety regarding the process. Both he and his assistant Kim were extremely quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had. Thank you for resolving my situation with professionalism and empathy. I would recommend Marc and Kim for anyone with contractual labor questions or issues! Thanks so much!

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Kelly-May Vallee

David Whitten was great to deal with, he was professional candid and put me at ease. His experience in the area of Employment law is evident, I would not hesitate to recommend David and his team. You are in good hands!

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Maria da Silva

I had a very positive experience with Ben Hahn. He is knowledgeable and provides guidance, takes the time to thoroughly explain and answer questions, and overall very responsive and efficient. He is a pleasure to interact with and I'm very happy with the service provided.

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Sharon Chao

Great service, strategic ideas and approach, fantastic result. Thank you Daniel Chodos of Whitten & Lublin.

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Scott Currier

I have recently worked with Marc Kitay on an employment issue. He made me feel at ease and calm during a difficult process. He guided me through all the options available to me that allowed me to make informed decisions. Marc represented me quickly and professionally and made me feel more relaxed when emotions ran high. The intake process is very easy, the office staff are all so kind. If you are in need of employment or contract representation don't hesitate or feel embarrassed. You are in great hands with this firm. Thank you again Marc and Kim!

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Danielle Deal

f you'd like to resolve your labour dispute quickly, professionally, qualitatively, efficiently, lawfully and without too much stress, address your issue to David. He grabs the issue/situation in no time and suggests to you the best possible path to a victory! Then, just listen for his suggestions and follow his instructions! Remember that, as a high standing Professional Lawyer, David represents and defends your interests (not your opinion)! ... and you'll get the best possible result, as I've already gotten!!! What seemed to me illusive and almost impossible just a couple of months ago, now became a reality!!! Thank you David - you are the best of the bests!!! Big and deep bow to your knowledge, expertise, consistency, insistence, amazing negotiation skills and incredible sense of humour, which make this stressful and not-easy process a smooth path to success!!!

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Michael S

I can't recommend this firm enough, especially the work that was done by lawyer Marc Kitay.
He is the professional you want in your corner during a challenging time because he knows the law, he cares about his clients and he will deliver the best possible outcome.
Despite three years of delays due to the pandemic and backlogged cases in the courts, he persevered to get results for me and I am eternally grateful to have him and his firm by my side.
No one wants to resort to these measures to get justice, but if you do, I highly recommend engaging Whitten & Lublin and especially Marc Kitay.

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Christine Wall

Athan Makrinos was amazing! He and his team provided professional advice and accurate information. He was able to get me the package I deserved. I highly recommend him.

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Lisa MacNeil

I had retained Nasyr Asmi in supporting me with my employment case. With his great knowledge and experience, the journey was seemless right from the initial consultation, pre-mediation counsel and during mediation. What stands out with Nasyr is his professionalism, meticulous with detail, communicates well and being a skilled negotiator. I was very comfortable and confident in knowing I had made the right decision in choosing Nasyr to be in my corner. I would highly recommend him to others with similar employment situations.

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Yul Lem

Daniel Lublin is incredibly compassionate, professional and responsive as he coached me through my options and negotiated on my behalf. I am truly appreciative of all Daniel has done for me.

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Sandi Truffen

I recently had the privilege of working with Daniel Chodos who handled my case with unparalleled professionalism, understanding, and empathy. Facing a challenging and unfamiliar situation, Daniel's expertise and support made the entire process significantly less stressful.

From the initial consultation to the resolution of my case, Daniel's knowledge and experience in employment law were evident. He guided me through the complexities of employment law contracts, ensuring that I understood my rights and options every step of the way.

Throughout the process, Daniel's communication was exceptional. He kept me informed, promptly responded to any inquiries, and provided clear explanations, eliminating any confusion or uncertainty. His dedication to my case and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome were evident throughout our interactions.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Whitten & Lublin, particularly Daniel Chodos, for their exceptional services in employment law. If you find yourself dealing with a difficult employment situation, Whitten & Lublin is the firm to turn to for exceptional legal representation.

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Daniel Chodos is an excellent employment lawyer! I have worked with Daniel on four occasions, two of which were quite contentious, and Daniel worked to secure a positive outcome and gave me excellent advice throughout each negotiation. Highly, highly recommend!

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Terri O’Brien

As a young woman who has never had to deal with any employment issues having to seek help, was stressful on its own. During which my fiancé was also in the hospital. I did my fair amount of research. I reached out to five companies for an an initial conversation. Based on those initial conversations, I made my choice to stick with Whitten & Lublin. From the very first conversation With their legal secretaries and other staff members, My voice was heard. My concerns were listened to. I was not judged for my age, Or anything in between. I was helped. I was helped by two people Marc Kitay and Carson Healey. I worked with both of these incredible lawyers Who were happy to answer every question, which trust me there were a lot. They both genuinely cared and wanted what was best for me. They wanted me to have the correct information and helped me feel empowered by this as opposed to victimize. My situation trailed out for quite some time and Carson Healey was there for me through every single step. The type of representation that I got I will 100% be back if I need absolutely anything. These people are there for you to help you, to listen to you, to empower you and help guide you in your decisions, But ultimately, they support the decision that you’ve made. I can’t say enough good things about them the situation can’t be talked about, But I can say that I’ve already recommended a friend who is using them as well, and has had the same glowing experience. Thank you for everything.

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Katie Nunes

Nasyr Asmi successfully negotiated a severance amount that was more than double what was originally offered. Thank you, Nasyr!

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Rob Johnson

Consulted with Athanasios (Athan) Makrinos regarding drafting of some contracts. His attention to detail was great as well as his willingness to fight for his clients. He's passionate, cares about his work, and a thoughtful practitioner.

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Matei Olaru

I recently retained Daniel Lublin, a highly experienced employment lawyer with a proven track record decades of experience and skills second to none in negotiations. His skill and knowledge impressed me from day one and he gets results! I did not have to worry about updates and communication with Daniel as he would keep me appraised of changes as they came and provided valuable guidance resulting in a positive outcome. I would definitely call Daniel in the future and recommend him to anyone requiring legal assistance with employment matters as he truly stands apart from the rest. Thank you to you Daniel, and team for your support, guidance and timely results!

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Ben Serena

I found Whitten & Lublin at the right time when the unexpected happened in my life. I am very grateful for Mr. Lublin’s compassion, encouragement, sharp instinct and straight talk about my case. I needed and appreciated his efficiency and excellence. Thank you so much for everything!

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Patricia K

I retained Nasyr for my employment matter and was very impressed! He was nothing but professional and extremely knowledgeable, attentive to detail and a skilled negotiator. I was very pleased with how prompt he was and how quickly he got back to me to my questions/concerns. Nasyr always kept me informed and guided me throughout the process. I am so glad I had Nasyr by my side to help me. I will recommend Nasyr for any employment concerns and be confident that he will have my back!

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Maliha Iftekhar

I am so glad a friend recommended this firm to me. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking employment advice. Thank you, Nadia

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Nellie Taylor

I was recommended Marc Kitay at Whitten Lublin by a friend when I needed representation in an employment matter. From the beginning, Marc and his team made me feel at ease and confirmed I made the right decision in having them represent me with their confident professionalism. Every step of the way, any questions I had were answered quickly and thoroughly, allowing me to make the most informed decisions throughout the process. I want to thank Marc and his team for making what can be a very stressful ordeal as pain-free as possible. Cheers!

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Dipesh Mistry

Working with Daniel Lublin was a breath of fresh air. Extremely responsive, attentive to my needs and very professional.

I would recommend Whitten & Lublin to any one who needs help.

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Mike McBurney

Marc Kitay represented me with an employment matter. I cannot say enough about his professionalism and experience. The team is honest and trustworthy and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in any employment matters. Thank you Marc, your help greatly appreciated.

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Tatijana L

Daniel Lublin is one of the best lawyers I have ever worked with and is a master at effective, succinct, forthright communication and knowledgeable, intelligent solutions. He is results driven and tenacious. Daniel Lublin is on his A-game on every issue, in every discussion or meeting, and precisely explains and documents all issues and solutions with 100% clarity, leaving no room for error or misinterpretation. He is extraordinarily wise (well beyond his years) and his positive, straightforward energy is inspiring. Thank you, Daniel Lublin and Nida Arifullah, for your outstanding and exemplary service. Whitten Lublin is the “go-to” law firm for any employment matters.

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Christine Bauer

I don't usually write referrals, however, in this case I thought I should to show my appreciation. A friend of mine (a lawyer) recently put me in touch with Whitten & Lublin, namely David Whitten. During my initial consultation I found David to be very informative and knowledgeable and more to the point personable. A straight shooter. To settle the legal matter with my former employer David put me in the capable hands of one of his associates, Rachel Patten. I found Rachel to be very professional, supportive and responsive to my concerns and able to field all my questions. Rachel was instrumental in concluding my legal issue/dispute to an extremely satisfactory conclusion. I couldn't be more pleased.
Appreciate your help Rachel!

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Mirek Vesely

I am truly grateful to Athan Makrinos for representing me in a recent employment case. His responsiveness, professionalism, sound advice and overall guidance are commendable. I am satisfied with the outcome of the settlement negotiation that Athan has made possible. I would highly recommend him to any one seeking for an employment lawyer.

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LJ Santos

I fear any review I provide about David Whitten will not do him justice. David was highly recommended to me by a friend who is also a senior lawyer and someone I hold in very high regard and trust implicitly. David did not disappoint. His legal skill became apparent very quickly. He is also very kind and supportive. The level of respect he seems to command from opposing counsel speaks volumes. He is dogged and fights for the outcome he knows to be fair and reasonable. I highly recommend David should you find yourself needing legal counsel. You will be in very skilled, capable, professional, and caring hands.

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Leslie Sutherland

I have retained this firm 2wice in the past. Both times the matter was handled professionally with great deals in a short timeframe, that enabled me to move on towards a brighter future. i would not hesitate to recommend this firm VERY highly. Big shout out to Carson Healy, Simone Ostrowski and their studious clerk Sabrina Sanginesi. Great work, quick, meaningful replies and great settlements. Again, highly recommend. Don't let employers walk all over you, get their help.

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Dawn D

I had the opportunity to work with Athanasis (Athan) Makrinos in September of 2020 with my severance package review and finalization as this was all very new to me. His knowledge, care, and truthful advice was excellent. He enabled me to understand and then finalize my settlement in a way that I was very confident, satisfied, and felt that I received a fair settlement. Highly recommend.

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Arif Teja

I had the opportunity to work with David Whitten in the Spring of 2021 and I am so thankful for all of his knowledge, advice and overall guidance with my employment contract. The outcome was better than I anticipated and I could not have achieved this without his help. Great person to work with. Extremely personable, professional and support staff helped make admin a breeze. Highly recommend.

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Annamarie Bermundo

I worked directly with Daniel and his team and found him to be intelligent, efficient, able to focus quickly on what was required, and without wasting my time nor his. Additionally, he has a very easy going demeanour that made the experience a pleasure to work alongside his team. I would highly recommend him and his firm, they are experts in their field!

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Matthew MJ Diamond

Daniel Lublin came recommended by a friend who is also a legal professional. I am so glad that I followed through and connected with him. From the very first call, Daniel gave me the confidence to proceed with my legal matter. He was very strategic and honest about the possible outcome which put me at ease immediately. Nida Arifullah, who works closely with Daniel was amazing at supporting my case as well. I will be sure to recommend Whitten & Lublin to my network.

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Chiara Affrunti

I am extremely pleased with the experience I had with Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers. Upon initial contact, requesting Daniel Lublin, he got back to me immediately and from that initial contact through to the completion of my case, I knew I had made the right call. Over the course of a few months, I found that Daniel and his Law Clerk, Nida always followed up and got back to me with updates. I didn’t have to “chase” anything. Very professional. Daniel is an expert and asks all the right questions and gathers all of the critical information in order to build a successful case. He always makes you feel like your case is important and significant and that your rights will be protected. I would highly recommend Daniel Lublin’s team and I would absolutely use them again if needed.

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Mike Brown

Daniel Lublin and his entire team are legal ROCKSTARS! From the initial meeting to the final negotiations, Daniel and his team were knowledgeable, professional, and timely. They provided solid legal advice and ground-breaking legal precedent resulting in a dramatic increase (149%) in my termination package. I spoke with several lawyers before hiring Daniel Lublin, but two things stood out after my initial meeting with Daniel. He was extremely transparent (I knew what I was being charged from the initial meeting onward) and he identified a recent legal ruling that was game-changing for my case. Daniel is worth every penny. I would highly recommend Daniel and his entire team. The results speak for themselves. Thank you Daniel and the entire team at Whitten Lublin!!

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Julie Hamilton

A big Thank You to Aaron for helping with my situation. Very knowledgeable, professional and good sense of humour. Highly recommend using Whitten & Lublin if you ever have the need, call them!! You will not regret it!

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Chris Lien

I recently settled with my previous employer and it was done in a relatively short time. I am so pleased that I chose David Whitten as he is a true professional and clearly has a thorough knowledge of labour law. He provided an excellent overview in the initial consultation and set realistic expectations regarding options and this included advising not to spend unnecessarily on legal fees that might not produce results. Equally important, he was always quick to respond to my questions, either by email or phone, as requested. I would have no hesitation recommending Whitten Lublin to anybody and in fact already have.

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Paul Feitelberg

Had a great consultation call with Jason. He sure seemed to know his stuff - answered all our questions clearly and concisely. Provided clear advice that put both myself and my wife at ease. If we ever have a need to contact an employment lawyer again in the future, I will definitely reach out to Jason first.

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Neil Froggatt

Ryan Watkins and the team did an excellent job with my severance package very professional. Thanks again

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Richard Taylor

My experience with Whitten & Lublin Lawyers, and in particular Stephen Wolpert, was excellent. He took the time to truly understand my unique situation, he considered all perspectives and nuances and provided the support, guidance and advice I needed. I'm grateful to have had Stephen's assitance which led to an outcome I was pleased with.

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Jodi Serwatuk

Ryan Watkins was the lawyer that I had an initial consultation with at Whitten and Lublin. I wanted to resign from my company but wanted to ensure that I was protected. First, the initial consultation process is great because it ensures that your time is used in the most efficient way possible. While I did not require the full hour, I am certain that the review of documents that was provided prior to the meeting was well deserved and kept my time to a minimum. Ryan Watkins is a very knowledgeable and attentive lawyer. He was able to provide advice and guidance to me that proved to be a very good for my outcome. I particularly liked his style of explaining the options that I had and coaching me to "work it out on my own." Not only that, I also found Ryan very approachable and generally a very likable person. I recommend Whitten and Lublin for your employment law needs and I highly recommend Ryan Watkins.

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Carla Parslow

After almost 1 year and more (first contact Athan - from Whitten & Lublin was on Dec 22, 2019 - refer from a friend), it is Finally OVER! No more nightmare, no more sleepless but only justice. I was thinking it can be solved within 3 month or max 6 month because it was a simple and easy case - Got laid off and did not get the appropriated amount of the severance pay which I am entitled to. (I was thinking the amount I got from the company is good and fair and I even appreciated what they had offered me - but the TRUTH is cruel - the amount is not even close to what it is suppose to - PLEASE, if you are reading this - ask for ADVISE if needed) I am glad that Athan is with me all the way for almost a year - 1 year! I never imagine this will take 1 year and more and you all can imagine how hard is this to me - anxiety, sleepless, it affects my normal life so much - But again, I knew I have to trust Athan and his teams and Thanks again for being there with me all the way - At some point, I even wondered if I will have the case and did i make the right decision to call Athan and later I even had this email phobia that i am so scared to see Athan's email in my inbox.... ((Athan proves to me that if you are right and we know in this case I am right, you have to stand for yourself and believe WE (he and his team and I) can do it together)) Yes, WE did it finally! This law suit is long and stressful and painful, especially you know you are right, but there is no other choice BUT to ask for help and advise - from the Professional. I cannot agree more it is a MUST to look for someone is sincere and with lots experience and is willing to help no matter if the case is big or small - I even told Athan that the amount is not my concern because I have no idea what is the right amount to ask for and whatever he thinks is the reasonable amount, I will agree because I believe that they had done many many similar cases before and they will put the client best interest FIRST - YES, they did! Lastly me and my family would like to thank Athan and his teams for all the hard work that they had done for me and I would 100% recommend Athan (from Whitten & Lublin/Employment Lawyers) and his team to all my friends if same issues came up!!!

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Anthony Choi

It was a pleasure dealing with Daniel Lublin and I strongly recommend him as an employment lawyer. Once I explained the objectives I was trying to achieve, he immediately came up with a strategy to meet them. He was transparent at every step and I appreciated that he set realistic expectations with me. I felt that he tried to push the envelope as far as we could and I was satisfied with my settlement. I also felt confident he had my best interest at heart and that he demonstrated strong representation on my behalf. I would definitely work with Daniel again.

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I was having issues with my employer and needed help. Ms Ostrowski was assigned to my case and helped me out in the Summer of 2020. Thanks Simone!

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Mick Jones

Nasyr Asmi Did a great job providing his support in a constructive dismissal case. Very efficient.

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I contacted Whitten & Lublin after being served Termination papers at my corporate job as an Account Executive. I had several other lawyer referrals from friends but decide to talk to Whitten & Lublin first after reading their reviews online. The first contact was to pick a lawyer I felt comfortable with, I chose Ryan Watkins due to his level of experience and price per hour. I was a bit nervous going into the consultation meeting but Ryan's easy going nature, knowledge and ability to walk me through all the options made me feel confident he would represent my best interests efficiently. I signed with him at that first meeting! Throughout the negotiation period Ryan did what he promised, follow up and kept me informed but most of all negotiated a deal that I was happy with. My ROI for hiring a lawyer was well worth it! I have recommended Ryan Watkins and Whitten & Lublin to friends and will continue to do so.

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Sandra Clark

I was very fortunate to have Tommy Hong represent me in negotiations with my previous employer. Efficient, quick, and to the point - Tommy ensured that the negotiations were resolved in a timely fashion and allowed me to move forward from a negative situation with confidence.

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R Lowry

I enlisted Ben Hahn to aid me with crucial employment-related matters, and he proved instrumental in achieving a highly satisfactory outcome promptly. Ben consistently exhibited promptness and unwavering cooperation, diligently addressing all my inquiries. His guidance led me to explore avenues I had deemed inaccessible before. I am exceedingly gratified with his exceptional service.

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Akash Gupta

My experience with Whitten & Lublin, and the lawyer Tommy Junho Hong, was positive and transparent. Tommy is professional, timely and attentive. I strongly recommend the firm and his legal services.Appreciate the great work.

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Inbal Shree

I highly recommend Whitten & Lubin. Their team was quick to respond and clear about all information. A meeting was set up within the same day and Athan was invaluable in helping me. Very easy to speak, intelligent and informative.

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Daniel Rose

We had a 5 Star experience with Tommy Junho Hong. He was extremely professional and yet very personable with us. He took the time to meticulously review our file, always stay in touch and keep us updated. We will definitely recommend him to our friends and family. Thank you, Tommy, you are the best!

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Carson is the best employment lawyer I have ever had the privilege of meeting. From our first meeting, she explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand and was always very responsive when I had questions outside of our meetings.

Her legal representation restored my faith in the justice system. If you're seeking legal help as an employment law client, call Whitten & Lublin today.

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Tiffany Brown

I recently had the opportunity to work with Daniel Lublin and was extremely pleased with my experience. From my first contact with the firm I found that I was handled with the utmost professionalism. Daniel was very timely with his responses and took the time to provide very detailed explanations throughout the process. He also came up with some very creative solutions to issues that would have potentially stalled the negotiation process. I would highly recommend him.

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Therisa D’Amato

I had a great experience with Whitten & Lublin firm. Everyone in this office is supportive and accommodating. I had a pressing matter and I contacted Daniel Chodos during a long weekend. I was quite surprised when he responded right away and helped me schedule a consultation with one of his team members in a few days. I met with Athan Markrinos, his advice was accurate and reasonable, rendering a positive outcome. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise and highly recommend this firm.

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Mah A

I had the opportunity to work with Athan Makrinos. I found him very professional and guided me through every step of the process. He was knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Thank you for your guidance

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Raj Cheema

Unfortunately I was hit by a layoff earlier this year after 10+ years of service. The company offered me a moderate package. Given the current job market I felt I needed more cushion and contacted Whitten and Lubin. From our initial conversation Nasyr made me feel  comfortable with the process and initiating a dialog with them. My lack of experience meant I had self-created stress, but he attempted to make it as straightforward as possible. His communication and prompt responses were reassuring and much appreciated. He helped me resolve the matter in a reasonable timeframe. Fortunately I received some additional severance to what was initially offered which will provide me a bit more cushion while I tackle the next stage of my career. Thank you Nasyr!

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I highly recommend hiring Daniel Lublin and Simone Ostrowski if you are let go without a fair severance. While I cannot comment on the specifics of my case, I can state that Daniel and Simone were creative, confident and fought aggressively on my behalf. We were up against one of Canada’s largest employers and their team of lawyers. But Daniel and Simone were not deterred. They found a subtle but important argument that my former employer did not expect and this creativity ultimately pushed our case over the top. In the end, I was very pleased with the result of my case. If your employer let's you go and you need lawyers who are not afraid to take on a giant, call Daniel Lublin and Simone Ostrowski.

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Sandy K.

I got an immediate response to my inquiry, and my situation was addressed with complete professionalism and compassion. Highly recommended.

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Greg Newby

5 Stars. I had a great experience working with Athan. Thanks to their team for helping me solve a settlement in a relaxed and professional manner.

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Olivia Grant

Nasyr Asmi who was my lawyer on my case did a terrific job. He helped guide me through all the steps I needed to take. He always kept me informed and explained everything to me. He was very thorough and really did his homework. I’m glad he was on my side.

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Bill Awrey

I used Daniel Lublin at Whitten and Lublin to create an employment agreement for myself. Unfortunately my employer terminated me. However, their agreement was airtight. When I was terminated Dan Lublin and Ryan Watkins were with me every step of the way. Fortunately I had the foresight to use a professional to create my agreement and their contract held up. It is great to have specialized professionals on your side and they are bound to think of things that others would not. They are the experts and even on their vacations they both kept in touch with me. I highly recommend them!

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Jason Tompkins

I had a great experience with Tommy Hong from this firm. He was extremely professional and gave very sound advice. I would highly recommend!

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Joel Dennis

I've had the pleasure of working with Jason Jagpal from this firm. He bent over backwards to make sure I had what I needed and was always accommodating no matter the situation.

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Andrew Safranko

I was wrongfully dismissed and Daniel Lublin reviewed my case and finally concluded it was a constructive dismissal. Daniel and his team guided me through the process of settling my case, and I was able to get a contingency package to my satisfaction. I would recommend Daniel's services to anyone looking for a capable and proven Toronto employment lawyer.

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A Google User

I ran into the problem of illegal dismissal related to my short term disability. Ryan Watkins was able to see me right away. He listened and collected all my information thoroughly, and he was quick and patient. He was able to identify all possible solutions. He wrote legal letters on behalf of me which finally helped me to get desirable result. His fees were clearly defined. I would strongly recommend Ryan Watkins to anyone seeking legal counsel in employment law.

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Inna L.

Recently, I was in need of legal help to handle an employment severance package. I couldn't have asked for someone better than Daniel Lublin, Nida Arifullah and team. They did an excellent job in representing my interests and involving me in every decision made. They were always very responsive to my inquiries and kept me up to date on my case at all times. I was happy with the end result and would highly recommend them to anyone who requires advice or representation from an employment lawyer. Thank you so much for your help.

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Cristian IANCU

I was laid off during the pandemic. Jason Jagpal negotiated an outstanding settlement with my employer. He is very knowledgeable and I am very happy that I chose to retain him and his firm to help me during such a difficult time.

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Daniel Wilson

I'm extremely happy with my decision to go with the lawyers at Whitten & Lublin. I, like many others, suffered wrongful dismissal during the recession and I decided to meet with Whitten & Lublin law firm after hearing great recommendations about their work. I felt at ease right from the start. I could tell they were experts in their field from the initial consultation and I felt like I was in great hands. Sure enough, working with them has led a positive outcome to my case. My heartfelt thanks to the lawyers at Whitten & Lublin.

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A Google User

My experience working with Daniel Lublin and team was both straightforward and expedient. I felt Daniel was genuinely looking at the situation from the perspective of my best interests, was transparent about my options, forthcoming with considerations and trade-offs, but without leading me to a way forward.  Daniel achieved a result I was pleased with in a tight timeframe. The team were upfront about relevant logistics, and communicative throughout. Very positive experience working with them.

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Alastair Angus

It is with pleasure that I recommend our employment lawyer Tommy Junho Hong. During a difficult time in my life in which I was under much stress & duress during a prior employment, Tommy in addition to his legal expertise also provided much empathy and compassion to help make this difficult process more bearable. Tommy's personable and very calming demeanor along with his strong understanding of the workings of the law and how to effectively communicate complex situations and make them more understandable. In addition to these strong skills, he is always very professional and also timely in his follow up. I would strongly recommend Tommy if you are ever in need of an employment lawyer.

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Karen Guiliano

I recently used Stephen Wolpert in a settlement with an employer. Stephen was very helpful in developing a business case to present back to the employer and continued to push it through to closure. Very pleased with the firm and am thankful for the team at Whitten and Lubin.

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Don Ling

David Whitten's dedication to his clients and passion for the law are obvious from the first meeting. His help was much appreciated.

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Melissa Pound

I hired Daniel Lublin to handle my wrongful dismissal case. I was endanger of losing everything. He walked us through the things that had to be done and gave us great advice. We couldn't have had a better outcome and needless to say we are extremely pleased. Dan Lublin is indeed a very effective lawyer and we would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Dan.

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A Google User

This was my first experience with any type of law firm in my life, and I was very nervous at first since I didn't know what to expect. Tommy Hong took care of my case, and was extremely responsive, professional and knowledgable. I first sought out the consultation with Tommy at Whitten & Lublin before leaving my employer, and I am very grateful that I made that choice to meet with him as it allowed me to leave a very toxic workplace in a calm and rational way where I knew all my options before proceeding with the resignation. He walked me through the entire process step by step and gave me all the various options, which gave me the confidence and knowledge to take action. I would definitely recommend for anyone on the fence to just go ahead and meet Tommy for the initial consultation and take it from there. You will feel relieved once you know all your options. Thank you again for all your help!

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Yas P.

Marc Kitay provided timely and competent expertise to resolve my legal issue. He is professional and guided me to a very satisfactory outcome. I appreciate and recommend his expertise.

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Lynda Hanley

My direct counsel was Rachel Patten. I found Rachel to be very patient, polite, professional and to the point. She really understands her clients' interests and predicts the likely outcome of a case based on the law, the facts, and previous precedents of similar common law court decisions and precedents. Given my circumstances, I can say she achieved for me what I wanted to achieve. My case was a severance package issue, and she pursued my case with professional passion, vigor, and precise knowledge to the end. Rachel Patten and her employment firm Whitten and Lublin are second to none in work place issues in Canada. I am glad that I chose them as my counsel.

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A.D. Tiky

I had to consult Daniel Lublin on three separate occasions in my career. Each time he was very professional and gave me excellent advice. These were all times where I was extremely stressed with workplace conflicts, and after each visit with Daniel, he put me at ease and each time I felt very confident in his ability to fight for me. Most recently when I was terminated, he came through with flying colours, the outcome being exceptionally good.
Thank you again Daniel.

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A Google User

It was a pleasure working with Athan Makrinos with respect to my employment matter. Athan was always very responsive and provided solid advice. I would strongly recommend.

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Tomo B

I was given Whitten and Lublin as a referral and I am more than extremely glad I called, Rachel Patten was amazing to work with, very professional, gave of her time and great advice which I am very grateful for.. I must say that I am very pleased with my settlement and I appreciate all the hard work that the team at Whitten &Lublin put in. I highly recommend this firm. No need to be nervous, they will guide you in the right direction.

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Claudia Zanatta-Weekes

Few months ago I walked into Mr. Daniel Lublin's office with doubt, despair and agitation of mind due to my termination from my job yet only few months later I walked out of Daniel's office with confidence, self respect and a smile on my face. None would have been possible without Daniel's best intention for his client, hard work and brilliancy. Daniel has an unique ability to remove emotionalism and despondency out of his client's mind and steer the client towards moving forward in order to achieve the best possible settlement. His practical, speedy and focused approach regarding his client's need is extremely effective to reach a faster and greater settlement. Daniel is a consummate professional, transparent and makes legal matters very intelligible for ordinary man like me to understand. I have been truly blessed and fortunate to have met Daniel to handle my case. The outcome was certainly beyond all expectations.
So without any hesitation I would highly recommend Daniel to all who may have to deal with some legal matter. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Daniel Lublin and best of success to Whitten and Lublin law firm going forward.
Dave Guha

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A Google User

David Whitten and the whole team at Whitten & Lublin provided me with excellent legal services. David's knowledge and sage advice was instrumental to achieving a satisfactory result in a short period of time. The process was very professional and very efficient - no wasted time, which kept costs under control. In addition, David took the time to explain very clearly the legal process for each action item on the case. I appreciated those qualities very much. In addition to critical legal advice and quality work, David managed to keep the case in perspective for me, which helped me make sound decisions. I therefore highly recommend Whitten & Lublin. It was a real pleasure to work with David, his partner and their team. I will certainly call upon them again.

Michael Fitzgibbon

Tommy Hong has been tremendously kind and knowledgeable about my case. He walked through every step of the way in detail and was capable of taking the right steps to resolve the matter and counsel me kindly. Tommy is also extremely patient and is very fluent to give you more explanations if you need extra help in understanding it. If you want professional legal advice, I recommend you to visit Whitten Lubin Employment Law Firm.

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Sarah Sowe

My experience with Whitten & Lublin was excellent. The team is exemplary and professional. I worked with Jason Jagpal and his wonderful staff to help me resolve an employment matter and he was more than generous with his time and assistance. Highly recommended!

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Michael Morra

This was my first ever lay off experience and I was naturally anxious about seeking legal counsel and understanding the process. Daniel Lublin actually came highly recommended from one of the large, global law firms. I wanted a practical, realistic, and solutions oriented approach in resolving my case. Ideally, without going to litigation.

Daniel was on top of all the back and forth negotiations and I’m pleased with the final outcome. Additionally, I was impressed with Daniel's ability to quickly articulate the key issues and make a solid recommendation at each point in the process.

Daniel was always responsive. Frankly, he gave me peace of mind and the feeling that I was looked after and above all, he cared.

I highly recommend Daniel Lublin and his firm for all matters related to employment law. Thank you Daniel! You are a great professional.

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A Google User

Very knowledgeable, attentive, and compassionate to issues. I absolutely recommend Tommy, he shows genuine concern and interest in your case

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Randy Laderoute

My experience was very smooth throughout the entirety of my case. Communication and very clear instructions from Nadia Halum made for a successful result. Cheers to the W&L team and Thank You

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Adrian Tornifoglia

I found a lawyer that was true to his word, and more. When the only company I ever worked for recently let me go, I consulted with Daniel Lublin at Whitten & Lublin to review my severance. Daniel quickly concluded that my offer was inadequate and we sued after my ex-employer refused to make any real improvement up front.

Many lawyers claim they “go to court” but that really only means that, if they can’t settle quickly, they will sue and later when pressed, they will also settle. Daniel Lublin is different. In my case, Daniel actually went to a hearing at court – and he won! A judge of the Superior Court of Justice awarded me almost double my employer’s initial offer of severance and a good portion of my legal costs. Daniel’s advice along the way was bang on, especially when he counselled me to reject a settlement offer made mid-way through the case because he was confident we would beat it at trial, and we did.

If you need a winner, call Daniel Lublin and his team at Whitten & Lublin.

Alex Perl

Alex Perl

I chose to work with Whitten Lublin based on my initial meeting with Marc Kitay and the firm’s reputation. From the beginning Marc outlined the process, the expected outcome and any risks associated with the process. There were some twists and turns with the claim and while I viewed some of these as very challenging situations, Marc continued to remain positive and determined that the outcome would be to my satisfaction . In the end I was very pleased with the outcome and would recommend Marc to anyone requiring advice on post employment issues.


I had a wonderful experience with Athan Makrinos at Whitten Lublin Employment Employment Lawyers. He was professional and knowledgeable. He helped me get through a difficult situation and I was very pleased with his hard work and dedication. I would highly recommend him!

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Ellen Drazner

I worked directly with Nadia Halum Arauz and my experience with Nadia was wonderful! Nadia was efficient and heard my concerns every step of the way and provided information that would be best for me. I am very happy with how our interactions went and she was worth every penny.

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Arpita Dar

I had a great experience and was fortunate to have been represented by David Whitten regarding an unemployment issue. This was the first time I have been in a situation like this and I felt at ease when I was referred to the Whitten and Lublin law firm. David gave me extremely helpful advice and insight from the first time we spoke. After hearing what he had to say I was already confident in his knowledge and asked him to represent me. Even though I was a small client he still listened to everything I had to say and explained his plan for my best defense. He had a way of explaining complicated intricate ideas in a way where it was easy to understand. David is honest, fair, reliable and patient. I would highly recommend David Whitten to others who might be facing a similar unemployment issue.

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David Denny

recently been referred to Athanasios Makrinos at the firm. He's been professional and attentive. He even spoke to me regarding an urgent matter off hours which is rare. He's been knowledgeable and helpful through this process.

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Mani Nadjafi

I want to thank Marc Kitay and his team for all the guidance and support I received while dealing with an employment matter. I found Marc to be extremely knowledgeable, and his professionalism and level of expertise was top-notch. Employment challenges are never easy, but Marc was very patient with me while I asked tons and tons of questions. I appreciated that I was given the time and attention that I felt I needed. I would highly recommend him. Thanks again Marc. I truly appreciate your assistance.

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Monica Valenzuela

Daniel Lublin was my legal counsel over my termination with my former employer. Not only did Daniel do an excellent job of helping me to understand my legal rights and managing my expectations, he also earned my trust. Each step of the process, Daniel was readily available to explain to me what was currently happening and made clear suggestions of what our next course of action should be. This helped me to feel that I still had some control over my termination, something that is extremely valuable when you are dealing with a former employer. In the end, I feel that my former employer and I were able to come to a fair conclusion on how my termination should be handled without having to go to court over it – something that I thank Daniel for.
I would recommend Daniel, without hesitation, to any friend or family member having issues or concerns with a current or former employer.

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A Google User

I would like to write this letter of review on Daniel Lublin and his team. I never ever expected to see myself in a situation where I needed to secure an employment lawyer. A previous colleague indicated that Daniel Lublin was the one and only lawyer to speak to. From my first meeting with Daniel it was very obvious he was the one who would represent me. Never once from my first meeting did I feel scared, overwhelmed or ever in doubt. Daniel believed in me and my case. His phone calls, emails and in person conversations were genuine and heart felt. Daniel and his law clerk Nida truly gave me the straight goods at all times. As we went through mediation, examination and then to pre-trial, Daniel walked me through what to expect, there were never any surprises. On the day of pre-trial I met his associate Simone, what a professional and immediately I felt a bond. Daniel and Simone were outstanding the day of pre-trial. Now that its over, I feel at peace and I have my life back. Thank you Daniel, Simone and Nida, your knowledge and professionalism is something that I will continue to be extremely thankful for. I would highly recommend Daniel Lublin and his team, should you find yourself in a situation where you need the advise on any type of employment law situation.

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Patti St. Pierre

Thank you Nasyr for all your help with my case. You were thorough, responsive, genuine and explained the process throughout. Your support in this was very helpful to me and I would definitely recommend you and your team to anyone looking!

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Navee Jayaseelan

Daniel Lublin was my legal counsel and represented my on a non-compete matter with a termination. His advice was realistic, his representation was phenomenal and reflected a high calibre of knowledge and strategic skill. He successfully handled the matter in a short amount of time. This ability and his desire to make me understand all options provided a level of comfort in a personally stressful situation. I greatly appreciate his skill and highly recommend his firm for employment law.

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A Google User

I recommend Daniel Lublin for outstanding work he has done for me! Fees etc were spot on and no surprises! Thank you Daniel!

Carolina Fernandez

I've been working with Athan Makrinos for over 1 year now and I must say that Athan does not disappoint. Athan makes customer service his number one priority and is always eager to help. He is knowledgeable and resourceful and always ensures that you are updated on next steps. He is also very personable and easy to work with. Overall, working with Athan has been an excellent experience.

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Andrey Kocherga

I was incredibly impressed with the service and advice I received from working directly with Daniel Lublin. From the outset he was prepared, professional and set proper expectations. All along the way he communicated effectively and advocated on my behalf fervently. I would highly recommend working together for great service and results.

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Jordan Samery

Just recently Daniel Lublin had represented me on a legal matter with my former employer. I was very impressed with Daniels Knowledge and expertise in labour law, but also impressed on what a down to earth person Daniel is. When I hired Daniel is was very frustrated and very angry at what I was going through with my former employer after 20 years of service. Daniel put me at ease and witihn a couple of months of hiring him on we settled and I moved on to better things and happier. I would not hesitate to recommend Daniel to anyone that is seeking legal advise for any employment matter.

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A Google User

Whitten & Lublin was referred to me through a friend who had previously engaged the firm for guidance around a similar matter. I was fortunate enough to work with Athan Makrinos and I couldn't have been happier with the representation he provided. He quickly grasped the situation at hand and showed patience with me throughout the process. Athan was always responsive and ensured I was well informed and comfortable as matters proceeded. Suffice to say I am very pleased with the result and will be sure to recommend Athan along with Whitten & Lublin in the future.

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Ryan G.

I contacted Whitten & Lublin, after researching their experience, when the terms of my employment had changed and was fortunate to have Daniel Lubin lead my file. He was so thorough, helpful and organized and I would highly recommend his services.

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Rob Bryans

When I retained Daniel Lublin to represent me for an employment dispute that had been dragging on for a lengthy period of time I could have never imagined then that such a negative situation would be resolved so quickly, efficiently and with such a positive outcome. Right from the onset Daniel was approachable, professional, honest and straightforward with the information he provided. His expertise and knowledge of the law was obvious and undeniable, most importantly I felt I could trust his representation regarding my case, and that was very important to me.I appreciated greatly that Daniel was always accessible and returned my calls, questions or emails promptly. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone requiring the services of an employment lawyer to contact Daniel Lublin first. Thank you again, Daniel, Kindest Regards, Sandy

Sandy Churney

Highly recommended. Very good experience. I have used the Whitten & Lublin services. I had the pleasure of working with Marc Kitay and Jacquelin. This team was very professional and knowledgeable. You will not be disappointed.


It was a great experience; Athan’s consultation give me confidence and self esteem needed to move forward. He was honest and very professional.

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Bita Tavakkolie

I would like to thank Stephen Wolpert for his assistance in negotiating my severance package. Stephen provided great advice and support as I worked with my employer to execute an exit package. Stephen was great at providing prospective from both an employer and employee side to ensure that I received a fair package without incurring large legal fees. Stephen takes the time to listen to the issues and familiarize himself with the case before providing sound advise. He returned calls and emails promptly and made the process less stressful. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen and the firm for your employment needs.

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Steve Danelon

Daniel Lublin was extremely professional, right from the initial meeting. He clearly explained the options, and which ones were the most reasonable given my particular circumstances - this I appreciated as this was my 1st time in the situation. Daniel and I worked together on our overall strategy, and he ensured we were in total agreement before he engaged with my former employer. His experience with situations of similar nature to my own did give me confidence as to our overall approach. Throughout the process Daniel and his office staff were very communicative - which my wife and I appreciated greatly ! My questions were answered quickly and thoughtfully. Finally, Daniel and his team were very efficient and effective at assertaining the settlement I was looking for. I'm sure that all circumstances are different, but Daniel and his team really knew how to handle mine in terms of expectation setting with me, and negotiating with my former employer. I'm very pleased with the services and would truly recommend Daniel to other people in my circumstance.

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Evan Nicol

Daniel Lublin was a Godsend at a time when I was most confused and vulnerable. I’ve seen him operate in court and he’s quite the “legal surgeon”. As a senior professional, I was laid off in my 30th year with my employer, with the minimum severance package allowed by employment law, and with no offer of help to seek other employment. I needed legal representation from someone who understood my situation, had strong expertise, and who would fight for my rights all the way to the end. Daniel Lublin was exactly that person. He knew from the outset that we would do much better if we fought and that’s what we did, all the way to court and through a recent trial. I found Daniel Lublin to be highly skilled, professional, and knowledgeable, as well as honest, forthright, and diligent. I also found him to be attentive, responsive, and informative. He provided excellent guidance, and was always clear about what I could realistically expect. I always knew where I stood with my case. He was also an extreme pleasure to work with, along with his wonderful law clerk, Nida. Daniel inspired confidence and eased my concerns from the first moment I met with him. It was reassuring to know that I had someone on my side on whom I could rely. And his incredible skill in court was the icing on the cake. Because of Daniel, we won the case with the highest award allowed under current case law. There are not enough words in the English vocabulary for me to sing Daniel's praises. I hope that no one ever has to go through a horrible, shocking and disconcerting situation like mine, but if you do, then Daniel Lublin is the lawyer for you. I highly recommend him. He will not let you down!

Stephanie Ozorio

I worked with a lawyer named Athan and got a much better severance package than I was offered when going about it alone. Working with this team took a lot of the stress out of the situation as well.

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Graydyn Young

I was given David Whitten as a referral and It has been a pleasure dealing with David and his team. He is available when needed, extremely reactive, very professional, and provided great advice. I highly recommend this firm.

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Christophe Jollivet

As an executive and having familiarity with a variety of lawyers and firms in the non-employment law spaces, I definitely knew what I did not want.

After a bit of shopping, I met with Daniel Lublin from Whitten & Lublin and choose him. I am glad I did.

My former employer started me off with a low ball offer for a very senior position.

Daniel caught this issue right away, and It was this issue that immediately brought our range up 6x over where they started and allowed us to negotiate on our terms, not theirs. Then Daniel developed a strategy to threaten a novel claim for extra damages that enabled us to get the “last 20%” of what we wanted.

Most lawyers, in my experience, would apply the 80 / 20 rule and stopped at achieving 80% of the result, because most of the work left is in pushing for that last 20%.

Daniel took it the extra mile. His innovative approach applied recent legal precedent on an non-employment law related issue to get us over the goal line. My former employment caved.

I would HIGHLY recommend.

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Freedomiz Tospeak

I was truly fortunate to have had Marc Kitay represent me in an extremely difficult case against my former employer. From the moment I walked into Whitten & Lublin and met with Marc for my consultation, he put my mind at ease. He assessed the case, provided sound legal advice and I left his office with a fully retained lawyer and one who went to work for me within the hour. I was impressed with his demeanour, professionalism and his efficiency. Marc always responded to me within the same day and no matter how busy he was, always took the time to fully listen and thoughtfully respond. Thank you Marc, for all you have done for me, for standing by my side, for being my advocate in every sense of the word, for fighting the good fight and for the successful ending, you're one in a million and I would highly recommend you.

C. Johnson

I would like to thank Rachel Patten for all of her help getting my severance package from my old employer. I had fallen ill and was wrongfully terminated. Rachel and here team assisted me by providing advice and guidance in the middle of this stress full time. She was always available on email or to book a call to review topics I didn't understand. My experience was very good and the result was what I wanted.

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Paul B

I was referred to work with Daniel Lublin when I believed I was wrongfully dismissed from my work place and was told that he would help me as he really knows his business. Quickly, after a call to Daniel he walked me through the steps I needed to take to better understand my situation. He treated me with kid gloves and asked all the right questions that eventually closed my employment issue to what I believed was fair. I would recommend Daniel and his team for quick results anytime.


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Dean Walter

My friend highly recommended Daniel Chodos from Whitten and Lublin Employment Lawyer to me. I got a very difficult case. For passed several months, Daniel Chodos shows not only his professional skills/knowledge, but also his patient/thoughtful to his client whose English is not mother language and who has no any law sense. I couldn't find more words to express my satisfactions and thanks. Thanks, Daniel and Jassica. I definitely and strongly recommend to anybody who is looking for employment lawer.

Shengnan Yang

I was given the name of Simone Ostrowski of Whitten & Lublin as a referral. Simone Ostrowski was very professional, with a quick response time on any issues or questions that I had. She took the time to explain how things play out in the courts and explained my options to me with solid advice. I am very grateful for reaching out to her. I am very pleased with my settlement and appreciate all the hard work that was put into my case by Simone and her team at Whitten & Lublin. I highly recommend her and this firm, No need to be nervous, they will make you feel at ease and guide through your situation.

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Tom Hudson

Having had to deal with an employment situation and needing legal counsel, I started doing my research looking for the best employment attorney in Toronto. After doing my research and reading some of Daniel Lublin's articles, I came to the conclusion he was the best person for the job.
Daniel is very knowledgeable and his experience allowed him to immediately grasp the complexity of my case and to lay out a plan of action. I was most impressed with Daniel's letter to my employer as it was very well written, without overusing any of the usual legal jargon yet delivering the powerful impact it needed to convey the message.

Daniel Lublin did a great job in helping me reach a settlement with my company in a fairly quick time-frame. I would recommend Daniel and his firm and would use them again for legal counseling. Thank you Daniel.

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Iulian Razvan

Daniel Chodos provided me excellent counsel during an unexpected career transition. He was friendly, exceptionally knowledgeable and explained things clearly and simply. I would highly recommend him and the rest of the staff at Whitten and Lublin.

Lionel Bebbington

I feel morally obliged to write this review for Mr. Daniel Chodos, employment lawyer at Whitten & Lublin, who was recommended to me by my lawyer friend.
I was very impressed with Mr. Chodos’ professionalism, legal expertise and strategy, clear and concise explanation, efficiency and effectiveness. My case was successfully concluded in a span of less than two months from the date of initial legal consultation without having my case going to trial. This translates to great savings on legal cost for me.

Recommendation: Mr. Daniel Chodos is highly recommended for anyone looking to hire an experienced, cost effective and pleasant-to-work-with employment lawyer.

Lawla Tam

I recently had Marc Kitay from Whitten and Lublin handle an employment case on my behalf. From the very first meeting I was impressed with his professionalism, his knowledge and his compassion. He always made sure I totally understood my options, the proceedings and procedures involved. I felt comfortable and he was truly genuine in his empathy of my situation. I would highly recommend him to anyone in a situation that would benefit from his competency in this field.

Heidi Geburt

David Whitten kindly took over contract review and negotiations when I switched investment banks. David is truly a master of his craft and an expert. He is also incredibly reachable and responsive. As a fellow lawyer, I truly appreciate his expertise and professionalism and would fully recommend him to anyone else in a similar situation.

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Ben A

I had a pleasant experience with the Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers. I have worked with Mr. Daniel Lublin. He was professional and confident. His assurances have been based on facts and his confidence has been instrumental at a time when my options were not very clear. He has attained a very satisfactory settlement for me.

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Hannah O.

I was put into contact with Daniel Lublin by an associate who described Daniel as one of the top employment lawyers in Canada and invited me to read some of Daniel's articles from the Globe and Mail to give me an idea of who Daniel was.

I met with Daniel for an initial consultation the very next day (he was extremely flexible in hours and I spoke with him for the first time @ 7:30pm the evening before)
Daniel asked me to describe my situation, listened intently and when he verified that I was finished began to replay my situation back through the notes he kept while I was talking. This was his way of back checking my points to ensure we did not miss anything. Once that was complete he walked me through each point to articulate my options, listened and responded when I asked follow ups and coached me to what I could expect in the near term and long term as a result of the circumstances I was under.
He did not push me one way or the other just matter of fact gave me the options and told me to think it through before deciding what to do.
It was that approach and the very informative way Daniel advised me that gave me the confidence to go through with a lengthy and very nerve racking period over 3 months.
In the end we had a successful conclusion that I can say with 100% confidence would not have happened if not for Daniel and his team. I can think of at least twice over those very stressful months that Daniel had to "talk me off the roof" and reassure me that it would all be ok if I would just stay the course.

The initial comments by my associate that he was one of the best in Canada was certainly well founded. In my case I would not hesitate to say "Best in Canada".

Daniel I cannot express my thanks deep enough, Thank You!

A very Happy Customer

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Happy Customer

Daniel Lublin just recently successfully handled my rather difficult case. Daniel was referred to me as someone who "fights for his clients and gets the results". I cannot agree more. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who might need employment lawyer services.


Daniel Lublin has in-depth experience and knowledge of employment law. He and his team are committed to ascertaining the best possible outcomes for their clients. Throughout the process Daniel was on top of things. He was proactive in his approach, always responsive and took the time to listen and understand my situation. I would highly recommend Daniel Lublin and his team should you be in need for a top employment lawyer. Andrea Smith

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Andrea Smith

What you see in your first meeting... is what you get.
I retained Dan but have witnessed both David Whitten and Daniel Lublin in action on separate actions. Both are best described as "legal land sharks" and are more than capable of holding their own against their opponents regardless of their status or however many they bring to the table.
They come prepared and don't waste time getting to the nuts and bolts of where they need to be. They're both equipped with rapier whits, a sense of humour and easy to work with.
Having witnessed my fair share of Counsellors in the past, these guys are right up there with the best of them.

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Guy Parent

Daniel Chodos: very professional, advised me on what I should expect, what I could receive and not receive, kept things realistic. He responded quickly to my requests, answered all my questions. His suggestions were always in my best interests and exactly where the final settlement ended up. I never felt rushed in talking with him. Thank you Daniel, you did an awesome job for me !

Kathleen S

I would like to say thank you so much again to Simone Ostrowski for her valued advice and guidance to obtain a fair severance package from my previous employer of 32 years. Her expertise and knowledge was very helpful for my case and it was an absolute delight to work with her. Simone's professionalism is excellent as she is courteous, but she also shows compassion and patience. She takes the time to listen and answered every question no matter how irrelevant my queries may have been. Therefore I would recommend Simone Ostrowski very highly for any employment legal matter you may have.

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Joe Schwartz

I was introduced to Ellen Low by a mutual associate and am very grateful for the connection.

I met with Ellen shortly after our initial correspondence and found her to be knowledgeable, forthright, sympathetic and personable. She provided me with a number of options with concise thoughts on each and made decision-making regarding next steps and a plan of action clear and straightforward.

The entire process took some time but at no fault of Ellen’s. She follows through quickly and she’s tough. In the end, I reached a settlement that I know I could not have achieved without her.

In looking for a lawyer, obviously, you want a killer on your side. Professionally, Ellen’s exceptional at her job, without doubt. But I’m not sure if that’s at the heart of why I would recommend her.

There’s a certain amount of emotional wear and tear you go through. Looking back, I think it’s important to feel like you’ve got somebody on your side, a real partner.

Ellen’s got your back - and you know it at every step. That’s why I’m writing this recommendation. Retain her services and you’ll see firsthand.

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Peter Jensen

Daniel Lublin came recommended to me through a friend who claimed he had researched a number of employment lawyers and wanted to go with the best. As I unequivocally trusted this friend, I went with Daniel Lublin and am very pleased that I did.

Daniel set out his strategy, and while it was important to remain patient throughout the process, ultimately his strategy was successful, and we achieved an equitable settlement.

Not only would I recommend Daniel Lublin without hesitation in any negotiation for severance, I think it’s equally important (and I will do this going forward) to consult Daniel prior to signing any future employment contract.

Oliver Manahan

When you need professional representation in the matter of employment law look no further than Whitten & Lublin. I dealt with Daniel Lublin's team and found them very professional, prompt, approachable and compassionate, giving you a well balanced advice to ensure you are happy with the outcome. No hesitation to recommend them to anyone who needs good employment lawyer. Advice you can trust, results that will please you.

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J. Ploski

Daniel Lublin and his team provided excellent advice and support during my negotiations with my former employer. He made himself immediately available and had a response to the company's initial offer within three days. Daniel provided realistic expectations and timelines for resolution at the outset, and all was settled within a couple of months. I highly recommend Daniel Lublin to anyone who is seeking to improve a severance offer, or any other employment law issue.

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Tom Middlebrook

Daniel Lublin was recommended to me through an Executive Search firm that I had dealt with in the past. We had a full case together regarding a settlement for my severance. Daniel was thorough, expedient and in complete control of the process required to solve the case. He knew the exact steps necessary to reach our goal and completed the process almost exactly as he had predicted.

I would hire Daniel again if I was ever in this position going forward. I would also highly recommend him to anyone looking to obtain a fair settlement for employment severance.


Dave Irvine

David Irvine

I had the pleasure of working with Marc Kitay at Whitten and Lublin, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs an employment lawyer. Marc helped me negotiate a much better employment severance package than what I was offered. He clearly explained the process, as this was completely new to me, and walked me through the details / different possible outcomes. Communication with Marc (along with his team) was timely, professional, and courteous. I felt he was always in my corner and understood the difficulties I faced with my past employer, which helped put me at ease during the process. In the end, I was pleased with the outcome of Marc’s negotiation and I’m very happy I chose him to be my lawyer.

Thank you so much again, Marc!

Ashley L

I recently retained Simone Ostrowski & Julian R. E. Whitten to represent my interests relating to a severance. They acted in a professional manner and strategically addressed my issues and concerns with my former employer and negotiated a fair and equitable package. Both Simone & Julian worked hard on my behalf and I would highly recommend them.

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I worked directly with Daniel Lublin and his law clerk Nida Arifullah. Professional, effective and very strategic in their approach. Mr. Lublin is a master communicator working at an elite level in his field. I would highly recommend Mr. Lublin and his team and would use him again for all matters in employment law.

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Alex Panousis

Daniel Lublin is a delight!

When I received my severance package, the only question I had was "is it fair?"

My first conversation with Daniel was very thorough. Before our conversation even ended, I knew instinctively that he would do everything he could for me. He answered all of my questions before I even had the chance to ask them!

Daniel is extremely knowledgeable and efficient, but most of all for me, had a tremendous amount of patience and kindness during a difficult and emotional time.

The result was very successful and exceeded my expectations.

I was extremely satisfied and I would highly recommend Daniel Lublin to anyone in need of employment law advice.

Daniel, I can't thank you enough!

Katherine Ristimaki

When I first met with Marc Kitay I was impressed by his level of knowledge regarding employment law. Also, he took time to ensure that all my questions were answered to my satisfaction and this I appreciated very much. As a result I felt confident moving forward with him as my representative. During this time, I found Marc and the team at Whitten and Lublin to be very customer focused. My emails and phone calls were always addressed promptly and with confidence. This gave me peace of mind during a stressful time. Because of the exemplary level of service I received, I would not hesitate to recommend Marc and his team at Whitten and Lublin to others.

Jen T

I have used this law firm countless times and they have always been very helpful and will fight tooth and nail for your rights there's a lot of contractors out there that would take advantage of people because they think they know the law this law firm will not take those businesses lightly they will fight and see that the businesses are corporations will abide by the laws and regulations and which protects the homeowners and customers I would recommend this law firm to anybody that had any employment or business matters regarding business law.

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Randy Nicholson

We are thankful to have found Athan Makrinos to take on our case. There were several complex employment issues involved and Athan took the time to listen to our concerns and explain things in terms we could understand. He was extremely responsive and always addressed our questions transparently. Athan was the best lawyer we could have hired for our case and we appreciate the time and dedication he spent to get us a settlement. We would highly recommend him.

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Sonia H

I was referred , by another lawyer!
Every resource that is available to hourly employee's, quite frankly does not apply to salary managers. I had gone through, the Labour Board, my company's HR department, my department heads, Head Office.
To be honest, this was my last hope, Whitten and Lublin - Employment Lawyers. On my first visit, I had met with one of the partner's Mr. David Whitten. You must understand before I continue, I was fighting a huge corporation by myself. Know one believed me or in me! Witness wouldn't help, in fear of losing there jobs. And I was an emotional wreck! But after my meeting with David, he recommended one of his associates Mr. Daniel Chodos to handle my case.
Both David and Daniel, believed me and in doing so, not only took on the fight for me but gave me back a sense of self worth and made people involved know that they would fight for me and they would not go away!!
Daniel, was amazing! Guess what...every person has rights and Daniel never let me forget it! Even his assistant, Jessica was invaluable. I haven't needed a lawyer of any kind in the past. And of course people say "Lawyers really don't care, they just want money! etc"
Well then this gives me the pleasure of telling you," You went to the wrong lawyers!!" This team/family, are the most qualified, compassionate law firm, that treats each person (women) with dignity and old fashions values! Doesn't matter how much you pay any lawyer you may get. But at Whitten and Lublin ( Daniel Chodos ) you get a class act of ladies and gentlemen with all the above qualities. No amount of money could by that!
By the way, Daniel Chodos he is still in the background! Just because a case a/or problem is resolved this law firm doesn't say " Well it's been nice, see ya!" They stay with you. Concerns, questions, things that might come up, you can email, call them...Daniel Chodos at ( Whitten and Lublin ) has and still does for me! Even though, he no longer has to. This just proves, this law firm truly cares about their past and present clients.
Thank you so very much, Daniel, David and the rest of the family! What you did for me was priceless!

Thank you

Amie Rankin

As a long-term, high performing, Senior Executive (30+yrs) my exit was unexpected and unplanned.  I knew that I’d need strong legal representation and did the research to find one of the most highly rated attorneys in Canada to represent me, Daniel Lublin. Best decision I ever made. What would have been a long, drawn out and contentious battle that would have handcuffed me from seeking new opportunities was resolved in 2 weeks, at more than double the initial package offered. The value that Daniel brings is significant-his ability to absorb and assess key information rapidly, his efficiency in communications and most of all his intractable position and skillful negotiations when dealing with other counsel. Hearing him say ‘I’m not afraid of them, and neither should you be’ alleviated much anxiety. Daniel’s reputation precedes him and shifts the conversation between opposing counsel and their clients-they know the narrative has changed with Daniel's involvement. I emerged triumphant-much further ahead financially, ready to move on to new experiences! #winner

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I would say Whitten Lublin is about the best employement lawyers around. I would highly recommend them.

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Dan McAran

I was terminated from my job and not happy with the offer of severance I received. A friend who used Daniel Lublin for her case recommended him. I had a previous experience with another employment lawyer and Daniel was much different. Instead of going for “garden variety” severance damages, Daniel initiated a claim for invasion of privacy and general damages. This brought my former employer to the negotiating table and fast. They must have feared dealing with Daniel since they accepted our offer in order to settle the case! Daniel achieved 100% of what I hoped to obtain and relatively fast. Not least, his legal fees were also consistent with my expectations and what we had agreed to. In the end, I made the right decision to challenge my inadequate offer of severance and to retain Daniel Lublin. If you need a lawyer to fight Goliath, call Daniel.

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Ingrid Fazio

I was initially pretty worried about this call, having never talked to a lawyer before for employment reasons. The team at Whitten & Lublin were very prompt in getting an appointment scheduled, following up, managing expectations about what the call would be about, and ensuring I knew what to send over to them to make sure the call with Ellen Low was as productive as possible.

Ellen did a great job in explaining the legal principles involved for my case, in language that I could understand. She didn't talk down to me, nor did she launch into really technical jargon either. Ellen was highly recommended by a friend of mine, and I'd happily pass on the same recommendation to others.

Ryan Hildebrandt

I highly recommend Ellen Low. She is professional, intelligent and personable to work with. I had recently Ellen's services to assist me in negotiating a better severance package with my former employer. From the moment I met her, I knew that I was in good hands. She explained the entire process and kept me informed the entire time. Ellen is definitely someone you want in your corner.

Thank you Ellen!

Christine Chudyk

I was fortunate to be referred to Daniel Lublin from a colleague after a dispute arose with a former employer. From the initial consultation with Mr. Lublin, I knew that I would be represented by a professional and competent lawyer. Daniel clearly explained all the options I had, and what the steps would be in the process. I expressed what I wanted out of the process and he gave me his recommendations. Within 2 weeks, Daniel managed to conclude a settlement that was far above the employer's initial position. I can say I was truly satisfied with the service provided by Daniel and his legal team. I would highly recommend them to any friend or colleague who requires legal assistance to deal with an employment issue.

Kevin Hickey

It's not often that one loses their job of employment, but if and when it does happen, I strongly suggest seeking legal counsel before signing anything. Daniel Chodos of Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers was recommended for my case.
To the untrained eye the offer looked okay, maybe even suffice, but Daniel took me through each part and explained what I was offered and what I should be entitled to.
He asks questions and listens well making you feel involved at every step. Daniel handled the case with great knowledge and professionalism. At the end I received a settlement more then I anticipated with most legal fees payed for. I would strongly recommend Daniel, he did a great job and was a pleasure to work with.


Carmine R

I never imagined that I’d ever need an employment lawyer until one day I was offered a severance package, and I suddenly found myself in foreign territory.

I was referred to an employment lawyer, Daniel Chodos, by a close friend who had successfully used him in the past. Daniel works at the Toronto firm, Whitten & Lublin LLP, which I later learned is very well known for their work in Employment Law, which gave me a lot of comfort knowing that I would be well represented by credible leaders in their field.

During my initial consultation with Daniel, he shared a lot of key insights with me regarding my case and he also left me some additional resources so that I could familiarize myself with the basics of Ontario employment law.

Daniel and I worked closely together over the following months and I always appreciated how he managed my expectations throughout the lengthy process. I believed that he used our time together efficiently, that he was very responsive when I emailed him, and that he always treated my situation with urgency and professionalism.

I am happy with my final outcome, but results aside, it was comforting having Daniel in my corner walking me through the process every step of the way. He advised me on all major decisions and I believe that he was always acting in my best interests. I knew that Daniel would never let me accept a bad deal.

Going forward, I will be contacting Daniel Chodos and Whitten & Lublin LLP again, but next time it will be to review my future Employment Agreements before I sign them. Lesson learned!

Derrick J. Navarro

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel Chodos and would highly recommend him and his firm to anyone having legal employment questions or issues. Daniel kept things simple and didn't push against my personal values or comfort zone. He provided very satisfactory results and kept the experience pragmatic, professional and educational. Everything I learned can be taken away for future situations.

Angie Eichel

I was referred to Daniel Lublin for assistance resolving a management issue. During the three years he was retained I found Daniel to be professional, supportive and instrumental in reaching a settlement with a less than engaged employer.

For many individuals employment disputes are new and difficult situations. Daniel is able to explain the options and legal remedies in a straightforward manner so the client can make informed decisions This is invaluable and necessary as every employment dispute takes unexpected twists and turns.

I would certainly recommend contacting Whitten and Lublin for assistance with an work related issue.

Chas B

Daniel Lublin is an awesome lawyer! Definitely the Harvey Spector of Toronto. Would highly recommend for any workplace human rights issues.

Natasha Manji

I had the pleasure of dealing with Daniel Lublin and have subsequently recommended him to friends and colleagues alike.

Daniel possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of his area of expertise and combines this with a calm, analytical approach. Daniel is exceptionally strategic in his planning and has a strength of character that leaves you in no doubt that he will extract maximum possible benefit from any given situation.

I continue to recommend Daniel unreservedly.

Gary Wing

If you are looking for an amazing employment law firm this is it. My lawyer Stephen Wolpert assisted me in obtaining all requests made for my severance package. I have been with my company for 36 years. As you can see I gave this firm a five star rating.

Cathy Railey

David Whitten is a highly skilled lawyer and I highly recommend him as an employment lawyer. His strong technical legal knowledge and expertise coupled with his cultural sensitivity, high emotional IQ and efficient service created a very positive experience for me at a very difficult time in my life. You will never regret getting at least an initial consult with David Whitten.

Default Avatar75

I was referred to the firm early last summer and now very thankful that I worked with them. From the initial consult with Daniel and then working with Carson Healy it was a great experience.

She made what was a stressful time for me as stress free as possible. She took charge in mediation and fought hard to ensure I got the compensation I deserved. I highly recommend Carson and the firm to anyone in a similar situation. It was a pleasure working with her and I am very happy with the end result.

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Adam Donnelly

Ellen and Simone helped me through what I'm sure no one ever wants to go through and is always a diffult time in someone's life and career. They were empathetic and professional at all times, responding to all of my concerns in a very timely manner. At the end of the day, they laid out all of my options, advised me accordingly but guided me through a process exactly how I wanted. I'd absolutely recommend them for all employment issues and concerns.

Keegan Munro

After being laid off under somewhat suspect circumstances, I wanted to seek legal counsel to find out if any recourse was available to me.

Ellen Low was recommended to me by a colleague and friend -- and thank goodness for that referral, since it saved me from having to scour the city for right lawyer. Even before our consultation ended, I knew Ellen would achieve the results I wanted. Her knowledge is solid -- she was incredibly comprehensive in her explanation of the issues she identified in the circumstances of my layoff, and she provided me with a detailed delineation of what options were available to me and her opinion on which route would be best to take.

Once I officially retained her services, it was full steam ahead; Ellen drafted a very persuasive letter to my former employer in just a couple of days. She kept me in the loop throughout the entire negotiation process and answered all of my questions at lightning speed. Ultimately, my re-negotiated severance package was almost double the amount I initially thought I could receive. Such an exceptional outcome wouldn't have been possible without Ellen. To top it all off, she is so personable and accommodating. I would recommend her to anyone in an employment-related predicament not only for her proven results and expertise, but also because in the midst of the stress and confusion that such issues create, you want someone truly supportive like Ellen in your corner.

Thanks for everything, Ellen!

Julie G

I strongly recommend Dan and Simone if you are fired and not sure what to do next. I was fired for cause with no money. It was a very difficult time for me. I came to Dan and his team because they were highly recommended and I had no idea where to begin. Dan and Simone were aggressive, knowledgeable and thorough. They were like a lifeboat in a storm. They always took the time to explain things to me so I understood how the law suit was going. I felt I was in caring and professional hands from the start. Dan and Simone would not back down at any point. I ended up very happy and with my name clear. Their fees were reasonable, considering all the work that went into my case and the outcome we got. Just because you are fired for cause does not mean you get nothing. Dan and his team will work hard to clear your name and make sure you are happy with the outcome

Bogdan Vieriu

I am pleased to recommend Daniel Lublin and his office to those who are seeking a candid professional advice and a strong commitment. Daniel was a great help in my case. He is a trusted advocate for fairness, persistent in his work and very conscious of his clients’ needs and expectations. Daniel's team proved also to be very client-focused and responsive. I had no hesitations to recommend Daniel’s services to others in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

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H Maki

My partner and I recently retained Athan Makrinos for an employment matter. We really enjoyed working with him as he was affable and easy to talk but still very professional. He was quick to answer all of our questions as well as keeping us updated each step of the way. We were super happy to work with him and would highly recommend him and the law firm.

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Amy T

Priya Sarin is a top notch employment lawyer - great to speak to and deal with, very knowledgeable and responsive, and on your side. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for any employment scenario no matter the complexity and I don't give good reviews easily! Highly recommended!


David Whitten is amazing!
He is intelligent, patient, inspiring and was successful in managing my case. I always felt supported, comfortable asking questions and clear on my options in order to make decisions effectively.
I would highly recommend David to anyone in need of an awesome employment lawyer.

Bev Craig

Amazing experience working with David. He listens to your needs and individual story, teaches you about the law and process, then advocates for you every step of the way. While he will also benefit financially from any progress made on your behalf, he genuinely seems to enjoy finding justice and support for the little guy. He and his team are always fast to respond and they included me on every email and step that was taken on my behalf. Professional, confident, reassuring, present and transparent through the entire process. I am grateful to have had his support and am happy with the final result. I will fully recommend his office to anyone. Thanks David!

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Tina Fridgen

Coming to this firm and meeting Marc Kitay for this first time, immediately put my mind at ease. Being a type A personality myself, I appreciated that he was prepared in advance, and answered all of our questions. He was organized and knowledgeable. While dealing with my settlement, I was unwell and had health issues, so I needed someone that I could feel confident with, and who would understand. Marc took over and did so with the utmost respect. Correspondence was ongoing during all stages and he had my back the entire time. This firm works as a team and I appreciate everyone's hard work. Thank you Marc for doing a fantastic job. I would not hesitate to recommend you. You are truly an asset to Whitten Lublin. All the best!

Rose Horvat

I am very grateful for having met David Whitten and the expert staff at Whitten & Lublin. I was previously exposed to a highly toxic work environment. It was an experience like no other I had ever been through in my life. After speaking with family, I decided the best thing for me and my family was to speak with a Lawyer. After reading several reviews on line about David, I called his office and booked an appointment to meet with him. My first meeting with David, he came prepared. He took time to review the information I sent him and to familiarize himself with my situation. He spoke to me in a language that I could understand and implemented a plan to help me navigate very stormy waters with my then employer. I am taking the time to write this message in hopes that you too will allow David to assist you with your matter. I highly recommend David Whitten and the services provided by his firm.

Richard Partridge

I'm immensely grateful for the exceptional services provided by Whitten & Lublin for my recent employment law matter. What truly set them apart was not just their in-depth knowledge of the legal process, but their remarkable coaching ability and the agility to adapt strategies mid-negotiation for a better outcome.

At every stage of the process, their wealth of experience and expertise shone through. It was evident that I made the right choice in selecting them as my representation. The result was an agreement that met my expectations and brought closure to a difficult time in my life. Kudos to Whitten & Lublin for their outstanding support and commitment to their clients!

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Darcy Osborne

As the owner of a small corporation, I have worked with various legal advisors for different needs, Daniel Lublin of Whitten & Lublin being one of them. Daniel is a trusted legal representative for our company and has provided timely representation on various legal matters related to our workforce. When our company launched, Daniel provided us with the right legal documents and as we grew Daniel’s continued advice and expertise was necessary to avoid several potential setbacks, including one particular instance where we needed a real “bulldog”. Daniel was definitely there to protect our interests when we needed him. We value Daniel’s willingness to go to the distance for his clients, even for small businesses, which was a personal touch that was not apparent with other law firms I have worked with. I would recommend Daniel Lublin and his team to any organization looking for a fresh legal perspective.

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E Jacobson

My experience with Carson Healey was amazing! She was super supportive and she gave me the best legal advice and the process went so smooth and she was able to secure for me a great deal.
I highly recommend her for anyone.
Thank you so much!!

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Shayma Khalil

I approached Whitten & Lublin for assistance with regard to review of a termination agreement. I chose the firm after reviewing the information on their website, as well as a number of articles and reviews. The fact that the firm is focused on employment law, their approach and track record all indicated that they were a solid choice.

My experience with the Stephen Wolpert more than exceeded my expectations. Stephen provided information and practical advice that allowed me to make key decisions and resolve identified issues in a timely manner. I highly recommend Stephen and Whitten & Lublin. This is a firm that really gets it right - and that makes a huge difference.

Toby Steele

Whitten & Lublin law firm was recommended to me when I was terminated after 12 years. From the first phone call to the firm I was treated with the utmost respect. I was given the various hourly rates of the lawyers and help with how to decide which lawyer to choose, depending on the circumstances of my situation. I chose Ellen Low to help me with my termination package and was given an appointment the following day . An email was sent immediately with details on what documents to send ahead of time for Ellen's review prior to our appointment. She was very personable , extremely knowledgeable and professional and I felt that I could relate to her immediately. She reviewed my package and gave her honest opinion of it. She presented me with all my options if I chose to fight it and I was made aware of any charges that I might incur with each option. Over the next few days she very patiently and promptly answered any questions I sent to her via email. I now realize how important it is to have a lawyer go over any employment offer before signing for a new position and will most likely do this for my next offer. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you Ellen Low!

Marsha Hollinshead

Following a recent lay off from an executive role with one of Canada’s largest corporations, I was in a bind. I needed an employment lawyer with credibility who could “go the distance” with my former employer and not be afraid of the various litigation walls they would inevitably throw up. I was referred to Daniel Lublin by two acquaintances that had successfully engaged him in the recent past and looked at his work in the media and as the workplace legal columnist for the Globe and Mail. Based on this I decided to retain him to pursue the dismissal matter. Throughout the process, Daniel exercised skill at dealing with the complexities of my case and a reassurance that if we stayed the course, we would prevail. Daniel’s strong points included: availability to speak with me (and my wife) without delay or excuses; attention to details, a collaborative approach to making decisions with me (instead of just dictating what he felt was best), a deftness at handling the matter with the other side and in court appearances; and his legal fees were reasonable and not inconsistent with my expectations. Daniel’s biography says he has consistently been named one of Canada’s Top Employment Lawyers. In handling my case, he demonstrated this is a title well-deserved. I would recommend Daniel Lublin to other executives and in situations where an employer needs a credible courtroom presence in order to be taken seriously.

Allan Morris

Simone Ostrowski listened to me and helped me through what I felt was a pretty scary experience.

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Anna Galea

If you need a winning strategy for your case, call Daniel Lublin! I worked with Daniel Lublin on a matter this past summer. From the outset, Daniel devised a strategy to make the other side think that we were fighting on one front, knowing they would cave on an another (what we wanted all along). Daniel was able to predict with certainty how it would all play out and true to his assessment, when it came time to fight the case out, they settled on our terms! The strategy was a success and they never knew what hit them. A lesser lawyer would not have approached the case this way and my result would have been less substantial. I’ve seen Daniel Lublin in action and if you want a lawyer that plays his cards right, call him and his team. You won’t be disappointed.

G Yeung

I would highly recommend services of Whitten And Lublin. Excellent services I have received from Daniel Lublin. Daniel and Nida were great to work with. They responded quickly to all my concerns and always answered my emails promptly. Daniel is very professional and effective lawyer. I am really satisfied on the way he handled my case. Everything went above my expectations. A+

Sylvie D

A colleague of mine recommended Whitten & Lublin to me after I was unexpectedly terminated. They could not have been more prompt, professional and thoughtful. With their help I was able to renegotiate my severance package to get everything I knew I deserved. Marc Kitay was very knowledgeable and skillfully guided me through the entire process. I am very grateful for the entire teams support. Highly recommended.

Tamara Berezovsky

I was let go from a large American company and unhappy with the package I received. I met with two lawyers at different employment law firms in Toronto. One was Daniel Lublin a partner at Whitten & Lublin. Daniel identified an opportunity that the first lawyer did not. Something about my employment contract and a recent change in the law meant that my ex-employer was required to pay me much more than they offered, regardless if I found other work. This argument proved successful. Daniel was able to negotiate for a tangible improvement above what I expected to received. His fees were defined by a percentage of that improvement, which was something we agreed to at the outset – so there were no surprises. Daniel was even able to recover some of the legal costs from my ex-employer. If you need a workplace lawyer that gets it, call Whitten & Lublin.

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Greg Brown

I highly recommend Whitten & Lublin. I had the pleasure of working with Daniel Lublin who is an expert in employment law. Daniel quickly grasped the details of the case, came up with a position and managed my expectations throughout. He is responsive, assertive and strategic - a true professional that gets results.

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Nicola Petrie

I was let go after almost a year with an organization without cause or reason.  I was always told I was doing a remarkable job when the Management's team players changed as did the style and direction.

After google searching for employment lawyers, Daniel Lublin had fantastic reviews so I made the call and set up a consultation.  Previous to the consultation, I sent relevant information about my case so he could familiarize himself with the facts.  I was then told that I had a good case and we set out a plan.

Daniel sent letters to my former employer stating that I was not treated fairly, that they hadn't followed proper Employment Standards and what our demands were.  After a few emails back and forth we settled with a few more months as severance, a contribution towards my legal costs, money for retraining and an agreement to provide a positive employment verification for future employers if requested.

Daniels's professionalism, knowledge and promptness was stellar during this time.  I would highly recommend Daniel Lublin to anyone requiring an employment lawyer.

Thanks again Daniel.

Michelle F

Losing your job is a difficult situation and even more so after 28 years of service. When I went to see Daniel Chodos I wasn't sure what to expect, I knew my severance wasn't great but with so many people losing their jobs these days I wasn't sure this was the right thing to do. Daniel was very confident on our position and gave a detailed outline of what we would be facing. He also offered payment options and went over a time line. Daniel always answered all of my emails and phone calls promptly. I have recommended Daniel to some of my former colleages if ever they need a lawyer in the future. In the end I was very happy with the outcome and am grateful to Daniel for making a difficult situation less stressful.

Carolyn Jones

I am exceptionally pleased with the outcome achieved by Athan Makrinos and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal assistance regarding employment. Athan went above and beyond to secure me the best possible end result. Thank you for being so accommodating, understanding, and above all extremely effective.

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Cathy H

I am an Executive Director of a Non Profit Corporation and I have had the privilege of working with Mr Daniel Lublin for the past 3 years as our employment lawyer. With the many changes to our organization recently, Mr Daniel Lublin has helped us resolve all legal matters during this transition including a successful defence of a human rights matter and a civil lawsuit brought against us in bad faith. Mr Daniel Lublin is humble, honest and kind. I also found that he was truly dedicated and passionate about his work

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Friendly TImes Child Care Centre

Thank-you for every step of the way. We are very satisfied with the entire experience and the negotiations were successful. We would recommend Athan and his team looking for resolutions settlements! Thank-you Team A !

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Don Collins

I was recently terminated after 8 years of service and contacted Whitten and Lublin to assist me with negotiating my severance package. Daniel's firm answered all my questions and made me feel at ease during the entire negotiation process. Their professionalism and knowledge in negotiating these types of agreements cannot be understated. The firm was able to negotiate a much better settlement than I was originally offered by my employer. They were concise and clear about the different options available to me during the entire process and were also up front about my legal fees. A special thanks to Simone Ostrowski for answering all my phone calls and returning my e-mails promptly during the negotiation process. Being terminated can be stressful and Simone's attitude, knowledge, advice and support was tremendous throughout the entire process. I won't hesitate to recommend Whitten and Lublin to anyone needing a great labour lawyer. I also look forward to using their expertise again in the near future when negotiating my new employment contract.

Russ N

Daniel Lublin (Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers) was amazing to work with. He is an expert in employment law and I wouldn't hesitate to contact him if you have any employment issues. My matter was dealt with professionally, quickly, and with excellent results.

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Lindsey Trypuc

I was terminated without cause and i hired the services of Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers. It was my first time hiring an employment lawyer and i was very happy i hired Athan. He went above and beyond in order to secure me the best possible outcome. Athan and his team are very professional, compassionate, responsive and helpful. I highly recommend the team at Whitten & Lublin. Thanks Athan for all your hard work.

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Mehboob Pirani

I highly recommend Daniel Chodos at Whitten and Lublin LLP to anyone seeking an employment lawyer. Daniel Chodos assisted me greatly in respect to a dispute concerning employment termination to achieve a very satisfactory outcome. Moreover, Daniel constantly demonstrated excellent knowledge, ability and a high degree of professionalism allowing me to have full confidence in his handling of my situation. I will go back without hesitation to Daniel Chodos/ Whitten and Lublin LLP for any employment related matter where I want legal advice.

Juliet Heading

Great experience working with Whitten & Lublin. I received great guidance with amazing support and attention to detail. Definitely recommend!

Default Avatar75
Ana Reyes

I highly recommend the services of Whitten & Lublin. I have retained David's council for several years and have always received excellent representation. David Whitten has always been very effective and efficient with any situation I present to him. David's open and honest approach is appreciated and allowed me to make sound decisions quickly.

Christina Hill

Sincere thanks to Daniel Chodos who is very knowledgeable and professional in employment legal issues. His advise helped me a lot during this difficult time after being laid off from a 14 years' employment. He is very patience and always keep you informed of the progress. I will highly recommend Daniel Chodos to anyone who needs legal advises re employment issues. His whole office team provides high level of professionalism and made you feel at ease all the time.

Lancy Yip

It was an absolute pleasure working with Mr. Athanasios Makrinos from Whitten & Lublin. I didn’t feel I was presented a fair package and was seeking legal advise to review the documentation to ensure I received what I should be legally entitled to. Athan was very knowledgeable and professional and took his time to review my package and explain what my options would be when countering the offer. I would highly recommend him for legal advise and the services of Whitten & Lublin!

Default Avatar75
Leena Kapadia

I recently had the pleasure of working with Stephen Wolpert to review a job offer. It has been more than 6 years since I accepted my last job offer and I wanted to ensure I had all my bases covered. Stephen was prepared for our meeting, he was knowledgeable and was very personable. Our meeting was very informative and while I was focused on certain clauses Stephen was able to direct me to the clause that carried the most risk. Given the short acceptance turnaround time not only was I was able to review the contract with Stephen but I was more than prepared to challenge certain clauses with confidence. In the end, the new employer to made the changes I asked for and feel much more comfortable with my contract as I transition to a new company with less risk. Well worth the investment / time with Stephen.

Default Avatar75
Afzan Lalani

I have sent Daniel Lublin many cases over the years and they all return with the greatest of results. He is one of Toronto's top labour lawyers.

Sean Robichaud

Rachel Patten recently helped me with a severance matter, and she was able to get the best outcome possible from a difficult situation.

While Rachel was completely transparent about her strategy and kept me up to date about some delays in the negotiations with my former employer, I felt totally confident leaving everything to her. It was such a relief to know that the matter was being handled by someone who's very knowledgeable and extremely competent.

I'd recommend Rachel and the firm to anyone with questions about severance. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Default Avatar75
Kristen Koch

I strongly recommend Daniel Lublin and Simone Ostrowski at Whitten & Lublin if you are looking for knowledgeable and efficient employment lawyers. I've work with them twice so far and certainly consult them again in the future if I have to negotiate a new employment contract.

Simon Rivard

My industry was affected by COVID-19 causing me considerable concern. I was fortunate enough to speak with Athan Makrinos who helped me understand my rights in a worse/best case scenario and how best to navigate the pandemic and its effect on my employment. I therefore would highly recommend any individual seeking professional and knowledgable legal expertise to Athan Makrinos at Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers.

Default Avatar75
Magdalena Sobkowska

Ryan Watkins was who worked on my case and he made the whole process very stress free. Affordable and quick resolve. Would highly recommend.

Default Avatar75
Amber Mcguire

Although my screen name and company name are anonymized, this review is based on true experience.

I highly recommend Daniel Chodos at Whitten & Lublin LLP to anyone seeking an employment lawyer. Daniel Chodos assisted me greatly with respect to employment termination to achieve an improved settlement with my former employer in the GTA; extended benefits coverage, a helpful letter of employment and good monetary compensation over and above his legal fees. Moreover, Daniel constantly demonstrated excellent knowledge and a high degree of professionalism allowing me to have full confidence in his handling of my situation. He provided me fantastic, timely support throughout the process and put me at ease about my situation, plus he was a pleasure to deal with. I was referred to Whitten & Lublin by a friend (Tina was her lawyer) and I would recommend them to a friend.

Tina Hurst

I had the pleasure of working with Daniel Chodos on a recent employment dispute and he was so professional and easy to work with. He help me understand what was happening every step of the way and provided great advice and guidance on next steps. Everything was clear and there were no surprises working with him and he got an amazing result.

Default Avatar75
William Santo

Daniel Lublin was attentive to my many demands/concerns. Being a detailed-oriented person, I had many. He was able to come up with creative means for dealing with them, such that at the end I was totally at ease in signing the release document. I knew my facts and my former employer better than anyone else, but Daniel was my most valuable sounding board without him the case could not have been executed effectively. Daniel was easy to work with, I had confidence in his advice and would highly recommend him.

Lee Liauw

Marc Kitay represented me and he faced what I would say a very formidable opponent that is notoriously known in the industry as a company that does not offer much, does not give way that much and is quite hard in terms of negotiating a settlement. We were faced with that challenge that day we went to mediation court but without going into any details, Suffice it to say that the case was closed that day in spite of the seemingly impossible situation to reach an agreement to conclude the case. Marc had the presence of mind and alert for any signs that will be detrimental to our case and he catches them fast and also applies the correct solution to any situation thrown at us. He always exerted fairness and respect when it comes to dealing with others and other types of situation. One wrong move during those 3 and a half hours might have been disastrous to the process. But his expertise, confidence, and being sure of the situation made us successfully conclude he case for all sides, me as the client, the respondent and the mediators.

... Mr. Marc Kitay, thank you for your service. It was a tough procedure we went through with a formidable opposition but you were always, calm, aware and ready to respond correctly but always fair to all sides. We went through and was successful into arriving with an agreement to conclude the case. Would not be possible without your experience and expertise. Also thank you to Mr. Daniel Lublin for all the support you contributed to this case...

Thank you Marc Kitay and Daniel Lublin.

Ronald del Rosario

Athan Makrinos was extremely supportive and responsive. He provided me with expertise, guidance, support and confidence, along with the successful resolution of my case. I didn't feel any doubt and knew I made the right choice with Whitten & Lublin under Athan's guise. Fees were exactly as described in our agreement. If you're looking for an employment lawyer who goes above and beyond and is professional and knowledgeable, Athan is #1!

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Brynncess of Toronto

I had the privilege to work with Athan and he was extremely informative and a pleasure. His commitment to my case was positive and I would absolutely recommend Whitten & Lublin Law Firm.

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Linda Lappano

If you were a long tenured employee or were previously in a leadership role, I would strongly recommend that you seek the consultation services of an employment lawyer when negotiating your severance package with your former employer. I recently worked with Daniel Lublin from Whitten & Lublin, Employment Lawyers. He was very professional, results-focused and I was very happy with the recovery results.
Daniel, thank you very much for your support!

Christine Samuels

Loved working with Carson and her team!
Outcome was three times what my previous employer offered.
The team set expectations properly and guided me through the process.
Quick turnaround – several rounds of negotiation and closure in less than 60 days.
Excellent job!

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Radu Sirbu

If you want to know about the real Daniel Lublin then read this post. There is more to Daniel than his legal work that potential clients should know about. For the past year, Daniel has acted as a sponsor to my daughter Maria who is pursuing a competitive career in sports. He has assisted her financially and professionally. Daniel’s confidence, unwavering determination and mentoring has given her hope to achieve the next stages in her career. During this time, my family and I have observed Daniel’s humanity through his kindness and generosity. He has and continues to impact us in a positive way. This shows that Daniel has an incredible ability to understand and help others in all aspects of their life and that most importantly HE GENUINELY CARES ABOUT PEOPLE AND IS INVESTED IN WHAT TRULY MATTERS TO THEM. While I have not directly worked with Daniel Lublin as a client in his legal practice, my family and I can confidently share that Daniel has a huge heart, and is a true champion for people so clients would be privileged to have him in their corner.

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Oksana ROM

Walking into Ellen Low's office of Whitten & Lublin was the best decision I made in 2016. She provided options and a final settlement that I never imagined would be possible.

Sharon Strome-Hubble

I highly recommend Ryan Watkins and his team at Whitten & Lublin as competent and professional employment lawyers. From the original consultation meeting right through to my settlement, Ryan and his team offered sound legal advice and guidance. We all know legal battles can be stressful but Ryan's clarity, calm demeanour and professional, reassuring approach set me at ease throughout the process. Thank you Ryan!

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Carmine Groe

I have been dealing with both Marc and Tommy and I am extremely impressed with them both. They have both been beyond helpful advising me on my case and how to proceed. They are extremely quick at responding to any questions I have no matter how trivial they may seem and notify me immediately of any changes or updates in my case. I used another employment lawyer years ago and honestly wish I had known about this firm at the time as I was extremely unhappy with who I used. These guys are amazing!

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Nancy Bourdon

First off, “you don't know what you don’t know” so when I was let go by my company, I wanted to know if the package that was offered to me was fair and reasonable. I started searching for law firms on the internet. I found the Whitten & Lublin website and used the tools available to me (Severance Calculator), it showed that there is a potential my offer wasn't fair and reasonable. So I used the “Chat Now” feature to gather some more information about my package. Within a matter of minutes, I determined that I should speak with a lawyer at this firm just to get peace of mind as the shock of the separation was just setting in. The person on the “Chat Now” was wonderful, we started off on Chat then moved to live voice conversation and set up a meeting within 48 hours of me making contact with them. I had the honour of meeting and working with Ben Hahn. During my one hour initial consultation with Ben, we determined that I did have a case and I hired his services. Ben was very understanding and respectful of my situation. He explained everything at a level that I could understand and we worked together selecting options for me to decide on what path to take. This one hour consolation was the best investment I have made in this time of crisis for me and my family. It provided me with clarity and support to go after what I was entitled to by Employment law. The end result was a successful settlement and my family and I are happy with moving forward with our lives. I highly recommend to anyone who has been recently let go by their company to have the consultation or at least use the “Chat Now” feature to see if Whiten & Lubin can represent you at your time of need. Remember, “You don't know what you don't know”, go find out.

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I worked with Athan on my wrongful dismissal case and would certainly recommend him for any employment matters. He is a very smart professional. He took the time to explain all the ambiguities of our case, including all the potential risks and rewards. Our experience with him was very smooth and the end result for us was very positive.

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H Patel

I was recently let go from my job after 15 years, I was upset and not sure what to do...then I contacted Ellen Low and she took it from there. She was very sympathetic but professional at the same time. She put me at ease and I left my worries in her hand. She was always there to answer questions and make sure I understood my rights. I would recommend her to anyone that asks.

Thank you Ellen!!


Charlene Reekie

David is a very experienced, detail oriented, knowledgeable, And most importantly, always available and quick to respond. He is a lawyer that relentlessly fights for his clients.
I would highly recommend him for any employment related legal issues, specially if obtaining fast and most desirable results are the goals.

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Mohammad Nikoo

I wanted to shoot a quick note to thank Carson Healey, Lawyer at Whitten & Lublin for her services. I retained Carson for an employment matter. I’m so happy we were able to receive a successful outcome. I feel like I can finally start a new chapter of my life.

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Chantal Boganda

Highly recommend W&L! I had the privilege of working with Daniel Lublin who handled my case with outstanding professionalism. In every step of the process Daniel and team made sure I am prepared in advance and had walked me through potential scenarios and options. Daniel and team are the best in Toronto and are my go-to for any employment contract reviews and employment law consultation. Highly recommend W&L!

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We have worked with Jonquille Pak on several HR claims. With her expertise and guidance we were able to successfully close all files to our satisfaction. We have asked her for advice which we find extremely helpful to find a resolution to employment matters.


I recently had the privilege of working with Daniel Lublin as my lawyer. I was terminated from my company after 15 plus years. I was able to meet with Daniel within days of my initial contact, which helped to alleviate some of the stress of having to deal with this. I researched many lawyers and firms, but was referred to Daniel Lublin from a previous client. Having read all of the positive reviews, I knew he was the right choice for me. Daniel is very knowlegable and professional. I was very reassured after our first meeting that I had chosen the best of the best with regards to employment law and that was the case throughout our dealings. His communication with me was very timely, thorough and consultative. Daniel was easy to talk to and direct in his communications and counsel. He worked diligently to get me the best package possible from my previous employer and I was very pleased with the outcome. I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Daniel Lublin.

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Jason Jagpal provided concise accurate advice that greatly helped me with an employment issue. He was considerate of my time and expenditure without taking shortcuts. Highly recommended!

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James Flannery

Daniel Lublin , Nadia Halum, Nida Arrifullah My recent employment matter I contected Daniel. They have handled my case in very professional way. They are very efficient and expert, they know the best way how to handle employee matters and worked with both party I worked with Daniel Lublin, Nida Arrifullah and Nadia Halum. I am fully satisfied with their work. They have completed all my work within the time limit, they are very punctual and professional. I must say they are the Best team that I worked with.

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Rukhsana Shaikh

Worked with Tommy in the past, great experience, and was able to maintain a positive outcome for all parties involved

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Hamad Chaudhry

Daniel Lublin was recommended to me by a former colleague who had used him following termination from the same firm. I found Daniel Lublin to be an intelligent, well-spoken gentleman, very knowledgeable about the state of current employment law, what my options were. His experience with the former employer and how they operate was a definite plus in obtaining the outcome that I was looking for, without having to go to court. Thanks Daniel - I'd recommend you in future to any of my colleagues in need of your counsel.

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Rae Chandler

David Whitten was incredible from the first consultation with his knowledge, experience and empathy for my situation. I learned so much about what my rights were. David takes the time the educate you on what you are entitled to for severance. With an experienced tactical and planned approach, he follows through and delivers on everything that he says that he will do for you. I highly recommend David to anyone that has had their employment terminated unexpectedly. My rating for the services that I received from David is really an 8 out of 5! Simply outstanding!

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Karman Enick

I recently retained David Whitten (from Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers, Toronto, ON) for an employment matter based on this firm’s excellent reputation and my previous dealings with him and his firm.

David and his team are excellent and I value and appreciate his expertise and being a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in his line of work. Not only is the quality of work excellent but the manner to which David and his team conduct themselves is really impressive with the utmost business acumen, professionalism, commitment to quality and sound strategy, collaboration/teamwork, results-oriented and empathy!!!

In addition, David allows you to comfortably empower him to drive the process which leads to greater efficiency and optimal results. I would 100% recommend having David and Whitten & Lublin in your corner for any employment matter or issue that you may, unfortunately, come across. Thanks again David and team—much appreciated!!!

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Nasyr helped me over the last several months with securing a significantly better exit package. His advice was great, as was his communication and status updates throughout the process.

I'd certainly recommend him to anyone finding themselves in a challenging situation where they are restructured out given the current economic environment.

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Eric Y

Jonquille Pak has provided our global firm with superior employment law advice. As Jonquille has moved on, our firm has continued to follow her and inquire her legal expertise.


Marc Kitay recently helped me through a very tough employment situation. When major changes occurred at my place of employment, I was unsure of the next step. Marc took the time to explain my options and guided me through the entire process. We discussed the pros and cons of each offer and it was through his expertise that I received the positive results I did. I am very grateful to Marc for all of his support and I have no hesitation recommending him to others facing the same situation.

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Rob Miller

I found Mr. Athanasios Makrinos to be very informative. He took his time explaining my options and seems very knowledgeable. Mr. Makrinos was attentive to all my questions and spoke in a clear manner that left me with a clear understanding of my situation and best possible next steps. I would highly recommend him!

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Carla Nasello

I worked with Daniel and Simone recently and highly recommend using them for employment law matters. They drafted excellent detailed written materials, prepared creative legal arguments, and gathered helpful case law to support my position. On a personal level Daniel and Simone worked very well as a team with me, and were both caring and strategic. They represented my interests well, and took the time to understand the details of my matter. I recommend using Daniel and Simone for any complex legal issue.

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This is the second time my wife and I have needed and used the services of Whitten Lublin. On both occasions our Lawyer was Marc Kitay. Marc was extremely Knowledgeable Professional and Courteous. Marc Kitay and his team were extremely helpful and supportive, answering my questions and providing very quick responses. He made me feel at ease that everything would work out which it did. One of the things that was most valuable was the way that they made sure to provide me with regular updates. I never felt as though I was wondering what was going on with my file; I always felt comfortable that Marc was following up and keeping me posted. I would recommend to anyone who needs representation in the area of employment claims to seek out Whitten Lublin. I assure you will be extremely happy with their services and results. Thank you very much Marc for your excellent and expertise service. You are the Best Marc

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Nandini Sukhnanan

I first met with another lawyer and did not feel that they had the confidence to really go to bat for me. After meeting with Daniel Lublin, I was sure he would swing for the fences, and he did.

Daniel delivered on the expectations he set with me during the consultation and his fee was consistent with what we had discussed from the outset. During the negotiations, there were difficult decisions that had to be made. Daniel was able to advise the best approach based on his knowledge and experience, which we followed, and which resulted in a very successful settlement. I would recommend Daniel to others without question.

Robert Bianchi

I would like to start this review by thanking Simone Ostrowski and her assistant Mikaela Pacitto. They assisted me during one of the hardest periods of my life. Simone was extremely professional, empathic and she was a fighter. She displays exceptional negotiating skills and conducts herself with the utmost professionalism. During one of the hardest periods of my life, I went from feeling extremely hopeless to feeling like a winner. I will always remember Simone as a key figure in my career journey. She advocated for me and gave me a voice during one of the most vulnerable periods of my life.

I never imagined I would require an employment lawyer. I was content with my job, highly regarded, and exceeded my duties. Being terminated without cause, out of the blue, without a chance to even say goodbye to my co-workers. I can only describe the experience as extremely hurtful. I felt insulted by the severance I was offered, and the manner in which I was terminated. My intentions in pursuing legal assistance were out of anger, frustration, and confusion.

When you are immediately terminated out of the blue, you can feel extremely lost and hopeless. I immediately went with Whitten& Lublin after hearing about them from a former colleague. I scheduled a consultation with Simone. The days leading up to our first call, I anxiously obsessed over everything that had just happened. After I spoke with Simone, I finally felt a sense of relief. She was empathetic, professional and very clear on a strategy as to how we could fight back. I can vividly recall when I received the preliminary version of the demand letter that she drafted. It immediately made me feel that I had been assigned a very strong, strategic advocate. I let her handle the negotiations and only provided input when needed. I'm not sure how settlements usually work - but I know she spent quite a while going back and forth with my former employer. She fought a long, and hard battle on my behalf. But I can finally say that I feel a sense of justice. I can say I feel I came out on top.

Thank you, Simone! And thank you, Mikaela! I am ready to start a new chapter in my life, but I will never forget the work this team has done for me. I would recommend Simone to anyone. Simone is guided by her mission to help those during a time when they can be extremely hurt and vulnerable. She truly is one of the good ones.

If you need an employment lawyer, don't waste time with any free consultations. Whitten & Lublin is the firm you should be contacting first. They are highly skilled, professional and extremely effective at what they do.

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Samantha Yiu

Daniel Lublin is one of the best, if not the best employment lawyers in the entire country. With two decades of experience and a substantial track record of courtroom success, he is absolutely someone you want on your side to help navigate employment matters. My experience with Daniel totally lived up to expectation - he was responsive, provided excellent advice, and demonstrated his stellar negotiation skills.

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Mark Trainor

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Simone Ostrowski to resolve a lingering human rights matter. Virtually as soon as Whitten-Lublin became involved, my case moved quickly forward to a satisfactory resolution. I don't know what I would have done without Simone's professional expertise. I found Simone and her assistant Mikaela to be approachable, understanding, responsive and kind. I give a full 5-star review to Whitten-Lublin, Simone and her team. Please consider using the knowledgeable, professional services of Whitten-Lublin if you find yourself in a situation where you believe you need the assistance of an excellent legal partner on your side,

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Robert Colwill

It is my pleasure to recommend Jonquille Pak. From December 2014 through April 2015, Ms. Pak guided us through a number of sensitive corporate issues. During this time, she was a valuable resource for my project team, and we worked together closely. Ms. Pak is a well-versed professional with a lot of experience. Her years in this field clearly enable her to make good decisions. Ms. Pak is a very diligent lawyer and maintains the highest professional standards in her work. She delivers high-quality results.

Ms. Pak took over the role of legal representative for our company and fulfilled the position with great care and commitment. Ms. Pak is highly respected within our management team for being helpful, supportive, and a good listener. Ms. Pak always structured our meetings in a smart and well-thought-out manner. Ms. Pak has done an excellent job, and I do not hesitate to recommend her.


I recently retained David Whitten because he was very forthright and confident. In our initial meeting he was very clear in terms of how he would proceed and also provided estimated results and probabilities. The staff members in the office of Whitten & Lublin are very professional and quick to respond. Thank you.

Default Avatar75

I met with Daniel Chodos to examine my termination package. His explanations were very clear about how the law interprets contracts. He identified ambiguity within the termination section of my contract, which allowed me to receive more pay from my employer. I also found it helpful that Daniel was able to diffuse and anticipate any emotions that I may have for a given grievance, such that I may understand my legal options. Thank you Daniel!

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The firm was instrumental in helping me navigate a career transition of my own and in particular @RyanWatkins was very professional to deal with, I would highly recommend the firm and Ryan to those wanting employment contracts or agreements reviewed and negotiated.

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Shahrukh Shah

Simone is an amazing lawyer who helped me during a difficult time. Simone was honest, professional, knowledgeable and provided me with all of my options regarding law and my case. Simone was also very swift when responding to my emails or calls - which i truly appreciated. In the end, I was able to get more than I was initially provided. I would definitely and honestly recommend this law firm!! Thank you guys so much! Hazel

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Lezah Love

I found a lawyer that was true to his word, and more. When the only company I ever worked for recently let me go, I consulted with Daniel Lublin at Whitten & Lublin to review my severance. Daniel quickly concluded that my offer was inadequate and we sued after my ex-employer refused to make any real improvement up front.

Many lawyers claim they “go to court” but that really only means that, if they can’t settle quickly, they will sue and later when pressed, they will also settle. Daniel Lublin is different. In my case, Daniel actually went to a hearing at court – and he won! A judge of the Superior Court of Justice awarded me almost double my employer’s initial offer of severance and a good portion of my legal costs. Daniel’s advice along the way was bang on, especially when he counselled me to reject a settlement offer made mid-way through the case because he was confident we would beat it at trial, and we did.

If you need a winner, call Daniel Lublin and his team at Whitten & Lublin.

Alex Perl

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Alex Perl

I had the privilege of working with Daniel Lublin, and Carson Healey who handled my case with high professionalism, understanding, and empathy.

Daniel's initial consultation was very promising and gave me hope to resolve my case with perfect results.

From the beginning to the resolution of my case, Carson guided me through the process. She kept me informed, promptly responded and provided clear explanations. Her dedication to my case and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome were evident throughout the process.

I highly recommend Daniel, Carson, and the whole Whitten & Lublin team, for their high-quality legal representation.

Vladimir V

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Ms. Pak has provided our institution with professional and strategic council. With absolute dedication to our needs and complexity , Ms. Pak has identified core questions, provided key inputs and options and supported the decision making process. Our institution has benefited enormously from her professional support.


I found Whitten & Lublin through a google search and decided to try them after reading the great reviews. I was NOT disappointed. Pleasant experience from my first emails with Sharon to my consultation with Mr. Tommy Junho Hong. Even after my consultation ended Mr. Hong still called me back to answer questions i had forgotten. Having never needed any legal counsel before I was quite nervous to begin even looking for a lawyer. Dealing with everyone at Whitten & Lublin was very easy and they gave me very good knowledge and guidance on my legal issues. Highly recommend Mr. Hong and Whitten & Lublin.

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Tyler Jeffrey

After finding myself in the middle of an unexpected dismissal, I knew I needed a zealous advocate in my corner that would be able to guide me and fight for my rights. David Whitten was that and more. I can see why he came so highly recommended to me. The situation felt completely overwhelming but he listened to what I had to share, focused on what mattered and took action immediately. I was very impressed with his insights, advice and confidence in my case. David broke things down in a direct easy-to-understand way which helped me navigate my way through a very unsettling time. I would highly recommended working with David should you be in need of a lawyer that is efficient, effective and even bullish when necessary.

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Sholeh Fabbri

David Whitten is easily the most capable and effective labour lawyer amongst many that I have directly engaged. He is clear in his approach and assessment/explanation of issues and timely in obtaining results consistent with client consultations and expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending David to others.

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Anthony Zlahtic

When dealing with your former employer on a severance package, you want to be represented by someone who is responsive, tenacious and knows the law. The employment lawyers at Whitten & Lublin are exactly that. I’m very pleased with their guidance and the results they achieved. Daniel Lublin and his team were excellent to work with from the initial consultation to the final settlement. Many thanks!

Stephen Wylie

Bad bosses hate him. Great service.

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Bernard Aybout

I would highly recommend Whitten& Lublin Employment Lawyers, and in particular Daniel Chodos. When I needed some legal advice regarding my employment termination package, I reached out to the Whitten & Lublin group, who from the beginning of my initial consultation meeting were extremely professional and accommodating. Daniel handled my case with great knowledge and professionalism from start to end. I would strongly recommend Daniel Chodos, he did a great job and was a pleasure to work with.

Angelica R.

I had the pleasure of employing Marc Kitay and his team at Whitten and Lubbin in a recent case. Entering into the process, I was highly skeptical of the legal profession in general, but Marc and his team quickly restored my faith with their no nonsense and highly professional approach. Marc apprised me of the starting situation, possible routes to take and likely outcomes thereof, and ultimately steered proceedings to a successful conclusion admirably. I can't recommend Marc and the team at W&L highly enough!

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Richard Scott

A friend of mine recommended Daniel Lublin on my employment-related matter. It was a pleasure to have worked with Daniel. He was prompt in responding, very knowledgeable, and provided excellent counsel.

Default Avatar75

David Whitten came highly recommended by another senior lawyer and friend. He was extremely responsive and provided terrific insight in supporting my employment transition between organizations. With his advice, I was able to secure valuable adjustments to my new executive employment offer, and join this new organization feeling confident, secure and excited! Thank you, David!

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James McKay

I worked with Daniel Chodos during my dark times when I needed expert advice and direction. Daniel is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He provided sound and fair advice based on his extensive experience in employment legal matters. He acted in my personal best interest and produced positive results. He always made himself available to address my questions and concerns via emails/ phone calls. I would strongly recommend Daniel to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair and honest.

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Khyati Machhar

I was referred to Daniel Lublin by a colleague. The initial consultation was informative, providing a solid assessment of the financial package on offer as well as an overview of the process and legal options. Negotiations with my former employer were protracted over several months. During this time Daniel was accessible and responsive to questions. I found Daniel to be honest in his dealings and the legal bill was reasonable and below the initial quote. I would not hesitate to refer Daniel Lublin to a colleague.

Karen Harding

I had the privilege of working with Ben Hahn during a challenging employment situation, and I am compelled to share my positive experience. Ben's wealth of legal knowledge was evident from our initial consultation, and it became a cornerstone in navigating the complexities of my case.

What stood out the most was Ben's exceptional responsiveness and attentiveness to my emails. In a time-sensitive negotiation, his quick turnaround and commitment to addressing my concerns promptly were instrumental. It was reassuring to have a legal partner who understood the urgency of the matter and consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism.

I am sure that there are many who are reading these reviews and assessing which legal team they should hire in a short order. I highly recommend you to look no further and retain Ben as your lawyer, as his dedication, expertise, and effective communication make him an invaluable asset.

Thanks to Ben, I can move forward with confidence and sense of justice.

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Moe Emami
I recently closed off an employment matter using the Whitten and Lublin legal team. Their firm was recommended to me by some industry partners who had dealt with similar issues. I worked with Stephen Wolpert who was very professional and courteous and who was able to resolve the matter satisfactorily for all parties. I would highly recommend Whitten and Lublin and Stephen to anyone seeking assistance in this area.
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Davida Freel

Daniel Chodos was most helpful with working out a severance package for me. Not only did he spend time on the phone with me going over my concerns, but he emailed sample letters to send to my employer. I would definitely strongly recommend him.


I found Stephen Wolpert to be extremely professional. While a lot of lawyers that you see on TV do not act or seem very professional, I found Stephen Wolpert to be very professional. Not only did he tell me what would be involved in my case, but also the pros and cons and the likelihood of the outcomes. You would think that a lawyer would be encouraging his clients to sue (as that is how they earn their fees), however, Stephen councils his clients as to the pros and cons, the likely costs of each option, the time frame and likely outcomes. I found Stephen's advice very valuable and his approach well balanced. I would highly recommend Stephen Wolpert to anyone who has an employment issue.

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Mark Rodrigues

I was let go from a 4 year senior manager role, right in the middle of the covid pandemic, I was recommended to deal with Athan. Athan was not only detailed and patient with me, when I thought I had no case and had decided to not pursue legal action agaisn't my former employeer, Athan called me up and informed me of a change in the law, he was so optimistic yet realistic about the new possibilities of winning. I decided to go forth with legal action agains't my employeer and we won---I can say that both Athan and I won...He is great!!!

Default Avatar75
Victor Robles

Would highly recommend, given the organizations level of expertise and professionalism. Specifically, Daniel Chodos places high value in client engagement and in seeking the best outcome of those he supports. He provides a strategic and balanced approach, stemming from experience and compassion.

Default Avatar75
Jennifer Park

I received great advice and service from David Whitten at Whitten & Lublin. He delivered on his promise, and made what was an intimidating process as smooth as these things can be. And I am very appreciative to him, and recommend him and his firm wholeheartedly.

Default Avatar75
Owen Morgan

I was recently laid off without cause after being with my firm for over 30 years and Daniel Lublin came highly recommended to review my severance package. He immediately made me feel at ease and fully explained my options during this difficult time. Throughout the negotiation process all questions and concerns were immediately responded to. Daniel is both highly professional and personable and I would not hesitate to contact him if the need should arise again or to recommend his services.

Ian B

We recently hired Whitten & Lublin with Nasyr Asmi as our rep and were very pleased with their professional approach, communication and attention to details. They were very responsive to all our questions and we felt supported from start to finish. Thanks Nasyr and your team it was much appreciated.
Rick & Nadia

Default Avatar75

I am very pleased with the seamless experience Rachel Patten has provided me while negotiating a severance package with a previous employer. Rachel is professional, to the point, has a calming effect and made it all look very easy while in the background she took care of every little detail. Highly recommend and appreciate all the help that I got from her.

Default Avatar75
Anu Prakash

I had the pleasure of being represented by Daniel Chodos. Daniel was compassionate, knowledgeable and explained everything clearly. What I found most impressive about Daniel is his willingness to listen and genuinely help. He was always completely professional and responded to my questions quickly. He made sure to keep me updated along the way. I can't thank him enough. I would recommend Daniel Chodos and Whitten & Lublin.

Default Avatar75
Maria Rivas

Marc and Tommy were extremely professional, aggressive in negotiating skills, and most importantly made me feel comfortable and at ease during the entire process. I really recommended Marc and Tommy, they are amazing and I am pleased with the results they were able to achieve.

Default Avatar75

Athan Makrinos is a champion for detail, and balanced fairness, an eagle eye for economic and cultural context of the liquid journey of employment law. Athan performs with an utter nature of goodness for all sides concerned. This is the professional you want working for you before the Supreme Court Of Canada steals him away from the us little folk.

Default Avatar75
Misses Yelp

David and his team had my back from day one. They acted swiftly, professionally and got the desired outcome I wanted. I would highly recommend David and his team- they really care and they get it done! Thank you!

Default Avatar75
Mike Richter

Totally professional, detail orientated, no time wasted. Even though my case was small, I was treated with importance. Highly recommend David Whitten ...of Whitten and Lublin Employment Law office.

Barb Milburn-Clarke

Thank you for the great review. Rachel very much appreciates the kind words. If she can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Default Avatar75
Cassy Hopkins

I would absolutely recommend the services of Ryan Watkins and his team at Whitten & Lublin. From the initial intake phone call, the subsequent meeting with Ryan at his office, the regular ongoing communication, through to my case being resolved, Ryan provided expert knowledge and reassuring support to me, both of which were much needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you Ryan and Whitten & Lublin.

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Leo Alefounder

After being wrongfully terminated from my job i was so upset and at a loss. Thankfully when i called the office I got a consultation with Athan. He was professional, personable and sincere to my situation. Not only did he give me confidence and direction during this difficult time. He was ethical and understanding and I got off the phone hopeful and determined. 100% would recommend him to anyone looking for representation.

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Jonathan Cox

We recently consulted with Simone Ostrowski on an employment matter. We really appreciated Simone's thoroughness and attention to detail. Simone was also very patient with explaining things in a way that was easy to understand. She is definitely the lawyer to have in your corner with any employment issues!

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Angela C

David Whitten is the best of the best. I can't say enough good things about my experience when dealing with him and his team, mainly Nadia Halum. I have never needed a lawyer before so the entire process was brand new to me, and intimidating to say the least. David made me feel at ease, he made me feel heard and most importantly, he made me feel protected when dealing with my legal issue. I felt safe and knew I could count on him which is a priceless feeling. He explained everything to me thoroughly and clearly and ensured I felt supported every step of the way. Both he and Nadia are extremely professional and knowledgable. I am forever grateful that I had this team in my corner and I'm thankful to have reached the outcome we did.

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Jelena Vuckovic

I first met with Daniel Lublin on a consultation basis as I was concerned that my employer was preparing to terminate me. He provided me with excellent advice and assured me that, as a junior executive, if I was ever faced with being terminated I would have an excellent case for an appropriate severance package.

As it turned out two months later I “got the call” on a Friday morning and learned that I was being let go. The initial package I received was well below by expectations given my initial consultation with Daniel. As well, after reviewing the initial offer, Daniel’s opinion was that it did not necessarily meet all of the statute requirements.

In terms of fees, Daniel was straight up with me. We agreed right from the get go how we would proceed and I was highly satisfied with the results and with how Daniel was compensated for his efforts.

It was not an insignificant case. We were up against one of Canada’s largest corporations that, as a growing entity, had dealt with terminations frequently. They hired one of Canada’s largest and best known law firms to represent them. None of this deterred Daniel in any way. From the very beginning he had absolute confidence in the strength and foundation of our side of the story.

This was proven out when Daniel identified a technicality in the defence argument regarding the Employment Standards Act. This action on Daniel’s part forced my former employer to send additional money above and beyond their initial offer – all prior to our final settlement. This helped greatly, in terms of financial security in a very tough time, as well as giving me additional confidence in our overall position.

Daniel guided me carefully through each of the offer / counter offer steps in the process (of which there were several). Although the total process took several months (although less than six), the strategy utilized by Daniel did force a settlement on our terms, not theirs, all before having to begin formal trial proceedings.

I was highly satisfied with the results. Daniel and his staff were extremely thorough and always accessible whenever I needed them, even if it was just for some reassurance. His professionalism, confidence, and dogged determination never wavered and I was confident that he continually acted with my best interests in mind.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Daniel to anyone faced with the same situation as me. It is a horrible time in one’s life and it makes sense to have the absolute best on your side, fighting tooth and nail to get the job done to ultimate satisfaction.

Many thanks to Daniel Lublin and his team.

James Rankin

I am very pleased with the outstanding legal services provided by Whitten Lublin Employment Lawyers and in particular, David Whitten and his team. From the moment I reached out, David exhibited exceptional communication skills, ensuring I was fully informed and supported throughout the entire process.
David's expertise and professionalism puts you at ease. He took the time to thoroughly understand my situation, listened attentively to my concerns, and provided invaluable guidance every step of the way.
I believe that David’s unwavering dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for his clients is what sets him apart. His negotiation skills are excellent, and I felt confident knowing he was advocating for my best interests.
Moreover, David's commitment to clear and transparent communication ensured that I was always kept informed of the progress of my case. He promptly addressed any questions or concerns I had, providing reassurance and clarity throughout the process.
In summary, I would recommend David Whitten and the Whitten Lublin team for anyone in need of legal representation for employment matters. His professionalism, expertise, and dedication to client satisfaction truly sets him apart.

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Daryl Sage

Daniel Lublin concerned himself with representing me, advocating for me, and ensuring that I was treated fairly by my former employer. Daniel is a no-nonsense professional who brings intelligence, insight and honesty to each interaction. He managed my expectations throughout the course of my matter, took my needs to heart, and ultimately shepherded me through an extremely difficult time. His sense of urgency surrounding my matter was comforting and his expertise in navigating a very complex situation was impressive to say the least. I highly recommend his services

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Thank you Athan Makrinos, for taking a quick look at my severance package, bringing some much needed clarity on the way forward. Extremely helpful !

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Kevin O’Hara

Daniel Lublin and his team are very professional, responsive and they have helped in a difficult time of transition. He takes time to understand the drivers, listens carefully and explains complicated legal matters in a plain and simple manner, and he is there with you all the way from A to Z and available 24/7. I highly recommend him and his firm.

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Alper Ozdemir

I never would have imagined that I would need to get myself an employment lawyer and my sister in law referred me to the best. Daniel Lublin made this very challenging process an easy one. From the very first phone call with intake to signing the settlement the experience was flawless. Daniel Lublin is professional, educated, responsive and very understanding. I truly felt like he had my best interest at heart. Thank you again Daniel and team!

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T. D.

I was referred to Whitten and Lublin by a business associate of my husband. I was fortunate to be assigned Daniel Chodos to handle the review of the severance package offered by my former employer as a result of an internal restructure in late 2014. Daniel and his team handled my case with great professionalism and respect. The team kept me informed at all stages of the process and Daniel was always available to speak on the phone if I had questions or concerns. I highly recommend Daniel and his team and in fact have recommended several contacts to reach out to Daniel for his assistance.

Elizabeth Vince

I was very satisfied by professional help from Aaron Zaltzman with my settlement. Everything was done with the best interest of the client and always explained clearly. Above a highly professional ethics, I also felt very human and compassionate approach from Aaron to my situation.

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Elena Filippovitch

When I was terminated after 20 years loyal service, I dealt with Athan for my settlement. He was so kind and empathetic and professional reassuring me each step the way. He was successful in getting me a settlement that I was very pleased with. I highly recommend the services of Whiten & Lubin. They know how to get you what you rightly deserve.

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Linda Pignata

I wanted to thank Marc Kitay and his team of professionals for assisting me during some tubulant times. Marc was able to provide sound advice with his wealth of knowledge and experience. He presented all options and presented what would work best when dealing with those back and forth negotiations. In the end he was able to almost double my severance package with all lawyers fees covered during the negotiations. Marc and his team will fight for you during those tubulant times and provide you the most ROI. Thank you Marc and team! Regards, Nick

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Nick Proios

It was a very positive experience speaking to David Whitten. He came to the meeting prepared and explained the situation in clear communication. His professionalism and knowledge of the Canadian Labour Laws and his explanation in easy to understand language was appreciated. I felt he truly cared for my situation and provided his legal guidance as a result. Thoroughly recommend Mr. Whitten’s services.

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Gerry Nieves-Dwyer

I was in a difficult situation with a former employer and I was referred to Daniel Lublin who specializes in workplace law. Daniel devised the perfect strategy to fend off my former employer. Daniel was certainly not afraid of going up against his opponents, a large team of “bay street” lawyers and his advice was thoughtful and effective, every step of the way, particularly with a plan designed to go on the offensive. Each time there was a court challenge or new filing, we were victorious. In the end, the result was much better than I had expected. I would not hesitate to recommend Daniel Lublin to anyone with a workplace legal dispute.

Brian Leve

I contacted Whitten & Lublin with my employment termination question.
The intake person was friendly and understanding. I arranged to speak to Nasyr Asmi, employment attorney. He took the time to review my case and then spent time to give me a clear view of my situation. He was very understanding and did a great job of making me feel at ease.
Nasyr helped me resolve the issues of my case and if I require any further council I would not hesitate to call on him again.

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G Horse

Marc Kitay is an excellent employment lawyer. In summarizing from start to finish, i must say it was a learning experience. Marc's innate attention to detail, and the ability to weed out the rest, I find is his greatest attribute. Knowledgeable in his field, asking the right questions, and never giving in, leads me to say, I would not hesitate to recommend Marc to anybody requiring legal employment counsel. Jim McDonough

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Jim McDonough

I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with Daniel Lublin and his asst. Nida Arifullan. He has given me faith in the legal system and how a great lawyer makes your employment situation come to a very positive ending. I am so very please with out come, yet I am more pleased with the service and truly professional service they provided me. In this very stressful time it is so nice to know you have someone who has your back from start to finish. I highly recommend Whitten & Lublin for your employment legal needs. Thank you again Daniel & Nida.

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Brad Janson

Recently I needed employment law advice regarding a severance. Daniel Lublin, from Whitten and Lublin was recommended to me, a court lawyer with a ‘no nonsense’ reputation. As this was ‘unchartered territory’ for me it was important I find counsel I could trust. After our first meeting I felt I was in good hands. Daniel asked me my concerns first and what my expectations were. He then told me the facts. Daniel understands emotions are high for clients at such a time but reassured me that the law and the facts are what win the day. He was right. In our first meeting we discussed fees and strategy. Daniel kept me informed at every stage of negotiations. There were no surprises, the fees were exact and the settlement as we expected. I have no hesitation recommending Daniel to anyone who needs employment law advice.

John Tisdall

Daniel Lublin and the team at Whitten & Lublin are a very professional and effective team. They answered all of my questions, provided me the guidance I needed and performed. I would highly recommend this firm.

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Stephen Wolpert from Whitten & Lublin represented me on two occasions and proved immensely helpful. Stephen is knowledgeable, professional and affable, answering all my questions and responding in a reliably timely manner. His approach is strategic yet diplomatic, and I was happy with the results each time. All told, I felt very confident having Stephen and his team in my corner, which was crucial for me. Highly recommended.

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Mike Drach

I worked with Marc Kitay, I highly recommend him for reviewing your employment contract especially if it involves stock options/stock etc.

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Murtaza Bahrainwala

Was referred to Daniel Lublin by a colleague; I was not disappointed. Truly a five star service. Thank you team Whitten & Lublin!

Lianne Shorkey

When I was wrongfully dismissed with no severance at all, Daniel Lublin took my case to court and got the judge to say that my employer was wrong. Any other lawyer would have settled my case long before we went to trial just to make money and move on. But Daniel refused to settle for less and we went all the way to trial. In court, Daniel presented all of our evidence to the judge, who was quickly convinced that my employer got my termination wrong. Getting fired based on false allegations was devastating, but because of Daniel my employer withdrew its allegations about me. Even though I was nervous about going through with a trial, Daniel and Simone ensured that I was comfortable and understood every step along the way. In the end, we were right to go to court because I received more than what I wanted. I highly recommend Daniel and his team at Whitten & Lublin if you want a lawyer who will go the distance, clear your name, and won’t try to convince you to settle for less. Daniel’s fees are not insignificant but he is the best if you want to win.

MaryLou Dewan

Tommy hong is very professional and offered helpful advice. Recommend highly.

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Ashley Da Silva

Had a great experience working with Jonquille Pak. She always went out of her way to do whatever she can!

Sujeethra Shanmukarajah

No one ever prepares for a situation where you will need to have an employment law firm in your pocket. I certainly didn't. When the situation arose and I needed to act quickly, I was very fortunate that Daniel Chodos’s name came from a trusted friend. To further complicate matters, there was no settlement, leading us to a three-day trial. Throughout nearly 500 days, Daniel and Mona consistently made me feel like their top priority. Daniel was always accessible, approachable, and adept at alleviating my stress. With Aaron joining the team for trial preparation, I felt confident entering the unfamiliar and tense courtroom. I cannot praise Daniel and his team enough. When faced with an urgent decision, choosing Daniel Chodos at Whitten & Lubin is undoubtedly the wisest choice you can make.

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G Borden

I recently needed advice and help related to a settlement package from my employer. I was referred to David Whitten who was absolutely fantastic. Prompt, professional and very sharp. Got my issue resolved in a matter of days in very favorable terms. Highly recommend David and the firm.

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Michel Cubric

It was a pleasure to work with Tommy Hong. He was prompt with all communications. He explained everything clearly! Thank you!

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Cathy reardon

I could not speak more highly of David Whitten. He had thoroughly reviewed my preliminary documentation prior to our first meeting and immediately put me at ease, advising that he would help me through all this to a satisfactory result. And he was as good as his word. He was encouraging - he was reassuring - he was professional - and he was empathetic.

From the first meeting with David, came my first good night sleep in about a month. I knew I was in good and capable hands.

David Whitten has my highest recommendation - I am extremely grateful to him.

Sherry Funston

Sherry Funston

Used them for a difficult situation where we couldn't get off time to observe shabbat, and corporate refused to promote due to discrimination. Marc Kittay was very helpful in navigating us forward through the process and ensuring we are treated fairly. Very happy with the outcome.

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Stormy Shadow

Look no further...Daniel Lublin is a strategic legal genius, a courtroom surgeon, and a most clever and shrewd negotiator – both a “Doberman” and “Good Shepperd” combined when it comes to battling for your employment rights with a never-ending goal “to win!”…...So, read on…

I was let go from my firm while in my early 60’s “without cause” from a high profile executive post of which I had been a loyal corporate partner for nearly 20 years and was one of the top major shareholders. Unhappy with my severance offer, I started googling for the “Best Employment Lawyer in Canada”. Little did I realize at the time, when Daniel Lublin’s name and credentials as the Managing Partner of Whitten & Lublin popped up, that I had just been blessed.

It was because of testimonials by past clients, just like this one, which read so glowingly, that I reached out to Daniel for an initial meeting. Within days he met with me, already having fully read up on the detailed background to my story in advance. Daniel demonstrated a remarkable ability to peer through the darkest of clouds hovering heavily over my life…. Then, with unrelenting and calming confidence, he devised an ingenious legal, “Art of War-like” strategy – one that brought hope, sunshine, self-esteem and purpose back into my life. Once engaged as my legal counsel, Daniel and I gelled in true “team-like” fashion, with his special and insightful form of analytical excellence leading and executing the way forward with a winning strategy uniquely devised especially for me.

If my story relates to yours, then I do urge you to also read over the reviews of the following former clients of Daniel Lublin, as presented in Whitten & Lublin’s Web Site collection of testimonials, namely from: Mano Filippou, Feb 2/17; Stephanie Ozorio, Dec 13/17; K. Lobo, Oct 26/2016; Brent Gilmore, Jul 24/16; Oliver Manahan, May 6/16; Paul Sage, Nov 25/15; Kevin Clark, July 15/15; Brian Leve, June 23/15; Alex Perl, Dec 22/14; and Allan Morris, Sept 1/14. To avoid repetition here, I point to these specific testimonials as they reflect my experience and opinions of Daniel Lublin precisely.

In summary, Daniel Lublin successfully achieved the results I wanted. Based on my experience, there is no question in my mind that Whitten & Lublin, and in particular, Daniel Lublin, truly stands among the “Best Employment Lawyers in Canada”……if not, in fact, the very best!

J. C. G.

Ryan Watkins helped me with my case when I was laid off from the electric car company. He was very communicative and made sure I received what I was owed. I wish him all the best and highly recommend him!

Michael C. Wong

I became engaged with Daniel Lublin as my legal advisor following my departure from the firm I worked with for 30 years, as an executive.

Dan was referred to me through a very well known and reputable third party who apparently referred other clients to him recently. The referral proved to be valuable.

Dan very quickly and respectfully gained an understanding of my successful career and understood my desire for a respectful and fair dis-engagement.

Dan was respectful of the relationship I wished to maintain with my previous employer, and also of the need for appropriate business decision-making in dealing with sensitive issues that were affecting my severance.

I found Dan to be extremely market-knowledgeable: - to be aware of the current practice in the market as it relates to all aspects of my employee termination and especially “executive type” problems I was facing. I also found Dan to be extremely thorough in the diligence that necessarily had to be done in reviewing case law appropriate to my situation.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my termination with my previous employer and I thank Dan for the invaluable assistance in making this process as comfortable as possible and as successful as possible.

I would refer Daniel Lublin to any recently dismissed employee (senior or junior roles) where there is a need for a lawyer who truly “gets it” and gets the job done right.

Kevin Clark

After being given an early retirement package, I was advised to retain Whitten and Lublin. Simone Ostrowski was assigned to my case. Without hesitation, she new we could get more. Her knowledge and professionalism prevailed. Within a few weeks we had a settlement that far exceeded my expectations. Thank you to Simone and her team. I would highly recommend Simone to anyone in the future.


Steve Rusk

Whitten & Lublin is the best employment lawyers around reviewed my empoyee’s contracts

Rich Kang

I found Daniel Lublin online and after reading several reviews, as well as his articles in the newspaper, made an appointment to meet with him. It was immediately evident that Daniel was an expert in employment law. My former employer was evasive and never responded in a timely manner and after consulting with me on a strategy to deal with them, he proceeded and it paid off. I was very happy with my settlement, and was grateful that it was Daniel dealing with them and not me. He kept me informed throughout the process and responded to my inquiries within hours (often much less via email). Daniel’s fee covered everything and in my opinion was reasonable. I would highly recommend Daniel Lublin.

Carl Inacio

Today I had the experience of dealing with Daniel Lublin and David Whitten for the first time. And here is how I would describe this team: Responsive, flexible, fair, approachable, interested in a win - win in interactions, attentive, and applying a sense of urgency to make sure everything is taken care of as quickly and as beneficially as possible. I would say they foster the kind of environment and the kind of lawyer - client relationship anyone who uses legal services would like to find. Before contacting Daniel and David I looked thoroughly through the firm's website and read about the awards they and the firm have earned: Best in the Nation; I agree!

Susan Power

It's my pleasure to write this review for Mr. David Whitten, who personally managed my recent legal challenge. From our initial meeting, David was respectfully professional, highly competent and strongly influential in bringing our case to successful conclusion. He's a pleasure to work with and I highly endorse him as an expert in this legal space.

Lino DeFacendis

Daniel Lublin is amazing and very pleasant to deal with. He completely understood my situation and was able to provide advice right away. The fees were fair and consistent, the prompt responses were extremely knowledgeable, respectful and intelligent from both - him and his staff. I was satisfied with the result and would highly recommend him to anyone who was not treated fairly in the workplace and is looking for an expert to fight for your rights!

Kyla Lewis

Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers were highly recommended to me by a friend years ago. The first time I met Daniel Chodos, he told me what he believed that my company would offer me, and he ended up being 100% right, much to my dismay. However, thanks to Daniel’s extensive experience in employment law, his creativity, his perseverance, his contacts, and his frugalness with my money, this extremely intelligent and compassionate gentleman made it possible for me to retire early! Thanks so much, Daniel!!


Ryan Watkins listened very carefully to me and was able to reframe my thoughts in a manner that shows he understood my issues. I continue to appreciate his professional empathy.

Donald Butler

Previous to signing onto a new job, I had a friend and lawyer review my new agreement. He brought up some general considerations and a few recommendations. The most valuable piece of advice he gave me was to meet with a lawyer that specialized in employment. He recommended Ellen Low. Meeting with Ellen was the best professional decision of my life to date. Ellen is incredible professional, thorough, had a many recommendation regarding the existing (and outdated contract), but also counselled me on points for negotiation. The 2 hour meeting with Ellen amounted to a 35% increase in pay during negotiations in-which both parties were happy. Also, all of Ellen's contract suggestions have now been taken and applied to the previously outdated contracts for all new employee at the company. Great advice and counsel from Ellen was the best return on investment I could have hoped for. Thank you Ellen!

Scott Gilbert

Was well represented by Ryan Watkins. He was professional, prompt, and efficient in his communications.

Stefan Grambart

Ryan Watkins represented me and he is very professional and knowledgeable. He is extremely quick in responding and I was able to get my settlement within 2 months from my company. I will definitely recommend him.

Hetal Patel

I've known both David Whitten and Daniel Lublin for years...they have both assisted me professionally and their service is second to none...they are by far the best duo I've come across in the legal industry...they are excellent at what they do, and best of all, they have fun doing it, which makes it fun for the client to work with them...great guys, great firm, I would highly recommend them...


I contacted Whitten & Lublin during a very stressful period regarding my severance package and was referred to Ellen Low. I found Ellen to be smart, articulate, attentive, very knowledgeable and compassionate. She answered all my questions, provided ongoing guidance, outlined my options as well as helped me formulate my thoughts so that I could capture key points in my discussions with employer. I would not hesitate to utilize Ellen in the future or recommend her to anyone that requires an employment lawyer.

Eleni K

I had my initial consultant with Daniel Lublin and later on work with Simone Ostrowski. Both of them are very nice and honest with the approach they suggested. While working with Simone, she always answer my questions in a timely manner and communicate with me with any updates of my case. She is not afraid to say "No" to big company and always think what is the best for me. I am very satisfied with her work and will definitely recommend her to anyone with employment issues!

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Marc Kitay has always been full of knowledge. I have consulted with him on many different employment matters, including contracts. At one point, I had an employer who was refusing to pay me. After reviewing the contract, Marc wrote a letter to the employer and within one hour of receiving the letter, the employer agreed to pay me what was owed in full! I was shocked at how fast the matter was resolved and how easy it was to work with him. Since I also do a lot of freelance work, I now trust Marc to write out all my current and future contracts, which I have used time and again. I always feel confident asking for his advice and know that he has my best interests in mind.

Andrea K

The guidance that David supplied was next to none. When working with David he was very professional and very transparent. It made me feel great knowing that David was advocating on my behalf. I highly recommend David to anyone that is in need of his expertise.

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Darrell Brown

Daniel Lublin and his team were extremely responsive and very realistic / practical in terms of one's options. The severance process went through in a quite seamless manner and above all it was a pleasure to deal with Daniel L. He is indeed a very understanding and accommodating individual at the personal level as well... Bottom-line, if you're up again a tough employer, go with the best hence contact Daniel Lublin !


Daniel Lublin was recommended to me by a colleague and I contacted Daniel Lublin for my employment law matter after speaking with a couple of other firms. He got back to me the same day I contacted him and we spoke about the circumstances surrounding my situation, my concerns about compensation for the termination of my employment, and the impact the loss of my job would have.  Based on that discussion I quickly and without hesitation decided to hire him to handle my case. He listened carefully, asked a number of questions and answered all of mine.  He estimated how long it would likely take to resolve the matter with my employer if we did not go to court and that was extremely helpful.   He was always quick to respond and his communication with both myself and my former employer was always clear and to the point.  He always explained to me the legal terms and implications of the process and correspondence so that I was fully aware at every step of the negotiation. The end result was a settlement that I am happy with and I can now move forward with confidence.  I firmly believe his skill and experience made all the difference in my outcome and I highly recommend Daniel Lublin.

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I am writing this review to express my most sincere thanks to Carson Healey for giving a very professional first consultation. Her kindness, guidance and legal expertise not only were what I needed but went above and beyond my expectations. I am very blessed for having her as my attorney in case future consultations are required.

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Ernesto Huergo

Stephen Wolpert came recommended to me from a friend and the experience was better than I could have expected. I contacted him to get a second opinion on the terms of my termination and his advice was invaluable. As we progressed through the process of communicating to my previous employer what I thought was fair, Stephen provided feedback and insight that only comes with professional experience. Stephen was extremely knowledgeable about my situation and everything he said about the process was accurate. He prepared me fully at each step and was not wrong about tactics and messages that we would encounter along the way. In the end Stephen negotiated a settlement through mediation and am very happy with the outcome of my case. Should I need an employment lawyer in the future I will not hesitate to contact Stephen.

Patrick M

I recently worked with Marc Kitay in the Whitten and Lublin Law firm. Marc was extremely professional and provided me with an exceptional level of service. I am pleased to be able to recommend him highly.

Jennifer Williams

I was very pleased with my experience working with Rachel Patten on my severance matter. She was professional, responsive, knowledgeable, efficient and a good negotiator. I highly recommend Rachel to resolve severance package issues.

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Deborah Cullen

No words can describe the level or professionalism and courtesy they provide. They are the best employment lawyers in Toronto. Best in Class! From beginning to end, I felt like I was totally being taken care of and I could sleep easily at night knowing Whitten & Lublin were in my corner. They are very prompt at replying and everything was thoroughly explained. Do not hesitate to contact them. You will not be disappointed.

David Lonergan

Ryan Watkins is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, professional, personable and patient. My experience with Ryan was extremely positive as he was attentive, ontop of deadlines, kept in regular contact and achieved desireable results in a timely manner. I highly recommend Ryan!

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Alma S.

I had an excellent experience with Carson and the W&L team. I was referred to her after a consult with Marc who is also excellent and so understanding. In a word, she is outstanding.
What sets her apart beyond her legal skills is her clarity, patience, and empathy. She wades through complex matters with a very logical and grounded approach and also listens well and adjusts her approach based on her client's concerns and priorities. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of a great employment lawyer.

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Deny Soto

I contacted Daniel Lublin to consult about my options after receiving a termination letter from my employer. Daniel is a very thorough and experienced lawyer. He provided me with the analysis of the situation and was very honest about potential outcome of the process and my options. It was very helpful to make my decisions. I definitely recommend Daniel to anyone who needs a smart and honest advise, and legal support during this challenging process


Alex Gl

From the initial meeting, Daniel Chodos was very knowledgeable, patient and understanding. His expert advice, presenting various options at each stage in this arduous process, gave me the ability to rationalize and make sound decisions along the way. I highly recommend his services!

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Darilyn Coles

I am so grateful to Aaron Zaltzman for his impeccable professionalism and keen attention to detail. I deeply appreciated his honest recommendations and ability to lay it out in a way I could understand --and he was not pushy at all! From our first meeting, I felt calm and comfortable (was nervous about reaching out to a law firm) and knew I was in good hands. Highly recommend!

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Samira Zia

Daniel Lublin was a life vest in a storm. I recently ran into serious problems with my employer that required expert legal advice. After a different lawyer was unable to provide me with a game plan, I decided to retain Daniel Lublin to help me navigate through the problem. This was an excellent decision. Daniel was able to devise, implement and then execute a strong legal strategy. The strategy was well thought out and demonstrated experience and expertise (something that was lacking with the other lawyer I spoke with first). Daniel also saw the plan through and was both accessible and vested in the outcome. This was apparent when my former employer tried to throw a few curveballs at us. Daniel was able to adjust the plan where needed and still swing for the fences. In the end, I was unconditionally satisfied with the result and Daniel’s assistance. His legal fees were also reasonable and consistent with what we agreed to from the outset. If you need a lawyer to help you when you’re in a workplace legal bind, I wholeheartedly recommend contacting Daniel Lublin.


The user didn't write a review for David Whitten & Daniel Lublin, and has left just a rating.

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Donald Butler

They are Awesome, straight to the point and no time wasting. Very honest and very professional. I spoke with Julian R. E. Whitten, he was well prepared and knowledgeable and excellent in explanation. I will definitely recommend them to everybody.

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Pezhman Saberi

I had an absolutely amazing experience working with Daniel and the W&L team!

Daniel took the time to understand my situation and needs, and he worked diligently to advocate on my behalf to maximize my final settlement. Both Daniel and his team were very responsive and worked to ensure that I understood my options and had a clear understanding of next steps. Daniel has great energy, but most importantly he was direct and transparent throughout the entire process. Overall I'm very appreciative and thankful for Daniel's help, and happy with the final result. I would highly recommend Daniel and the W&L team to anyone.

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Manish Sharma

I would highly recommend the services of Whitten and Lublin. In particular the work of Daniel Lublin. He is hard working, professional and gets results. He puts his clients first and I very much appreciated his candor and honesty. You should consider yourself in excellent hands if you are a client. Thank you Daniel.

Doug Hannum

Had been assigned to Marc Kitay. Very fair and understanding. Brilliant legal mind who told me all my legal options. I'd recommend him and the firm to anyone.


Daniel Dsouza

I recently engaged with Whitten & Lublin and had the pleasure of working with Marc Kitay. Mark took the time to understand my situation and provided clear concise recommendations on next steps. I am very pleased with his diligence and professionalism. Marc ensured that I felt supported which was very important to me. I would highly recommend Marc.

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Wendy Bradley

I am very happy with the legal services that Whitten & Lublin (specifcally Stephen Wolpert in my case, and all the staff that I dealt with were excellent) provided to me. The firm is extremely professional, mindful of costs, and effective. I strongly recommend Whitten & Lublin to anyone in need of legal advice relating to employment matters.

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Daniel Bockner

Thank you Stephen Wolpert for your professional guidance through this past year. You were extremely detailed in explaining next steps and what to expect through out the process. Certainly helped lessen the anxiety on my end. Happy to put this situation behind me - and grateful for Stephen's professional expertise. Hopeful that his services will not be required in the future - but eager to share my experiences and recommend his services to anyone in need of legal representation surrounding employment law.

Monika Davis

Whitten & Lublin Law Firm came as a recommendation from a former client when we were seeking legal representation as a group claim client against our former employer. Working with Daniel Lublin and Simone Ostrowski, and their behind the scenes team, certainly did not disappoint. I believe because of the sharp negotiating skills of Daniel our case came to a resolution in a much shorter time frame than originally anticipated, with positive results, and a satisfied group. Just as Daniel Lublin came highly recommended to us in time of need, I can honestly say I have no problem in recommending him for your time of need.

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I recently closed off an employment matter using the Whitten and Lublin legal team. Interesting that the firm was recommended by multiple independent contacts that had dealt with similar matters to my own in the past.

I had the pleasure of working with both Daniel Lublin and his associate Marc Kitay through this process. Both Daniel and Marc were extremely knowledgeable, very responsive, and continued to drive the process to a positive outcome in a very reasonable time frame.

I would strongly recommend Whitten and Lublin to others who are looking for a strong team that have the knowledge and experience to represent individuals through these trying times.

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Kevin McDonell

I would unreservedly recommend the work of Daniel Chodos at Whitten & Lublin. Over the course of six months, Daniel very capably guided me through what was an entirely new experience. Over that period he professionally and adroitly navigated a difficult situation to a satisfactory outcome. Throughout, he was unfailingly communicative and empathetic. His knowledge, obvious experience and concise appraisals always engendered a high level of confidence in the quality of representation I was receiving. That feeling was reinforced by Daniel’s strategic approach and responsiveness to new developments. The potential range of options and outcomes was always clearly conveyed. Daniel made the process as comfortable as it could be under the circumstances. I appreciated my association with Daniel and received wise counsel during the legal journey which ensued.

Tim Rainville

Sincere thanks to Daniel Chodos who is very knowledgeable and professional in employment legal issues. His advise helped me a lot during this difficult time after being laid off from a 14 years' employment. He is very patience and always keep you informed of the progress. I will highly recommend Daniel Chodos to anyone who needs legal advises re employment issues. His whole office team provides high level of professionalism and made you feel at ease all the time.


Lancy Yip

Today we met with Jason J. Jagpal concerning a review of a severance offer. He was very knowledgeable and provided good advice to us on how to proceed. Would definitely recommend Whitten & Lublin employment agency and would gladly speak with Jason concerning any future legal employment issues. Lisha Roopnarine

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Lisha Roopnarine

Exceptional service and quick resolution. Marc Kitay did a great job highly recommend.

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Louis Nastro

I highly recommend Daniel Chodos at Whitten & Lublin. Daniel expedited my case and obtained a settlement to my satisfaction in an extremely short time-frame. Daniel took time to listen to my concerns and always returned my email or phone call in less than 24 hours. Daniel's rhetoric, persuasion and efficient team, namely Jessica Armocida, met my needs and exceeded my expectations.

Pavla Kazda

"It was certainly a very positive experience working with Whitten & Lublin.  I felt very at ease with Stephen Wolpert's and Daniel Lublin's experience and abilities related to wrongful dismissal and age discrimination.


Both Stephen and Daniel were very easy to talk to and always made me feel that my case was of utmost importance to them.  They returned emails and telephone voice mails in a very prompt fashion.  My case was handled in a very efficient and expeditious manner.

K. Shaw

I recently worked with Daniel Lublin on a severance settlement with my former employer. Daniel was clear and simplified the process and made the outcomes positive with no frustration. I received everything as explained and communication was easy, throughout the process he called personally to advise me of updates and set expectations, never once did I have to call to get updates as either Daniel or Nida provided the necessary communications to relieve any anxiety I had. Thank you for all your assistance.

Phil Patafio

I recently had the need for an employment lawyer and had the opportunity to work Marc Kitay . He guided me through the processes and was always available to answer any of my questions. His attention to detail and thoroughness helped immensely to provide a positive conclusion to my situation. I highly recommend him .

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Scott Porter

I recently engaged Marc Kitay at Whitten and Lublin to help finalize my employment contract. He provided excellent advice in a timely and professional manner and helped me navigate a couple of complex issues. I would highly recommend Whitten and Lublin and Mark in particular.

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David Strom

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Whitten & Lublin based on their honest, high caliber and extremely knowledgeable approach.  You are certainly in good hands with this firm without a doubt.

K. Shaw, Sudbury, ON

I had a first rate experience getting counsel from Whitten and Lublin, and I have only great things to say about this firm including the outstanding service I received from the entire staff. In particular, my lawyer was available to help me with my tight time-frames even while on vacation, and this mattered and meant a great deal. I additionally enjoyed the focused but thoughtful legal conversations and explanations we engaged in to get down to the the main points, and was feeling even upbeat once or twice through the process like having an ace up my sleeve. Thanks again Daniel Lublin and all.

Allen Karakatsanis

"very professional - great advice!" - For Julian R. E. Whitten

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James Shirriff

Daniel and the team at Whitten & Lublin offer exceptional service. I would highly recommend them. They are thorough and offer practical advice. Communication was excellent. The team was readily available to answer questions.

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Michael Innocentin

I highly recommend the services of Daniel Chodos at Whitten & Lublin. Daniel handled a difficult and stressful situation with grace and expertise. I found him to be knowledgeable, resourceful and always communicative. He's a pro. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Daniel and Whitten & Lublin.

Sean Humphries

In 2016 I had need of legal representation to provide guidance and direction during a separation negotiation with my employer, an employer that I had had a long and relatively successful career with. My situation was, I believe, somewhat unique due to the nature of agreements in place; however, Ellen was extremely helpful in working through the issues to highlight the key priorities, placing them in the appropriate legal frame of reference and assisting to develop a strategy to deal with them in the negotiations with the employer. The result was a negotiated settlement that was amicable and yet, in my opinion, fair both to me and the employer. Throughout the discussions and the process I found Ellen to be pragmatic and provide very good counsel. I found her discussions of the options were balanced and always discussed both the pros and the cons to each approach. The result was a timely settlement without, in my opinion, undue cost to either party. I would highly recommend Ellen to anyone that finds themselves in a situation of dispute with their current or former employer and requires solid, legal representation and advice

T. H.

I was offered an early retirement package after many years of service like several of my colleagues. I heard that Whitten and Lublin was the best employment law firm in the GTA. I engaged Priya Sarin and her team to handle my case. She explained the process in a way I could clearly understand and she assured me we could do better. After she completed her skillful negotiations the final offer was much better than I had hoped for. I highly recommend Priya. Thank you for your excellent professional work and the great result! Sincerely Tim


I had a really positive experience working with Benjamin Hahn. He was patient, a knowledgeable and approachable lawyer. Ben and his team patiently answered all my questions and gave recommendations based on my best interests. I highly recommend Whitten and Lublin and Ben.

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Calvin Lau

Daniel Chodos was very helpful and knowledgeable about my case against my former employer. He did a great job in negotiating a successful settlement with them. I would definitely recommend him.

Healey Willan

I discovered Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers and specifically Daniel Lublin at a time that I was confused, angry and hurt. After much research, I decided on Daniel Lublin as he was the experienced lawyer I needed. I was not disappointed as Daniel was only an e mail away to answer my many questions. He explained the process with clarity, honesty and professionalism, always reassuring me along the way.

Daniel Lublin was able to secure a severance package which was more than double what had been originally offered.

I would strongly recommend Daniel Lublin as my expectations were far exceeded.

Thank you Daniel for exemplary service.

With sincere gratitude,



During the fall of 2016 I asked for David Whitten's assistance re a termination/severance disagreement with my previous employer. During all meetings, correspondence and communication with him, I found David to be knowledgeable, concise and expeditious; he was always candid and explicit with his directions and how best to proceed to acquire a favourable resolution for me. David always worked in my best interest and successfully concluded negotiations for my benefit.


I would highly recommend David Whitten as a seasoned employment lawyer who will serve his client(s) well and to the best of his ability.


Simone Ostrowski was fantastic throughout the entire process. Very professional, efficient and thorough. Would highly recommend to anyone in search of legal representation for an employment issue.

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Michael Bot

Dear Simone Ostrowski - Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you and Whitten & Lublin for taking on my wrongful dismissal case.

Having recently lost my job, I felt lost and overwhelmed but upon retaining you I was given hope and direction. You are a fantastic lawyer and I was thoroughly impressed by your determination in rapidly securing a severance package that was 40% higher than what my employer had initially offered.

In addition, I valued your expertise, honesty, compassion and prompt communication on every aspect of the case from start to finish. It was truly a pleasure working with you. Thank you for everything!

I would highly recommend Simone and Whitten & Lublin to anyone seeking excellent counsel on employment matters.


Marc Kitay represented me on my recent Settlement dispute. I work for that company for more than 13 years and the Settlement was to be done between the company in Canada and the base company in Portugal. Marc was able to get me 100% of what I was asking to settle and, in the end that's what counts. He could not be more prompt, professional and thoughtful. Marc did an excellent job putting up a clean and precise strategy. He was knowledgeable, fast in replying my questions and skillfully guide me through the entire process. Marc always keep the cool even in stressful moments to me. I'm also very grateful for all the support of G